What The Florida

Tuesday, January 30th

This edition features a story from Jenn's own childhood too! Turns out she wasn't the best sister ever. 

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And young star ready for a one. Bills from the sunshine state are gonna have you seen what the Florida but as promised. The very first to what the Florida story will be. Talent on myself because we bridge earlier technically your criminal who got away with it that's your you can't cut. Richard earlier and that all siblings of trying to murder each other it is totally normal. And yes I did try to sabotage and murder and drowned. My younger brother Matt. He has been nice is sold on them any. He's like yeah. About it is I got it back kitten had a baby with the unicorn and it would be your brother Matt I know I know and he was that way is akin to putting Jeremy not does that was siblings do. And I fully tried to drowned in the pool. How does that howl like under around so you'd push this year for how many years sell the first hole is head underwater but he sees strong that would work. And then he would get like a weird look on his face and that can I give up and then how did you try to you know and a CM is your calendar. Right and then that would just tried to I'm sit around and get over top of him where he was swimming so when he would come up for air it would be an amount but. What the Florida. Hat and all right let's figure road trip down Claremont Florida well that west of Orlando where it gets really hot and sticky. Where they know all ocean breezes to cool you down. He hasn't happened in Bonita. They need let me internecine given me a Willis she's 48 years old and she Nina new hair jail. So she walked into the best place in all of Claremont to get a hairdo of course. JC Penney cake. She asked her trim and a new look. But what Bonita that was so so much more when that's stylist twirled the need around in the chair to face her mere she saw her news style. A three stooges bowl cut. A lot of Bernie you know not so happy about this and seed complained about it to the stylistic. And she said the saddest was completely unsympathetic. Had a smirk on her face we just laugh and a right there and that JC Penney. And how much and well actress Anita right on over the edge she said how bad stylists Jewish parents. Of the grounds. And now you can see a picture of tourney is bad hair cut in her mug shot are because she was arrested in Claremont on a battery charge. And media were allowed to vote Florida. Our let's go appealed trip Shelley. Let's go to seventh grade math class and Merritt Island Florida just a stone's throw from Cocoa Beach. They definitely weren't flip flops the school. All right if there weren't any issues at all. Well there's a hardworking student who does her very best to answer questions on amassed terminology tests but it's a pretty tough course. And this just didn't perform so well so as expected a teacher wrote grade on the top of the test. And then and due to it. This set. For teacher got that television and it has. This could be considered not good for an American. The student is of Hispanic American dissent. The note to triggered an investigation by the school district. The student's mother Christine crews felt compelled to speak out about this notes on the test because she does not want it to happen to another see it. Of course calling it so inappropriate degrading for her daughter. They were passed on to the district level for investigation. And that teacher has apologized that we do not know the engine's results of that one. Wow. What the Florida have put us. It's to test. RA and really bring it home we're bringing it to my hometown let's travel on over upon else count you hate this. You guys they're all. A knack. Why pet owner wanted her dog at CBD most beautiful puppy on the block in case how do you do that with a puffy may go over. Of course. So she wanted her white Maltese mix named violet to Sugar Land owner and and now now to really stand out from the she's fencing match rename your match turning. So the owner died 85 pound dog the purple. With haired guy made through Hugh. In. The toxic chemicals in the die severely injured violate caused her to endure severe burns on her stand swollen eyes. Pain internal poisoning his dogs lick it. All thanks for the animal services and a wonderful event in the area little violet was treated with flu is pain medication after three putts. An extensive medical treatment. The pilot has made a full recovery and has. New owners who love her natural beauty. And her okay with her being the traditional white color of the multi EX that's the purple haired guy previous owner has a saying in a. What it does. Well. And I debut ever stumble across a crazy Florida story infinitely pleased. Pass it along to us here at the jet engine sounds. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion Shenzhen one start now before one and.