What The Florida

Tuesday, September 26th

Florida criminals so unique they'll have you saying WTF: What The Florida!?

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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell hole. As proud Floridian I like to highlight the sun shines day with this very special segment on the jet engine out. Called what the Florida. Has very very hot wet and very very stupid criminals that at this. You say stupid I am. Sometimes and all of their ingenuity. Hey creative yet yes this is our segment what South Florida because these stories out of Florida are gonna have you sand. WT. OK so elastic had told you guys about it to do that stole the actual electric power poll. Arianna and they were trying to drive away with that this is after hurricane Irma and sort of sold for scrap metal yeah. Exactly they had it strapped to the top of their little Kia STV we're trying to drive down the street cops like com I don't think now belongs to you. Hence my favorite part of the story. Is that Florida electric sorrento. Well now I want to top that OK this is coming out out month springs because these Seminole county sheriff's office. Had to I try and a couple of people Charles an injury. Because in the back of their pickup truck they had about 5000. I'm thinking that they were just cleaning up the neighborhood. Oh no not clean up that neighborhood they wanted asylum and deputies also found marijuana and meth and then in which they may have found that also they might have dissidents. Just clean and a yes and met and they may have been vague taking care of mother earth I appreciate them as so Charlton Andrea. And a outlines brings your happiness day. Well at the Florida. At this is so much fun to you OK are you ready. There is a Florida man who has taken to an emergency room after colonize on money asks for an ambulance. Because he just wasn't feeling wasn't sure what was going well apparently. This man not so thrilled with the care he was getting that hospital. Because he called 91 line to have another ambulance. Come pick him up at the hospital to take him to another. And you gotta respect a man who nobody want is an ambulance who yeah he was arrested and charged with misusing. 911. Elected you are ready at the hospital. The Florida. I in this land. Oh my gosh. Okay so. I don't you guys ever comp contemplated this but you know this tiny little ATM machines. Yes and it not like super nailed down likes just take all of a freestanding one not to go on this in your bank lobby but like when it's just. Out of exactly like in the bar district there's no Lee's one out I. I'll live concert festival are some there's also ATM machines Alex could actually pick that up and steal it. While some guys at a Tampa Florida it just now north to about Odessa. They decide what I mean you're gonna gloss over this happening in your hometown that's true well I'm from Saint Petersburg is very different than Tampa. The tank tops are a little bit. Last year okay no. Yes this is of basically from my hometowns of these guys like let's steal ATM. Says they get this ATM machine and they holiday and there are trot. But the way that they think they're gonna get away with it. Is they both dress up in mascot bunny out yet. So literally in Tampa there was an ADB four to Easter. Memories I have. Scene again in your make in front of them and I am talking about how they are. In there's like ingenuity a lot of creativity. A lot of output and a lot of thought put into that I appreciate it they should put more thought into the school and even now it does make me say. What the Florida. Thanks for making this way suggested she she's gone stone not before one.