What The Florida

Tuesday, September 19th

Jenn loves her homestate of Florida, if not for the sunshine then definitely for the "creative" criminals that seem to keep popping up. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. On stage this sunshine saved. Lol what the Florida and I'm seriously my home state freezes feed most clever. Created criminals I will say on that planet we've got some. Florida stories right here. Florida state of mind. That's why I you guys ready for song. Debbie TS series this effort Chen's home Stacy came to be mad at performing in front of. Florida event. And we shake my head today as pigs you guys in Florida Victor and Blake decided you know what we are gonna take advantage of hurricane Irma. We're gonna go looting in Jacksonville Florida. Just alluding for said he would think rags get those steals and TVs. Says it isn't designer jeans and Selma. On the black market or whatever oh no no yeah. These guys try to steal the entire metal telephone pole. So this provides you good night when there's when the 25 feet tall and is the base scrap. AM entire Arab men held telephone pole to the top of their Kia SUV. And hard drive and down the road is they thought it was a great idea to sell it for scrap metal. The cops busted them when people started calling let us this drug industry in Telecom holding don't look like. Power worker pay dance around so I does not look like an official. Florida power trapped yet definitely not they didn't get too far and cops arrested them for grand theft. Florida lied to both Florida finally trying yeah. And shop good luck. And I I admire their ambition. Yeah I love the fact to visit Iran based on David blood to the recycling place in no flags are gearing. I Malone had. They just drive around backs are dead can weigh it. What does Florida let the Florida is full of retiring means you know it's so people say. I mean I think that's why drive slow because I learned to drive in saint Petersburg Florida but this. Is. And a retiree in Florida. Who just got sick and tired of all of the parents lining up on his street. Tenth pick up their kids from school. We just as bad because this where hardline starts right in front of his house and he just was getting sick and tired of it and they were really. Exactly so he had gone out to talk to parents many times and they've. Lester webpart the higher road and like where search server in car line to pick up our children. There's an elementary school nearby and he just got sick and tired and then one day he was feeling extra Florida crotchety Phillies must have been. I mean humidity must have been fixed that day he walked outside with a rifle now. This time he pulling into it and parents' faces and said nothing and money off Meyer road back. Now we see assault charges be out playing unloaded guns and money is an automatic felony yet the school's staff quickly got the parents and the children inside. And the cops came and and now kids get picked up and the south side. Whitney elementary school yeah charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Florida. Florida and this time. I really did save the best I. Here's 26 year old Floridian frontal wildwood Florida his name is pastor Leon since she was pulled over for speeding. And then when he's Guinness being ticket the cops notice on his car seat that he had meth cocaine and heroin in the cards beyond. First GMAC you know cocktail. Tennessee that's not really the story and my friend. And they took him to jail and wildwood Florida there were about to strict surgeon and they know just. And Tony the rules all. And then they realized where those twenty dollar bills were falling out of the very brave officer decided to take much closer look in federal loans. Histrionics what 1090. Dollars and knew his rectum to try to. Hide. OK my question why the money and not the so it. Not only facing charges for speeding and drug possession with intent is well. He's also getting smuggling contraband into jail. Did shoot it starts and it's. You mean how do you. A lot of yeah a thousand dollars a big lot of money behind the prayer day Easter Egg Hunt. Love you is making it rain atx the scales of. Well. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and it.