What The Florida

Tuesday, August 29th

Jenn's great home state of Florida has the best criminal stories ever. Oh, Florida... 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell all now. Well so. He just have to say what the Florida. Floridian born and raised. I shake my head sometimes and I see these stories coming out of the great sun sunshine state I'm so. News. And then you read this story and you know I. Where they travel and yeah I guess. I sag had them nuanced way guys that I'm using and what the Florida. WTF on this line. Say a young man 25 years old named Tony bunch. Mr. clutch lives in Orlando. Mr. vice drives eighth 2003 blue Chevy blazer and decided to get behind the Lil little intoxicated. So yeah god bless the ideal accounting police department. I've fallen in love her. I was really inconspicuous about this driving under the influence because he had not won. Not to. My seventeen. Car. Well. Oh awful while he was intoxicated and driving under the influence on the radio relay video game and they're not a black. Why guide him to get hurt snow into. They gave apartment complex they were seventeen and parked a vehicle with his name again. As name's Tony punch it down budged. Bless the Florida one of defense yeah okay. Had this happen where you get all excited on a hot summer day. Colin have to your favorite McDonald's in your neighborhood ready for an ice cream. And they tell you watch ice cream machine is down I every time she is and see if that happened to you before. But in Florida they take it to a whole new level this is in Delray Beach. Player one customer. His name's Gerry Henri he was riding in the car with his buddy Michael and they were really wanted to make sounds ice cream. Jeremy yeah. Well Jerry who was then passenger was told by the driver to retrieve this stick from the trunk. At which point they pulled out a fake AK 47. And it held it in a dead passenger seat pointing it at the drive through worker telling them that they better get them some ice cream. At which point the employees fled to the bathroom and called 911 and one of those employees and I'm pretty sure that was just a tree branch. I yeah pledge of Florida and Florida. Craig and last but certainly not least I damage the coast Florida. This I mean sometimes god gives you signs and god is shining down on the great state of Florida and Matthew Anthony's 35 year old guy. The crashes his car he was sat on drugs. Passed out behind the wheels and when he crashed his car he crashed right into rehab center phone and I. Right through the front door I'm. Another woman at the front desk was injured but she's gonna survive and she's going to be okay. And have a history and heritage identities out yeah let's hope that Matthew and his tank top. And fluorescent green card check them. Florida. Hello our guys. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion just got one star not before one and it.