What Do You Binge Eat?

Friday, March 25th


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Are making the switch to the justice shall certainly Aurora. Yeah it was at busted just fiance was so excited about this rainbow chip frosting that is back from Betty Crocker. After being discontinued for awhile that she needed by this roomful. And he credit here for all of us at and T says we opened the top. Half there was already gone again if I. I app. Well we don't take anything to prost yet. And so anyway we we talked to her about it she was not even sorry about that. So we asked you call us and brag about you're binge eating right now we have so many fantastic. Phone calls yesterday it started off with the sweet craving right and then went to this Avery and that's announcement Aaliyah on blogs. And in the they comments also were so strange time FaceBook so many comments and thank you everybody. German chocolate ice and people you with a spoon just like Hallie Eads that Raymond chip frosting. Pro vina was. Garlic rolls so this is happening in public in a restaurant you. If garlic rolls so so often deal we'd like almost not even fully booked and changes. Then you'll smell them for the next week and garlic breath for ever but don't even care I'm Marianne came even have to readers in the house. Nanny and salary we had a little problem of this yesterday canned cheese dip. Not even sorry about marriage and that way grab some Mexican food for lunch and when this situation for by the time he'd want to actually arrived we were both ball all from the cheese dip and assault at McGuire yeah out a thing of it thanks for Oprah yeah the Girl Scout Cookies her fiancee wouldn't even let her buy them. This year because she's guiding so hard that into wedding dress he's quite do it yourself. Don't even bring him in house we and the Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer in the freezer. We do not hiding amateurs whether or not hidden for him but like they're I try to like tuck them behind other things you just can't see. So. People or it once person Egan and taping of double stuff Koreas. The entire back. That doesn't make you sick and here come here comes back healthy person. Lisa Murphy frozen grapes she got out there and I need your help because. Her humble brag here's one that you like. Jet that lights checks mix and potato chips US his book. Crashed it's salt and vinegar potato chips like the weakness for me. And Kimberly and you can crash an entire box of cheese it's. Yes especially the white cheddar cheese eaten them for some reason those are the ones that have been more crack like quality. And we got great great great phone calls yesterday afternoon we talked about this. Hi my being there is Girl Scouts tricky outlook peanut butter like and the and I hit a box and fitting and I am not too far. How. Hey. Chris in Gainesville when he got. I had and each had very many eggs and I am not even Larry. Now this is your season. This is your season right now the mini eggs are taking over the world how many do you eat. I I eat a lot here I want I am a little. Dollar work. I got. Back 8 am and I gained like I'm out of your big that they're. She doesn't even you know you've got to beings inning issuing a measuring it in dollars not coming your way in the first causing IE five cute cats. I briefly to sushi usually at 850 dollars and clearance many eggs and I am not sorry Kathleen in Alpharetta when he got. I need an entire back of a ticket Hedo went out and pepper baking cookies and I am not even irons. I love it. Melissa in Logan veil when you got. What rock and tired marshmallow cream. And I am not very late in one sitting. Melissa how does that matches lockyer entire inside now. Sierra in Atlanta which are being. At. I knew exactly. How. It happened yet. And it is viewed him but he yourself. There and think. It. I. Yes and she and she. You wanna brag about your fans eating we'll hear from you really it's Friday but it's just about you got and it lets not even sorry.