What to Do with Lottery Winnings

Friday, July 29th


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Engine shop it's our. Tar balls out of 400 something million and we have over 178. Billions in Mega Millions to secure going over fourth of July was close to that as well. I cannot fathom all the time. At a minimum dreams and I are adamant. I know Stacy Amy Carter's tale is and it. I haste they see log into the Japanese and yeah. Eight born and tell us about your fattening. At the may. Who were laid to start a foundation. Plan the when he that are at lake foundation. They secretly it to attack it from the government arm and my members get job at a salary and leaking electronic network and Andy. Her family and friction at the heat. Of that says he really has thought at all through do you work in attacks field this year unit at an all out. I work in an industry related to that yet. You know all about that not getting hammered with those taxes Stacy have you already named your Family Foundation. I'm actually haven't I think we probably look at it like I'm. And the winner it's like war million dollars. And I don't. 40474. And good luck CC about the yen. Or 47419400. If you would like Alice. The plan that you already have bought out. Should you Wayne. A gigantic. Lottery. Because you know there's great tales and yet when Jan. Of course what you mean all kinds I mean person we've had a bigger house I wanted to. Reese trek. Never degrees here and us into places travels on there. Of course take care of all of your family and I all have always thought that the ways to make sure. Nobody continue to ask from more money or fought over money was everybody gets to pick house. And then. That's how you take care of everyone in your pick their dream house meetings by and that's all they eat and then that's an act and that's on again. And that's their. So. I don't know I also won a bio winery. Okay also. Wanted you. Because I feel really strongly about feeding kids yeah I hate it they're kids in the US that are hungry right so much abundance that we have yeah sites start and Georgia. And be kids in Georgia and make sure that they had a perfect venues and the why do across America. And my husband's an education he comes from a long line of educators yeah his father is grandfather. And so I would want to create some sort of perfect utopian school he would want to create and name. In May never work is yet at the billion now. Right does died right. Just for any amount and then get out. And meg and welcome to the channel. What's your plan Wayne we're gonna use the secret here and act in what's your plan weighing UN the power while this week. Ling and Lee and the grandmother again I want you. They can't make anything and they now Denny a lot of them are like here on a voluntary and then an equipment. And traveling yet. Nancy you know I idly on now. I I that. There'd be people a little more like me. Here's how it's easier and totally selfish now and are now just a lot Marty. Oh really. Tell came in Atlanta welcome to the show. Yeah I thanks yeah. Now Ed retire and not give all the money in my life lets you CPA and she would know what to do that. If you're ready so you win you quit and put her to work. There are okay. You weren't you the proper answer and is I would quit work and then tell my wife to hire the best EPA he goes. Can handle about where he'll trust our you have an. Adjuster. Oh. And it went last caller right now eighteen named him. Eight yet plan. I do I would make sure that every police are in the country has HM why. The dash and there are many that do not know at least what it's an important approach that. It can do it. I hang on sweetie thanks for that comes into. 4047419400. I will share my story review. Next. Little more detail. How we have people in more detail let me I might be the only crazy. Thing. So star in 94 blind.