What Did People Tell You About Your Wedding Day That Ultimately Didn't Matter Part 2

Friday, October 7th


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And Justin didn't show. I'll wedding day advice specifically. Whatever he tell you about your wedding day that ultimately didn't matter gonna talk to Daniel here once back and. When I got one when you it is the solo table. A lot of people told grant and I that we should have a solo dinner tables so that we can actually. Eat and we can actually. Talk to each other but most of my friends close friends of hassle table said. You just sit in this sort of awkward space. And everyone's looking at you and everybody just comes up to the table while it's like a solo table in the reception at a table for you got. And reception grounder by tables for eight or ten yeah I asked. Adam that. We did and it was. I won't. What we're doing is I'm. I somebody's gonna fixes he too played it now after you view pictures before Iran that we have and we have eaten and Smart yet. Here's. Lift off. Oh I'm so who. Don't call it a fact. I didn't yell welcome to the jet engine and show. What it everybody tell you about your wedding day that ultimately did not matter at all. Actually it was my best and plotting. Out the light anyway. Like eighty you know making sure. There. And she and course. Quite that and I and I. Currently any. High island really bad at any eat light. And Nancy Shaq and that money on my name card I'll bet and expect it. We have our wedding is a funny story related and you know thank you am I in our wedding we have. And have assigned seats right by there are tables. So there's you know tables you all. Who will be things oak Alley. And that list of people ACP's and it item up into groups and news news in all the handles these cables and then mom's side. It was I who. No hope it will be time well. It's earth and news. Very much voting for trump and this person buried the girl. They camp yet. Okay you'll move earth. And all known and honor of a this person I volunteered for the Clinton Campaign. And this person. Actually works for the Republicans and when. Oh and it's all come down to. Politics and I have to talk about it actually. Did he goes. Down maybe at Oakmont two weeks before the election. The root. That out in front of the whole thing is to get that re arranged under party line. Almost like during an election year. Sixty days out from the election on the card it should say I'll have the chicken state fish. I'm voting Democrat. When Republican and also that the red table on the left hand on them item up like that and that's how old news team. Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now.