What Did People Tell You About Your Wedding Day That Ultimately Didn't Matter

Friday, October 7th


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Marianne. Here and all over eighteen yeah. Jeff finch and shells on selling. Well it. I a lot of people have opinions and if you believe this guy about my ending. What needs to happen at that wedding what has to happen and the way we are T minus fifteen days yeah my guess is that it is not already in the plan it's not gonna happen and then stop people from making. The comments. Yeah. Everybody thinks that there's not must all you got to absolutely. Do bits back. Not ever being in do. Yes that's so we're going to get into here and just just the second and if you want to weigh in on it for a 47419400. If wanna remind you as we do that. Yet few chances to win thousand dollars today while you're works this sushi gets he would ask turnaround so right. Be very much of since two weeks from Saturday and as you said and pretty much everything is. On the list them on certain ring that. You've got the whole plan of the day chronological order and when this starts and that's arts. You know when photographs sirte again how everything's gonna go down at the ceremony and the reception it's not. Yet. And that doesn't stop people everybody says. Prices coming in that everybody says the has advice. About the actual wedding day and yours made specific question. What did everyone tell you about your wedding day. It ultimately didn't matter. Makes cents up so people like are you gotta do me she does this mean she does this mean treaty that in the end of the day just didn't matter. Already got some comments and social media from when I asked this question on line yesterday Geneen. Yes so Lindsay against. Many people don't think we look back at pictures. To break point boom that has any innocent and that what do you do that you read it when you have a guess but it went in. I don't think we did its old fashion and honoring the traditional. Amy says I was so stressed that things weren't going exactly and at at the in the end it didn't. Eat. My goal is just to make friends between the people who are working them and you because of the parties going really released wrongdoing. Seek another half hour in. Our. Party it. That's life and I've already out of it I love this is going really really well it wouldn't be greatly when he minutes before the intent of that each game. If Freddie always wants the bar open for a longer than planned well that's the thing is that's who it's going to. Ultimately come down to be our Anders and lock the door and yeah as they don't care about me they don't care about Alley. They don't care about. They just wanna go home. And I'm saying this thing 40474194. And when it everybody tell you about your wedding day. Ultimately didn't matter. And from pace. And we got. At making everyone else know it's your day UB you don't need grooms cake you don't need and it and into. And the knees and thank you cards of course and as they come upper right I. The table to table now and don't let millions speeches that he instinct and I have gotten that piece of advice all locked onto a million speech just don't go to the table. Yeah well that's why traditionally there was the receiving line. Where is used you and Cali would stand there and as every guest comes in they say hello to you so that you've said hello to everybody and then you can just enjoy. But that's not gonna stop people that's just like doctor doctor doctor that's like. Introduction Asian gas and if there are still gonna wanna have gotten windy so winner we get at these young. He didn't. Write that question Obama. I'd 40474194. Is that number if you would like to you specifically asking about the wedding day. Advice do you count in for a foursome or one nanny or and it just now. And jumpstart. It before one.