What Can't You Touch

Thursday, August 18th


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They Jesse James shell. So all. Of we're talking about something on the show yesterday. And it kind of took over weird tangent I just told this story about being at a hospital visiting on Jensen family and their batteries. And witnessing a guy ask and nerds. To help him open aid bottle of I think it was children's aspirin. Had hot and it's. Because he couldn't touch the content. It weird at Emma and I made a joke to the nurse I after he left is. And on media. After he left I said that are some might. NGOs heads for economic. I've never heard that her it's huge so I thought the funny topic would be. What are you a grown person and would you need help you know what he had to people do wary because he. We talked about that a little bit yesterday but I think the real topic news. What can't you yeah 40474194. And the idea that lists from our FaceBook right. Do I do so actually there are three people Julie rates only see who also say they can't its content. That some funny ones Rachel Coble says she can't have frogs Tiffany little can't touch popsicle sticks. I don't like is that after eating pop the goalie can't I don't Erica showed wasted each day. I can't have labels or balloons and Amy check can't touch microfiber. Howls. Hospice and Sunni. If you can't touch upon obstacles that well I think about a and he touching really old Els. Well but that's like the grossest thing that somebody like these are talking these are people who have. When I get that but I don't like touching third the enemy and they down late. Taking a shower and a dirty old Jim immigrant and a run but there's a reason that you don't like that. But the cotton ball it's been sealed in a bottle of pain reliever he has. For six months while it had shipped from the factory is the work. Why. There's nothing that you can't touch those I mean I mean there's things but here there's things that you don't wanna and there's things that don't want to touch. By units. That unity you know Boyer. There's things that I don't wanna touch. Right by there are there is nothing that I just won't touch Pernod res and Haley in Gainesville welcomed the jet and engine. Yeah what can't you touch. That spot you know that he added that he looked at it there keep your lord I can't all they may eat and. The round. Out so I can't do it. Now we're talking about a brand new clean pair of socks assembly just. Went to like Macy's and bot nobody's ever worn him nothing. That grosses you out. Employment he thought they're really eat worn by deep dot and that right there art but they still weird and I don't like and my grandma. Only hasn't won for Christmas and I. And I you can't really. He got a little tricks here and the military in Iraq and around him. My ass in Kissimmee and make your feet so saw. Each should have some sort of trade via. Is a candy day and Douglas welcome to the show. All right and we're going rate work here you've part. OK so it's not mean I know American college and tell you what my eternal law cannot touch Romney I could get. She can't touch it actually got these grounds that he can't easily get credit for her. Any kind of meat so an academy hamburger chicken port it doesn't matter. She cannot touch that she won't do it. And she touched animals like that she had to chicken. You probably couldn't. Security crackdown by the animals especially. Touching me. And these awards is that my wife can't touch hair like it here on the porch. Like human hair dog hair. Human hair dog here and red hair actually can't either. You just one growth is called today because he combined Rami and air on the floor in England is now right into it. Audrey and Monroe. What you've touched. I cannot I'd like coconut piano peanut the metal on metal that. Now I have sold out thinking about it all right now like cat and wet cat and came and peanut note. It and it's or any candidate has agreed that little hook thing that you Paul. Yeah. But this down is so great highlights and that I open up making in tennis balls you can average now. Now it seems like don't stop talking about it. I I seriously considered. And it has an eating let's keep the calls and I'm fascinated by this big championship and show. Star shoreline.