What Can't You Do Once You're 30?

Tuesday, September 19th

Kelly Cheese is saying goodbye to her twenties this week, what does she have to give up now that she's thirty?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Kelly she's is all old. Had just turned thirty this week and there are some things that you have to change by yourself and. Yeah when you cross had thresholds hey thirty is young. And you know he's young hard but there are some things that. You can only get away with in your twenties. Think I'm now I'm down by guys and you can't fighting Kelly don't wanna be that girl food and bad girl. I do one is just like wade too old to be in that bar. You have as a come back and look at and going and you shouldn't be here curry for our offense. Iran's I don't know. Pairing means they creaky old do no legs around like the young mark does not gonna now like to tell the sandbox. Yeah I AM course Alley kid's gonna play. So is it though than the young college r.'s younger and others. I really desperate I. Men's and. If you would like to add to this list for Earl Ford T 630941. As you crossed. Incident twilight years of your life you have to leave some stuff behind. Some staff has to stay in your twenties I'm on the right these down I'm not on all of them. Kind of Scotland's largest. We're just trying to help my abhorrence and it's finally coming up five minutes from right now mate and and cause for a 2630941. If you've got one thing to add to Kelly's list that maybe you need to get it and in the next week because she's still any. Until Saturday this came out. Yesterday in shape he's like I doubt they even hesitate. To think about something you have to view B free agent Saturday what is it ready candidate last year at the right Kelly your party here. I was the party here and now I'm getting married so I know this firsthand that if you go a lot on Saturday night. In ego and I mean you stay up late you're doing shots into every day on. You are never gonna have a productive Sunday you're gonna need at least till noon 1 o'clock asleep at all so. You might think I'm gonna do all the activities of all the people any guards who brunch early Sunday morning now united. Make it there now JP I eat and sleep and Netflix himself so hard on Sunday is like that's that's been me. My familiarity there on I'm there Friday night Sam and Saturday's mile hike. Binge drinking it but just less of ms. Elliott Sanjay V. Yeah and then don't make plans on Sunday because I guess you're just you know out of commission. Unless I hear hear the things he can no longer junior thirties okay. Kind. You came no longer advertise your drunken escapades and snap trap. Why I just canceled just read yeah you look a little and you're over thirty now some people are even saying that no snap Chad after thirty. I've got another one for you that has is social media hell I Wear dirty your no longer able to Facebook's doctor acts. On our friends and any matches I'm off on saying that said you can't base your Canton based on sat in one short. Mining companies that you can't look month anymore and our guys don't get within total. And we're trying to help you be in a dog mad and angry youths at this is for anybody who is past the age of thirty. Who's still face a sucking their acts like EMS move forward and your mouth yeah Lego on deep dive. I yen to let go of old grudges. It's a new decade. It's new party your life yet to let old things go it'll let them disappear you have to let them fade away and have you I might disagree on this explained that I have here and yes. I think it's still OK to have a roommates. But it's not OK I have roommates drama. After thirty yeah and my little my fancy. You know I'm sick and like you can't even. And that's why you disagree with me because I thought you would think by thirty you can never inmates and try and find that at that. So yeah or make you just can't have roommate drama you have to have figured out the roommate thing. By the timers are trying to lose them how many thirty sound and I none of sounds thirteen so oracle. Gambler crowd cheered stereo camera now. For a soared to 630941. Is our founder of you add to the list. Of things the you have to stop doing once you turn thirty his Kelly's got a big birthday coming up on Saturday. Ends at some of the ones who really get into next. I don't think they're gonna light and. Those things that you just can't do anymore. After you turned 34048663094. One of playing together Lister Kelly she's busy gad thing. And old are they coming up on Saturday hash tag old Kelly just say don't have shareholder cash and older and wiser passion I. And Rachel Enron as well welcome to this out. Hey sorry I de Dwight can Kelly she's no longer do once she reaches a rental agent there. So you can't let appetite there they're sore right yeah yeah. I'd media friends that's awesome dad don't want to let the apple today and this and probably eight by the way we tied it. I now pregnancies in those on the path com did you it isn't right when the bill comes is that okay survive the whole appetite. Crew loses today. It had a great idea so funny. A couple more that I have you can it's sneak smokes. I gotta have you spoken out okay nonsense now OK but if you do it the age of thirty you can't be the one who sneaky about it or make excuses you either so I agree not to. Own it or not I'm right back and you can't keep saying like I'm gonna quit now I'm thirty I'm no quit in online play can now easy Lucent and Arianna. After cracking IIIU. I don't know if you don't regulate this but I know more borrowing money from mom and dad you know paying out. Unless something not eighteen NightCall glad we're on the same page for that reason then that last and here are on the same page no more on nine Ers. What does that mean that means is staying up all night into the full full and the next thing mostly. I guess every Friday I wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning on Friday mornings and I'm gonna go to NJQ Friday night. They don't close until three or four. She does not diminish somewhere. I'm Friday's now Carly and I. Power through it doesn't matter where he came to this thing warriors that thirty. She's put me like you're speaking on them. Gross here does not understand broken Lithia springs. You know I had one night they never known a long way in your own. Okay united stance so they're totally and that's OK got to do Tyson insurance right it has. There are in dire. Eight and now tired out and out meet somebody when Knight playing. So do you think Kelly's philosophy. Of dating for refinement has the starts ago way engineers are dating for relationships now. Not entirely let someone like into a stock. But that is what did you reach a certain age you know candidate could buy an atomic saint. And I think that's just egg and universal for broke like it's excusable in your money's not an ice I never did that so I don't really know. He's been there for you when they seems to read Sansa shoes Euphrates. I don't laugh and are about 119 men meg N and time years watching Kelly she's no longer there. All I really do anything you want it is now sees do it. Are you kidnapped what you and every why you're an adult unit geared at the end. You I feel like now I'm turning 30 am putting on the tapes they are no more snapped at colonial mr. ensor is big business FaceBook started dragged. Not Madonna bigger and better things like double guy just not not that nice never let me down a cold air split out c.s have all my might I. And I nine I hit it I Megyn Kelly and got our Florio and okay when he already. You have to get rid of toxic friends I was Jesse about. K and you can't play beer pong anymore. JT is I got I'm glad and work for them when I was there. Playing beer pong and oh yeah. I'm so there'd be a conflict comes challenge me online challenge may not live in a. Let's continue this conversation and that face but how Kelly she's out as she. It crosses over to the island late years of her life instead stick. Rolled downhill toward her death. What can she no longer do when she turns is turns age thirty the what he called conversation happens unfazed that seems so they can remember what the injury and states. All learn and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.