What Are Your Sports Superstitions?

Friday, January 20th


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Try and it's certainly a lot less congested. Sixty minute. Jumping ship and solid sixty. Holland stellar in 941. Or. All eyes on the NFL opens this weekend as they take on the Green Bay Packers. NFC championship game on Sunday. All. I'll. Hey Al we have our our friend and Erin Andrews. Coming on the show at 8 o'clock this morning she unity inside reporting for yes she is for fox. And not for fox and she's in Atlanta. So she says to be getting admirably and headed to work out an accident where do you mean by that she's now really work. All right. Here's our country is ready those awesome she's in Indiana sure we'll talk football with her game and apartment falcons will orbit. There and entries and you can explain to me. How to watch football. Funny to hear me now I something that stuck with me Jan you said a few days ago. And we're gonna get into this because I in the EU. I I'm going to do it because I'm not a sports and we're gonna talk about sports superstitions yours. A former for a 42630941. Sports. Viewer. Super if you were watching a sporting event. Do you have. Or did keep me why we have superstitions. On it yeah I think why wait how you got in my head into effect and by. About fifteen minutes away from a huge huge huge huge huge huge. You've huge announcement. So odd that a cut to Jen a couple of days ago I said hey I'm gonna go get some falcons merchandise and she said did you watch the game last Saturday and Saturday and Sunday at. The Seahawks game. And I think she is. You know where the same shirt. Look what you've you've got to Wear the same shirt and don't wash. Briefs hear the earth and she said yeah so I went. Into my house I hope this is OK I found that shirt and a dirty clothes hamper. And I put it in the dryer with a draft a sheet of fluff up and then it. But it's still at it until I guess I think that's fine in flocking to get via. In a potential smelled the other dirty laundry what it is and. If I'd known I just would have folded and put it Lego I share something in work I didn't realize all the rules that. I think is going to be good luck JP Donnie shared that. Not only do I share that not only has the shirt not in Washington's last tailgate last weekend. Mom all of my fellow tail gators are going to my friend Jen and Mars is tailgate at boundary north side of you want combine. And the so you don't have to hold leverage CO repeating the same tell easier basically. Duplicating the entire day and duplicating the entire day we're gonna eat the same stuff we and a hot dog bar. So are gonna gonna have and I've been all hot dog bar. The exact same thing me do it because they want with the same amount of people too so if more people come that's fine but the original people have to be theirs well there. Like I don't care if they've got stuff going on we've we've got priorities on Sunday. Jenny and Calhoun. I my daughter is. On the top arcane accounting or she lives and when we were going to stay the whole week that we were going to say. Her number was fifteen and I would not take that volume in the car off September 15 seed and we want to say we. Her ex it alerts a lot of. Is is fifteen obnoxious we loud. Okay. And urged him. I'll keep you turn the radio off would have a song you came on I came I didn't lighter or. We had some dominant act he turned the radio. Often means the talk between the innocent. But ahead I don't picnic. Got okay love that through and what are you bargain on Jenny. I mean that in Atlanta welcome to the channel. Demanding that they quietly lay out there later but they're. Mixing and why. I don't put a picture at eight on the head and where that. You can't hate a BN PI and ten. Are at a what about you didn't do you have any injured exports especially that with gators or whatever. You always do that to me. I'm a seminal and yeah I definitely have different shirts that I like to where we play on insurance like that where we play away. And then in those smears even if your life even if you're watching at home watching a specially. Especially. You pass down superstitions to your kids maybe. Leg is that this Lauren have to Wear at a certain jurors hear some thing. We. Kids are always growing out of clothes in cancer you know any she can Wear what she wore last year this year so. But make you want to start in the same size as an idea. I'll have one. Heard game so take you gotta be with me on this and so as you're watching the game like we watch keen currency play over at the Thanksgiving holiday and every time my mom with legal living room. And go to. The kitchen. And into the bathroom we with school. So what do we would get the ball I like my mom out aren't into the kitchen and then to go to the bathroom she was like. Cleaning house of folding laundry mats and hope that it yeah. I'd so we went maker actually read and watch it from the doorway of the other. And swear at you every time we did she did it we school yet somebody standing yet the state stating yes a recliner with one leg up so it's an out. Right so it's not every game you have to do that but it's something is going well and going your way and it happened several times in India to keep doing Matt. Keep the knowledge of them which means every time they scored she couldn't see. Because when they regain. Scoring you have to send her to the bat well the pastor was right excellent arm and avid horse she could see it but just on further away official connection to use hypocrisy at its stand in the bathroom and watch from there and then. We with our. As did did she didn't have to yell. Saro welcome to the chef. And are now dead what's the I was superstition that you have. It's nice that my that he's it's the ports and amber can't he had. Yet I'll be all and ritual for high Oprah about full impact. Yes there that they employ every week that he McDonald. As okay. Why would be and it needs you cannot chain beat at the media like you that you're not me. So don't be so he sits down at all. If he sits down in his seat and out of 400 pound person wearing cowboy hats and down in front of them and block the entire view. These I grab. Soviet. And you can either but I know. Are there management ever even played a while I. This week so why does he care. We went. And went down yeah. And that. I. I graduated. A year off. The game. Every single week and. How would you vote. Every single week. Yeah it's legendary here. Batting. Well he totally. Creepy. Or. What's that. Larry Larry. Legendary player and went in with this rule like the mask and the school. And while it all out. Leonard why. He's wild cat litter. I'd Chad and I innings a year and Knowles and again. I am and lows are. Well. All. Mapped it should Eric. Are dark. That. They bought. And everyone at the very next here or how bad read it every day. And I put the ball off their back on every act. That's what you're dead. And everybody ought. To let. It. Mike. And spend as. I team and ten should be. We went in tiger out starters new tradition this year we have eight month old German shepherd Pratt eating. But the thing or it would make it nervous. That. Outlawed. And we're soaking in a graduate. Seen on behalf of all regular fellow fans that keep the dog locked on the season. You bet you cannot be healthy. Actually incoming house the tiger and. Hey Jack I'm heat on tiger and I support for Hewlett says. Every game that isn't he would ever do that on I just changed regulate this and clearly worked out where an act. Eight annual that for every game next season the line. I guess to insulate. Or did you just I am by editors of the same you literally move should les is from shooters share. Clearly they are hurt partly it'll and they go from here issued no matter what I am. I love how these ACC fans represented on the right there this morning. And Laurence and Marianne nobody got. Now my husband is a huge patriots and and whatever they mean clay like Monday or Thursday night in an attempt we'll the next day. Island apple app well you know what we got a bad it it well and I say look the net win once they go to bed. If the game are legit second best start to the other team scores act does it get up and bring them back down this game. Now I want to play. It's tough if you will agency you know you sleep deprive your kids. If you'll wake the dog. For the sake of the patriot winning it Brooke one greatest hero this and well he's an eight K okay middle and it can really your world that he flaunts eighth grade. Yeah it's Tom Brady's off on Brady I'll attack and Jamie and Lance Hoosier team. Atlanta Falcons okay which made him. Mission. I'm mama. Wears the same T shirts that name on the couch in the same position and that's the same neck and then back. Same ball hold at. And say I'm you spoke to work on this Sunday and I made and they are hot so it won't break change. They're not the sort of meeting the themes of what's his what's his go to snack. To consult and then that he play. OK perfect as it would be terrible if you forgot like you know to go to the store before the game metres at some analyst crappy snack. Yeah I'm saying he didn't have his chance assaults but he had to eat it every week like the super bland pita chips or something like that. I have friends Janet and Matt and they have banned cheese in their house all weeklong. Brilliant then and there there daughter I think she's about to. Not allowed to eat cheese and right as an agreement pack right back. Samantha welcome to this now. Samantha who. Yeah Green Bay are bad at Ramstein what did you think left and Nike thing they. Again I'm cite your phone was cutting out overtime. Yeah. Of bad connection McMillan through agony it's in some weird estimated there are some weird noise on the line excitement ethnic while re assaying. Yeah my. Change every ten cents talking to. It's lautner. Are you and a bad spot. You can edit Elliott could and I. Ansari cement if you can hear us we're gonna have to let you go. I kept. And that's really unfortunate that I found this was an hour and yeah that's a that's that's an armory there. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. You search starring 941 Atlanta.