Weirdest Things Drivers Do

Thursday, February 22nd

What are y'all doing out there!? Eating cereal? Watching movies? Driving with your KNEES!?

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Star in 941. That just blew my mind. Jack and. People texting and driving all the time in Jersey nets you can spot and a mile away I didn't. Surveying and they're like not you know they're going over the double lines everything you're like okay they're taxing. I saw a woman. On her morning commute behind the wheel car in motion. On the neighborhood street. With a bowl of cereal and she was eating it I'm talking ceramic all. I'm talking cereal with milk and a spoon like so there's there have stood me. Milking it because that's why else would you have the spoon. Spoon bowl full bowl of cereal and she was eating it with two hands one hand and a bowl want him on the stand. No hands on the wheel while car was in ocean which means you're one pound hole away from ruining your act. Work outs are aware every. I bet I am little we in case but I'm just saying that and I'm so many levels that's wrong that also means when you finish your meal. There's a dirty ball hanging outing a hot car for the whole day if there are a lot of questions around. Two blocks away from a school bus stop you guys. A little kid like. I don't know dropped the ball runs on the street little. Like who knows what about it and Barbara squirrel there's a reason dog or heard anything or homers and slammed on the brakes are no reason in front Indio. Yeah anyways I couldn't believe that I saw. The actual. Eating of the cereal in the bowl which has been a while in motion I I I've never seen anything like that in my life and was like. Really this is happening and it and a Suzanne in Atlanta. Hey I got one that I needed this morning and throughout Maine you're eighty I. I read there's about five or six Carly and friend of the and that's been trying to lead what he's a break. And did she get so where an apple let next to appreciate you reading a book. Onto 85. Until May but should holding it on the steering wheel a steering wheels I got a little led a lap desk. Yes floating in her left hand exit window while boating this stairwell leading up. Now that is either a college kid terrified on her way to the final list. Lindsay good. This truly grown woman a woman like. Forty years now. About how fast you think shoes don't. What you gonna left hand lane seventeen is going at least sixty but. Only I was gonna say cash crop 45 minutes and 280 that is at a sand yeah green about OK maybe may because you're sitting still. Here's how far love playing on 70s65. Miles an hour and you're reading a book. How all are you doing him. They had Florida at Florida or how about this since Friday at one of them services that read about still available on our. However. There is listen to that Jeff and ginger and her head there and Lloyds back. I went I mean am I later you're acting crazy and actors he's been doing aren't cute idea McCartney to generate. That there ever. It stopped it are you serious do you now I lit a lawyer I would at all. You like why should all of the road was gone on with this lady while she couldn't wait to get her really skew practice and yet. I thank you for the column. I'm saving and welcome to the show. Thank god yeah this lady was driving her car broke her elbows while eating at taco trucks were direct order hand. It will lead craziest thing ever respect. Tacos in the hot words as you'd you'd you I've tried that you hit a Taco Bell drive Tony in the car images doesn't work. Jeff incoming welcome to the shell Jeff might narrow your neighbor Ole Ole. I actually I would let's see your show like college do the morning and that they're demanding morning I would eat cereal blood drive make. Shaft. Isn't pretty yeah yeah. Well I will say that I really good alignment on the car so it doesn't wherever poll and I'm driving and then also my. Court nation cannot look at this cereal are driving it pretty good. Did dribbled amount down your Chan. It has happened but I had to baby is well I'm really good at getting used to and to clear up the base. Irate I that as a fellow parent I get a your busy in the morning and getting up and out of the house is is tough. But kids you criminality both durable worried about an oil let me tell you about pop tarts. What. What kind of serial event. Strong trashy we cried so bluntly. On out it cinnamon toast Contra sometimes. Yes got you know I just don't know how this guy justifies doing a two handed activity eating a bowl of cereal and doing driving which is also a two headed activities and a coffee mug with some of the men as a reason my sister. Not a manual so I guess that. All I don't ship while it I've just been 'cause you'd. All right. Dear god I hope our friend Natalie del is not listening she's the spokesperson. I don't like aren't listening to Jeff is now a look at far I've posted a picture. Before Natalie calls me on everything I've posted a picture taken at a red light. She's like don't take a found out slavery and the real. While he's going to be she's gonna see kill this guy area eyebrow jabs here is a warning for you. The cops. Are actively busting distracted drivers and they're doing it in a super sneaky overt way. So we'll give you that warning and how you might give us an I Sodom fox five a couple days ago. Star in 941. I gotta be honest city I'm from I'm actually in some kind of madness in these are guys. My goodie bags or brag about what you do. Yeah actually I work at lord's prayer and urine. Servers work all day and I just drive and watch TV because suddenly something here. Do you watch TV while you're driving. Well regarded fingering a Coke you're stairwell in a remote third party or not. You're too much to maintain and you're playing serve or you don't really bugging you paging showing your kid got. But how do you maintain your lane. Could achieve leash you shouldn't write on your spirit world right and try to be. You're right we will go party. Which. They're the people bragging about it making me. Queen in Atlanta still legal right. OK we saw cop watching that he needs while driving on a computer screen Reggie had a laptop open anyway blocking YouTube. He is watching you eat I would just like everybody popular gaming general that at. While driving and see what is most. And an ocean. And my mom out like mom go past and then you're like I want to get a Mikey grudgingly yeah you're not gonna be able to get out. It's. In this is a great episode. Brittany in Dallas. I'm about one hour and so dating him beer. Re either shaving cream at all. After a site multitask and got to get hurt arrogant jerk. Time and the end I think Allen as much because I have been guilty of putting on make up. But not while emotion but how do you why not play there's hair every where that's discussed not only dangerous is discussed unite a whole I'm I'm talking all night and here in Norcross say yours wrote way. You know somebody driving down 85 holding marital there had an unmatched yeah well watching a movie that's great. And. You and I Chris in Atlanta I'm just go quickly through these as I just wanna get to marry Chris in Atlanta real quake. I held next to a suvs I had no idea itself on Malkin on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel which blocked to due to delaying an out of bed and ran the ball to car problem of Russia are ridiculous standard Richard it up a conference. Yeah how are they able to rolled out what else that's an optical stupid before tip off. I'm okay did manage. The no ad in LA and I quickly. Yes dog I had heard TV. I've had managers Darrell royal. Watching TV any help pull love basket crab leg. I. Yeah. Seriously. We can't multitask that much no wonder traffic is horrible Atlanta I'm only taken two more calls. Kelly Cheney's you're gonna pick the order they go line earlier ID of hang option number wine. Is going to be exclamation point on wart somebody saw while they were driving. A says that'll be like nobody will be needed to be the last I'll that we can possibly to make a better option number two. Is doing something that's very close to that. But there are actually doing it right now. Hull line of talent here they're doing right now and then I want the exclamation point Mary what are you doing right now. I'm 85. I 80 I I am pumped breast milk. Gaga are all. You. Know right. I do I think their doing their thing. Me. I'm. I have breast pumps in the car plenty of times it you gotta do what you gotta do but here's her answer still your driving right with your hands on the wheel. Otellini and India went. That record that street but let bank. A different because they got the bras regroup with the cups inside in the in the tubes coming out and then the pump blood how earlier that archer bitter and it's so crazy about whatever is also might pump breast mound that night. Have pressed now to the last inning I'd abolish cereals around eight maybe they know each other I joined forces women are the ultimate multi tech workers and this is why we are the ones that have babies and she created all done Mary I don't do I know I'm with my merry zoo I still be shocking and I saw an idea Doss high woman breast pumping in her car on eighty I you. Mary I will give you 34 site or oh yeah I'll give you 34 dollars cash and Oneboxes Hamburger Helper inch. You with the brush I'm going will go through the star right strives through in order a black coffee and when you get to the window be like yeah I'm dead. And then. Started up yourself. This. Is very good oh or eight. My pleasure to edit and it's. That is a super mom right there and would you make. Any nuggets nibbles nuggets nuggets Nichols I don't know I'm not your cup and got covered up. Tired you guys ready for the exploration Voight now they are the area craziest thing you saw somebody do while they're driving married there. In Conyers. What did you see. Every find a bag. Alex don't rounder and you haven't been banned what an adult only. Oh series it's time now. Known now. Is she UC can't. Do you see her. Don't pay attention to thing that would go on outside Turkey it. Maybe anywhere is an emergency flare up and I. I hate her see her soft Tyre like was so she. Went out. Again. On. A thank so merit and I'm years winds where is her example of roadside us to. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.