Weirdest Places You Fell Asleep

Wednesday, November 29th

It can't get much weirder than these stories! 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We're just talking about this woman who had gone viral floor it's falling asleep during the symphony and then when I hit a big notes. She screams. The sale or broker. Or wondering about the craziest place that you accidentally fell this. Our aid you almost from the day again OK so you'll hear echo a little bit of music and you'll hear her but we got. It's. All crowd laughs matter. It's cracked you know about our innocence so embarrassed for all 42630941. As the phone number. If you would like to share as I feel like we've talked about this on the show before in the calls a really funny so we're gonna try a cat for a 14630941. I embarrassing pleases you fall asleep I have been party to a person falling asleep. And I didn't know how to handle. It was years ago. I'm meeting and out of town radio executives. A kangaroo. I knew of him and he knew of of of meat and we've worked for the same companies so on some level he was my boss. And to wean mad. And he dozed now. During her meeting. During you army yep. You're also seeing the prayers mean him. Just you want him he's been traveling all over the country and mop up you know what working his tail off and he goes hey listen. I would I would love to get together between nine meetings in an idea of any opportunity and yeah absolutely so they were. Hartley that convention you know room at a hotel. And he is welcome and are so we went down there and I met with him in that a little vestibule lobby waiting area whatever it is in the end and like he. It was tough place wait a second so what I had to set the scene you're sitting just across from them at a table I know many new cable T like little. A club chairs to a club chairs we like a little icon telling the super long story or some changes started nodding off from the middle and. No I think he his sayings you know like does so what brought you to Atlanta back in 2000 and in one and as a road you know. I was working in Philadelphia before there's. ET CU has eyes he had yet you give a dog you've seen this. The dog that. Drops his head and and I'm I'm I'm. So that it happened oh lead and then he was full line I don't and I just can't stop talking about look at Eminem what we're into my mind is able to focus flipped. A pandemic aloud why is it Clapton and oh I'm sorry I had Sosa and unsanitary and assert. And again his eyes popped. They popped open in anything like well I think it was extremely goes. I am. And and then something else and never acknowledged that he completely nodded off that net first timer isn't sure. He's. I Amy what's out. I'm kind of my diet so asleep as they're in LA went and the little big crowd ever medical doctor that why in my hand. And it bella department backed me. Durable and that we are at an Olympic crowded. Out your outlet China light but optimists as. Well I think I see a lot of parents fall asleep at little kid movies yeah. How are true and her collar around because it's like who mom and that are stressed out about all night nobody slipped through the night and they finally get in a dark. Slightly cozy chair dark room cozy chair there out. Saying the kids aren't gonna go anywhere I without mom or dad because they're either don't want popcorn I have to piece notes are gonna leave its profits and they big under our kid movies for adults should be called Matt yeah. Hi DD and a Monroe. I I would. It is adapt. Chemically regular cabinet eat late and I don't sleep don't hurt the car race. No clue because now I won't hold you right to sleep wrong. I think. This. I told him look yeah I would look at what sort of monitor I I. And I would boy I had never again this is not keeping several I decided I wanted to get oaks. We can't end showed late. I might and I must have felt great I used. I have World War II years 630941. Has shown a replaces use strange places. You have fallen asleep based on this woman who goes after in the symphony totally crashed and symphony I will definitely taking at least one more call of a person. Fell asleep at a concert. A country that should be very very loud he she goes off that. 200 next. And she I'll star. If all asleep in class before but have you ever fallen asleep somewhere you shouldn't have that's or talk about this morning on the jet engine joke or outsource. 26309418. He'd like to share your story USS. It all came up because of this woman who socially during the symphony and when they hit it big no she wakes up and screams and the entire crowd left. Laughs at her let's listen Harrington. Aston music and I think yeah. Like a horror movies and I'm. I Trisha in Peachtree City where did you fall asleep. Am I don't think that at ten concert it's cool I'm. He had six assists. Terror and it have been out shot on the first day of school. And now is exhausted admitted it and it come along to come I didn't come out tonight 9 o'clock. Yeah like at 10 o'clock I get could not sailing he keeps. It's. Did you go to the prince. And made fun and meet the longest running like you Trent. Insisted the only one sitting down. The guy hears in in Atlanta where to file slave. I would and are alert. And I can turn right or aren't they are really like it. And it won't mean Larry yelling at that now and would woke up at the war like they're a conventional. Half. That is the stud yeah nightmares where. I ain't yeah. I think I would I'd say a linked. Yeah. They're like oh. I'm not a dream. Figure following out of bad leaders keep falling yeah harmony following. Lacy and carols and your story is horrifying. Yet so I'm not gonna panic and Al are not pretty grand and they literally all night tonight or Mike yeah it was a barrel Allen did not tell the upper hand. India called out and I ever ready in their hey or having surgery your name and. Alike Alec actually and clinical trial are only human even while saying you are saying. And I had a really long urology K and the guy bella and am I think I'll like it to meet the I. I got. You know somebody's driving to the hospital rate now for a procedure today and the like no. I don't yeah that's. Auditorium smarmy. Would you falsely. I actually like security bachelorette party. Well Harlow is it really. We we can't actually see her acronym and that act in that it edged Ed. On I actually am not sure how many more are not yes and then. I go back out on. Any and everybody stand and have a great bunch. Actually. Speak and I wouldn't single mom in college working huge drop to show shot on on the couch next to the human dory just in social right. This place will do there are no children hair I don't have to do laying out his current a pretty of the medium becomes a lullaby like the song. Should they each shift from her. Zillion Sandy Springs on top. And I are actually in front of my classroom full speed and I had given that I had given it kit that clay is critique and that it might it at night type are here each day. And I was still working to put myself to college I going to college classes I was still at school I did the week all day. And again typically is and all the kids finished equate I would think it either ill at my desk actually. They don't like to see you all right and I jumped up all air complete I'd bella sleep and and Ali did that there was yeah I never did that didn't. How they were just so quiet during the wave to seek an eyelash from column B grenades in Lawrence. Me falsely. Yeah. Reserve Bernanke. I can't think happy balloon. Are our friend Mark Carney and can actually the next day after you came to head neck and you're still need. Jumbotron. The camera guys many of Beckett that's that's. Angela tolerant and. It. I re Arab our very first back Jane's urgent radio station one of them fell asleep on our country during the all our. How scary man to have half. Island really lives his head governments think thousand hits have been home and I'll look at my shoulder chest just like looking past me you know you can tell somebody's looking right over you not and you were talking about some then. And I was like what was the island ground snoozing. There's immense testimony how good our show. Yeah cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.