Weird PDA

Tuesday, July 25th

Jenn's husband picks the strangest times to show PDA, and our listeners proved she's not alone!


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It's super funny makes you laugh. So some comfort in numbers so I need to know if you'll laugh. As Ben knuckle are significant other does best. With Tito for a 146309. For aligns our phone number and why isn't grant. Eleven the pieces and I love PTA but he just chooses sometimes the oddest timing for PDA like in line in the bank. That weird awkward at times like that so I left PD PDA PDA of course being public displays of acts like holding hands arms around each other Google smooch is we can never gonna try to full on make out with me in public but. No just. Lynch pins you bed just as not at this. All right so strange just happened the other day hey Greece's ideology appointment. And that's why I'm Amy and I started catalog in all these really odd to weird times. What I am left with an awkward to see an image behind home and a minute if you're dead doctor's office freer Donner who is literally five her life. And he wants to reach over and speak your team and did you celebrate yours or mine hole that's a year. Let me it's like okay they set the scene I. Hey so because of her chemotherapy treatment Reese had hearing loss but her hearing has come back why. Sat and so her hearing has and proof and in February we got great results and her hearing his continue to improve so we last week. Where at our visiting our audio houses that checkup you know it's you never know the long term effects of chemotherapy. And her hearing had gotten even better so we're excited right is a great time we both kids there and more walking down a hallway. And like. You have to understand that four into our kids are like little tornadoes chair I mean they could be destroying things and angry skits and everything at any time so. I feel like when we're in public in a place where she can grab all kinds of equipment or open a cat and her do whatever walking on the hallway go in the wrong room. Arabs and other patient or another wet one burner right. You have got to be on and here is your name. Game and it especially doctor's office she breaks the Ron equipment. You have to sell your car wrecks so I feel like we should kind of be focused on making sure our kids are destroying things. But we're walking on the homer talking to them on geologists and set the next appointment time and again our instructions and as a man the other thing. And he's just like reaching for my pain until I hold my hand and be like wow. Hansen talking Leon geologist and in my hand like all of them. Ultimately reject you in front of someone now. Let's see here holding your hand like I. The dance. While I'm also trying. I'm good discussion about our daughters genetic clinical healing and our kids are potentially destroying their after the obviously. All right near here here's the question in this circumstance. Is the already colleges. Very good looking. No I mean she's. Sheer fun play out in their mind. But I thought maybe here is revenue hand because they gear heads I'm like yeah I mean I would say she and I are similarly lamented and odds are you're ardea on the cardiologists would have been like Bradley Cooper something. Oh later when he would be led marking his territory or not okay. No she was so I am pretty such as India and Anderson was like not oddly glance are you. It's nice there's one example OK but that's an emotionally charged invite him right I don't think that it's. I here's another one it's an emotionally charged situation we're closing on our house was very exciting time in Europe and Simon all the papers were at the attorney's office were in this beautiful. Old school. Marianne lots of history there old school attorney's office in ECB train depot yet really beautiful. Since this gorgeous mahogany table as shiny they give you nice tends to sign on your paperwork with all the attorneys person. Closing real turn our real turn every means they're all dressed up excited. Nearly how when you close on housing and assigned 4000. Mean the other hand hold the paperback. And bins Scion to raise your hand these city last and wants some. He in the papers keeps line dollar and I only got one. Where is currency. Being allied. I'm glad under the do you want to play I'm like yeah I did not need. And played what. OK I know this week alone is kind of pot. Silicon. Numbers we question then is you just need phone calls from women who would be willing to share stories that start wave. My husband is bad and public displays yeah. Hi I timing. Or. 40 shorter fuse takes very own nine floral and James started insistence and so view should comfortably be able to college and world for a team of six straight NTELOS. About your husband. Who is just not good at public displays of affection. And young star already forewarned. Only outward no. And my husband has just I'm timing trades PDA I like PDA. I level in his hand around. And they are restaurants are walking down the sidewalk whenever he's just. Choosing these eye and times for PDA and it just puts me the most awkward position I was saying there's one bad. Ideologies doctor's office and just happy and while we are closing on our house and I need both hands is something that paperwork sitting on some of my left in Montana signed a pregnant papers it's looking around. On the mahogany shiny pretty table at the attorney's office. The census signs on obscenity. Elaine there's not like I got another one but I mean some comfort in numbers so please call me for a short 663 on nine for one of your husband doesn't think. Listening to us and a high room and say hello to Melissa who is straining your support group thank you Melissa. I wish I were your husband is guilty of this I was down. She. Really likes to randomly. Grab my sand storm back and Alex I get a hearing where Wal-Mart or a I'm up but you'd regret. And things like now Alice now at the time. Buying power tools score and that is English I don't know how to. Sometimes you know that smiley face and the Wal-Mart news got them low low prices signed just kitchen to turn out and control issues. It could be on another time was when we are at the park with kids and you know I guess that our kids aren't old tornadoes right now for almost two and so we had to be. Hands on Smith said that they don't injure themselves and of with a broken bone whatever brightest trainer. I'm a stranger any Al Ani an all of the above so I'm laying up all there clues we should be bear. But sometimes select pull me down like planet like snuggle on the bench or he can put his ideas of how mean in my. There's other Eagles Q Sarah home. Aiming and then his reaction is always like so wounded. I saw the way he sought. I am a guy goes I can and does and they have I think pressure back I feel a little bit anti who's Tyson needs are Alec Reyes maximum money like I was the most awkward timing or pressure shopping. And I don't feel my butt off right now huh I got and I think your stranger say. You can log on to the showdown. Think you know yes I play and live demolish them. And I am a little exactly and I don't want them and we can be in Gresham are. And weakness led backlighting beauty and it's like a lucky you know. He did pretty idiot women and little big game and Jim Nesbitt and we've been able. I. Paul Hudson. And these are current system should scores like love. Isn't happening right now why are doing as. Kelly and you you're the last I'll and that's what we'll do you have generally. Unless I hadn't ended. Mike but why tank and Ito didn't public and one day I was at Wal-Mart would and then tee it up and walk back he would order but on this case. Probably tell this is going. On the side apparently you didn't know her and I joined the yeah lobster on the bottom Medina and luckily he didn't hit back I haven't done it as much and now. There. It's like a baseball player again. It address. He doesn't view it differently it's it. Pocket and kind of startled me and at home and this sport lady. Tell me tell you what her reaction was yeah. We have seen with a mortified that he was and he you'd like you know I'll watch you know I'm not life. Yeah that they. Took yeah yeah yeah obviously like that that's. Yeah Google TV will allow won't say that for grant isn't a warning yes so why he needs and real and a little apps. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.