Weird Food Combinations

Thursday, June 23rd


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Jeff and didn't show this show needs he'll join the conversation. At 4047. 400 on sorry my whole life. That Burger King announced yesterday that they are gonna add a new item to the menu that's going to be cheetah is stuffed with macaroni and cheese. How do you have that. Get macaroni cheese incited Tito it seems to small. When your burger king and do things that rescue teams didn't make extra big cheetah is. My extra big cheers and and stuff and so would be like crunching them outside. With that dusty powder that gets on your fingers. Orange delicious snacks and the neat stuff that. With a soft warm Mac and cheese at just round pick Ted. National supersize cheetah to do that. He Jill thanks for hole nine. We're cheer on this or that topic is this the the phone calls were looking for people who can give us. Food combinations. It's sound it's disgusting. On paper when you speak. That are delicious and a 404741. And 9400. When he got. And I have a lot of craftsmen. And icy water and my island milk. Satellite note French team well I mean a panic. Green for hours but I wouldn't eat cereal by. Did avoid the water and I am. Planning for now and I still didn't. At its. What sort of serial near east. Did I. I mean any any kind of like feminist and true live whenever I call it plotting. Did you cold water warm water room temp. And I hit it out of the front and effort they're. So cold cynical. Cold water serial. I couldn't read you have to do it too much milk. It's got to be more milk and cereal bowl I will do less milk because I can't stand to lose the crunch my. It's not and I wills and keep this here on the team wants to about four mormons platform of the Marseilles on approach again on the note can you box of cereal and one breakfast and that happens a strategy to Syria isn't there. Lou cain's annoy yeah welcome to the jet engine (%expletive) what he sure food combination it's gonna discuss this week. I went. I let it. Adding Ritz Crackers lit. Cream cheese and Apatow. And slams are all actually sent it gently as I secret ingredients IE. We'll use as very. Program very gently and cheeseburger. Normal soak. Raspberry jelly. I'm very gently with like eight in Denver does it rate for this program is very gently and scrambled eggs. Trust me well especially if frosts me. Especially if there's she's involved close Augustine. Eggs and raspberry jam like at the seeds in that you can still see it yet. Yeah. Trust me that before you make I'm reading the amateurs final full. Year raised me and. I'm the favorite person in the sweet I think it threw me off christened Carter's though welcome to the jet engine ship. I think roses out. I don't. Well at school I had a really good friend at the into weird case. Should they. All know and it sounds horrible. But. Yet. Brett. Just regular red. White. Red white bread. Did not and our students out there you kind of right now the generic one at the supermarket it's as white bread on it yeah couple days old on nine cent and gotten. So I creamy crunchy peanut. Creamy peanut butter and tuna fish yet. All. Hungary fifty app path starving college kids. Or stoned out your mind. And I TA officials common theme Lee welcome to the channel. What are you would discuss. What recipe can you discuss with you swear is delicious. Chocolate would. It's. Mixed but there. Yet it happened in an accident. Cafeteria line I think that by side. And just put them together and that the so now you regularly. At that that. All the what are we just said he Cassie what are the proportions that is at 50505050. Chocolate Budinger. And the how kick it. That texture on when to like this move wedding and then. Well. Really it's gross. Appreciate it now we know it Indian accent Evan glass beacons and carelessness on estimates include Tori yeah here's some here's some snacks and Julie's. There. Warm weather warning we artsy. You'd. So blatant cheap murder were barking so barker incurring down. I it is a nominal. And in trying to quote. It by. So both. Are Christie Dan yeah during the match but it's that. He's got. Or so we're an army on. Are at this phenomenal odds. Columns from my Sandy Springs is is it that I. They are able you are an award winner with this combination that damage saying that correctly. It's. And the contacts with peanut butter tank I think that his keynote but and it needs are and Manny. And may have some may have get that little bit detained yes. Yeah. How how old Arabia. And you are BHF when you and make fantastic recipes or media. Again I'd vote it's neat how that man needs champions and I'm going to shock a lot of people in this. Sentenced them about one. I'd like you to. I hope so listen to Asia. Height. The only human on the planet. Is Anderson. Burglar shot. Him. This race. Is Jesse James shelves are eighty or one.