#WeddingProblems Round II

Thursday, October 20th


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Thanks for early enough yeah. Our suit and you explain hash tag girl problems yeah. This is so much fun so when you've got to grow problem UN tweed it and a little witty things to say about it do hash tag problems. And I don't understand all the things that go on and our mind every day the routines we have to follow the things we think about the complexities. Of being a woman and so we put together and have Jeff read them as if he's ago. Ashton got problems and it's one of our favorite things. Only thing in my theater like Harry enclose the wedding but I did that do this still. And sure enough as tech wedding problems is a thing it is a thing in greens hit two there's a couple. All of that I found art at the guys saying in my house tackling problems that now. The brides on third and I mean it's pretty funny and I hate to laugh and I'm not days or anything I don't know that treat pain. But somehow this I only think you know. It. That brings us into the world of lat. Alley and Jeff are really going through right now I'm going to do one lead you would see him looking through these right now and he is. Smiling like Alia that from Israel and her husband he's. Days I hash tag I'm only half as fast and easily when you're in the girl problems and death that he. In his shoulders Iran any changes is only some excited if CNET passion I'm listening to. Knowingly and that's maybe on line. Right. It's amusing. My maid of honor back how vote. I should be so mad that's when that's me I have to take part I think. How to cause I definitely silence that we do your best friend. The one simple phrase quote. That's my wedding day as well. In new. As. I sent a named. I'm on the right there. When you address the invited to people the RSVP it means to you people. And they respond adding their case. Hash tag letting problems. Hash tag Nokia. Has tagged. In his past pounds a year and a half an. The exit saying. If I had a nickel for every piece of advice I was giving I'd actually be able to go for the wedding I want hatched Agilent. On this happiness within months. When somebody sends back a response cards saying they can't. But don't include their name on the time. Hash tag are you serious as isn't that complicated. I take on the ground. And has to do art it. I actually think I remember. Honor. Leans you as a met and our wedding planner. App I think Kelly told me that she. Recommended like coding. Back of their response cards I'm definitely numbering them they can pencil on the back in and you have a separate. Don't think it. But she said. But she for one and she's. Everything he says in. All if it's happened she's. Sleeping in my down last night because me in the new hubby were too drunk to even attempt staking out. Think it's. Has led a wedding problems at OK hang over honeymoon and I asked at one less shot each. I can't go to the wedding this weekend and playing nice to the new bride Ingraham and haven't returned my RS EP hash tag wedding drama. Why did I read the Amazon reviews on the product I was going to order because now I'm questioning everything I'm doing with my wedding and hacked it out. That is from experience. From experience. If you have an idea of trio landing. Don't know who. You guys. All the nightmare situations. Here's what people post on line. I've noticed that the Internet is sometimes are negative and so what people loved it. Is post really bad experiences. Right so if there's a thousand. Things out there and and twenty of them go back. All twenty of those people are gonna right ash terrible reviews. Of that and the other 980 who all had great experiences are just gonna write I start. Again I guarantee time. Her rates. It's just one big complaint. We'll bring you see the good reviews and it's like this product was great at that he worked for the company did you get paid to put that on that early trust it. Point. And you people not understanding more than adolescents as plus one and the invite you don't bring up plus one. I'll hash tag no your tender date income. I am proud. Past. Stuffing envelopes is that works. Actors acting people better REP and buy guns and there. Ever. Hash tag let's elope asked a credit problem. And I have no idea what's on the walked out on the child. Or did you our reception tensions. Or to leave the church. Or anything really hash tag right rounds. Was locked up you were talking so many decisions to make. Locked up at night and it has I'm not and. I just got married. Gay. I'm broke a half. Yeah. Tagged out. Hey. I'm. Saying. She did Lou I. Today. It's starting before blind.