The Wedding Proposal Dumpster Fire: An Update!

Monday, May 1st

We finally find out how the proposal went, and spoiler: Mama bear got angry.


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James show all of now. We have Kerry and hold she edit was editing. She's winning as certain days she caught us on Friday while in G have a story it's now he has so Carrey you knew she was going to wedding this weekend she's friends with the bride but she did her did a great sign. That Ed Grossman. Was gonna propose serious girlfriend spontaneously. In the middle of the wedding reception and we are all like oh no no known hole. You just you just can't do that so. So really she was again getting hard as a DU. Say anything you not say anything and we disaster to make shirts you call us today and let us know what all happens. Hi Kerry welcome back to the jet's engine share we've been anxiously awaiting your return. Ali you don't even. He didn't. Pound another Annan Annan Annan at. Let us. Show I couldn't cancel trip better out. Show it happened so at that wedding UH and a person attempted to propose their girlfriend. During the ceremony here reception or whatever. OK so yeah exactly like you guys you know you heard the story are gonna happen. You know it's now at the beautiful it's it's our. All I can tell that kind of ready troops for a lecture tour you know the church like clearly my dress him like looking at it could happen action on it but they are already and it's. Like okay this is printed leaked regular instruction at an you know I don't look at that guy and what it should it deal. Or like you have to agree. On. Nice to rebuild the grooms man who's gonna attack. It's. Yeah outside the like look at him like. You know they just happening and I thought you know OK. They're going to happen and I honestly didn't wanna Cilic and LA for the actual story better green and I went. Well we'll crede then travel. To think we feel we get to that section. And debate they mentioned it coordinates and recruitment into. You know and you're like our arms. I'm not only is he about it is it's an un prepared speech on top of that after the people who are supposed to give a speech says this is exactly keep going. The diet program that might hit it to everyone you know looked so it felt like aren't so bad. He's definitely kind of got my the national embark scheduled can only I don't call such and social media. Can't Lebanese premier advocate kind of like to eat a little. Awkward but you know he can shed or which you know seeing here is trying to run his now white she didn't realize. You know that indignant that stain the connection with the girl try to enhance her really step up in it's not the Carolina. Written than what I like chuck can't name like I bat like French Sheila that might threaten the right now. She just looks like you know the shock you know what to do. So I'm feeling bad for her in the meantime I mean I'm just like to its cultural heritage. The league credit. At that she and keep like I want. Primer won't be people that not much you need talent here and I'll get that could happen right you can have a. You know very clear so he didn't even get to chart each night. 200 burger will back them all a variety. Lately she turned and cheapest cranky person I'd tell her that she start up and turn it critic. Yeah LA you're telling him you don't fly out. Not normally they'll likely keep to the Olympic soccer. 00. Yeah the pocket or talking to her I'll play. That can't happen. She got she got disaster mama bear came out that somebody is trying to steal her baby girl's underwear. Mama bear comes out eight as Celtic was just her natural reaction just started saying no no and she couldn't they give I didn't know you are not. Acting on my wedding I. Let's play golf dog owners will understand the panic you see. Went across the room your dog squads yeah like insider and all you yeah. Hey I actually it's like what are my druthers running the syrupy yeah yeah. And her. You brought it. People really document without it it would badly it was it's like. It could be by early it was broke a few talent now and so I think the husband to manipulate. Q can actually spent so she's healing now and I mean it's so I don't know I know that woman like you to try to actually. She did not. Act like they're coached to do it then takes control and you try to lights. Don't go over to that you're ever at the group and the need to like I. A what looks like I'm at that. Age and clearly it just like looking at generic children had so. The girl who was standing up it's now gone. Can you walked out the girl who get the church and people like later on that issue that crime like I don't know I never talked or I ever soccer edge. I don't know if you that's still lever I don't know what. Like cute out. You leave well when you leave Karrie and Kelly and Jan I'm year round but if you are man did that and you knew was Ron and then lists preempted it. And then got shut down might be like I'm out. Could you sense of hair she was not a bridesmaid right she was just a gas oh okay sushi were I want you add delete yeah yeah. Oh yeah I don't know whatever it can't hurt and I mean they try to you know make adoption. You know kinda covered up there like it happened so fast like no one time that like don't you look what's happening doughnut is your hatred she kept remaining the people who shouldn't stop that. In the beginning Americans are terribly. That should enact it are but not that it. So it refreshing that kind of let time it Ito asked. I felt like in my outlook actor Arnold conflict apply. No one really want to talk much about the content to our reaction of the original picture. The track and. Don't look at them they're not doing it during cold up yet but I'm. Bryant. But I love the rings. In the middle there reception in the DJ drop the needle enclaves. You know. Think about it. Either way it would've been a dumpster fire because patty proposed and the bride back they're not knowing she would have been mad and had to hide in her entire time. And then. This happens so it's a. I I have a question did we ever find out about we EU Kerry did anyone ever find out if the groom knee who. Who. Are as if today river right out of the grim news that the grooms and was gonna do it. I honestly don't know are there other money that now I'm not much I heard a little bit my friend that he announced that habit a little bit who is he. Like when their bodies out there and their long shot so I lost I felt like EL I don't know. That is as secret you take your grave Simon if you are listening to this. Groom man and you're like crucial regular heads up that I knew this is coming the answer is now no ha. Some seem innocent at the all right thank you so much Carrey that was beautiful. As it RA thank you Mary here you Cary Mary trips to odds. If you. Dogs did bad dumpster fire rate there was the worst possible. Weddings scenario dumpster fire. Definite we move. Look at line for. Mom. Ashley Ashley and Mary had a actually had an intervention happened at a wedding that she attended on and I think it might of Ben. Her. Winning. And doctor Ashley nags. You about also sing the end Powder Springs. Thinks that there's gonna be proposed letter daughter's wedding and and she I'll still are. Tonight the stuff that happens at weddings is unreal quick reminder that. We've got your chance at 500000. Maybe a 100000 dollars happening in like twenty minutes. Yeah and Jeff and gen 100000 dollar birthday Bucs will be up for grabs at age when he. We'll announce a new birthday month. Hide a few minutes ago we heard about here you heard from Gary who was at. At a wedding swear their grooms men stood up to propose to his girlfriend's. And their mother of the bride stands heavily she yelled that it hadn't got shut out and out. So that happened. Then we get a pro golf and Ashley were gonna pick her up here in just a second who is going to top that story with something that happened in a way. At her wedding I thinks that he wants China pacing the end Powder Springs before they take up Ashley how can we help you. I didn't get a comment about the wedding issue I remember. And my daughter's killing or not however there's already you know. That her maid of honor. Her daughter's boyfriend is going to put those app but let me. And how do you feel. How do you feel about that. Okay I'll let you know it's. No gain or legal or are we ought to pay what we're heading out archery. And nobody noticed bill that would be gay yeah body. Fat model has. Calm compared to what else he. So is Cindy are you going to reach out to the maid of honors boyfriend in Disco luck. Very cool. Yeah aren't they and so I'm. He can't spend their parents aren't in the direction. To. So awkward conversation that I haven't heard that has changed its plan. Yeah I mean Cindy you go to any one of your daughter's bridesmaids and the like look you end job to do you go find that grooms men and needs on ale now. Do you how partisan. Or at least. Very arrogant and that's how I just does an immature right dead weight loss you know so I'm sorry he got security line that you look at all. I thought the marker I'll. Oh yeah students got picked it. There will be bill that will be happening. I'm Kim we'd get an invite to that I thought. That. A number I'm I've heard they do you want we're gonna put you on hold the really get your information because. Kelly she's just held up assigned show call. The boyfriend if you want and tell him just to back off Kelly chief will do that here we have. That might not that I I MM Iggy your phone number and now followed. Yeah I holed out a case and you're gonna get jammed okay I. Know it's nice you volunteer to do you think you are volunteering these assets and over. AIR guys doing it did. Yeah would that whole situation speculative reduce spin and and I. Max yeah yeah and and learning new and used our oppressor or the. Yeah he's not alone. That's a thanks rod probably your legs best in Marietta we're talking about our proposals happening. Adds wedding ceremonies payback howry and. I'm great area and it's up. If there I'm just saying to the mom of the bride if they need to hit the one at about perhaps a yeah and attempt he'll appeal to the group meant to say. Don't don't don't don't propose to your girlfriend on somebody else that it wedding day that's not special or your girl for. Right well I thank you this way in this case is that a grows Maine in Cindy's case. It's the maid of honors boyfriends. You know it's just. That's a spectacular multiple level he's even if you can appeal to him to not run the bride. Day appealed to him but it not making hit beyond its future we are very very special. I met him about it point what is more tacky proposing in a wedding. Or staging an intervention at the reception. Oh god. I. That that helps to let that stop you don't got it up about this. This third hooligans attacked Tierra. Well but let's talk that's. The tacky T era let's talk to Ashley because she was actually add a wedding. Where an intervention that took place. So late. So you had a bit of a dumpster fire happen at your wedding are awaiting you attended. I'm at my wedding reception. You've. Come and so my hut even family without telling me my husband or my actually. The Vatican gained an intervention for him my husband cousins has spent. Why it's an inner yeah just like do I get so. Like juggernaut about zone like this that he's the same type of intervention you see like on TV early sits around and as we call here and maybe it. And they huddle they huddled in the corner and I came into that very very. Similar. You got MI a good understanding amateur cook and they called him over and yeah like giving me I'm Blake what the hell like and I would like I don't know I don't now. They did this sag your wedding is. I'm still in shock do you talk to these people after you married a sweet man. He didn't they didn't say anything about it and he is livid about it we just have never talked about a ten. They are the kind of people that I don't think they would take it well and how there are. You know inconvenienced them. You're kidding gone and they are letting the nrgreen. Yeah I mean greatly had a great time you know I love them we're storm Jerry that's great glad. What I have so many. I have so many questions whose initial idea was it. I'm I didn't think it was just a collaboration a blanket cousin parent and sibling move. I gave it would really adamant they are needed to be an intervention I just didn't feel like a wedding or step. Oh not just. You wanna set when everybody's gonna try to do the Monterey now you do an inner Richmond in the same room there's an open bar. And I can definitely a good idea. All right so I'm also. Add that I really need his energy at your party. Ray ray and then everybody asking you what's going on them I didn't know at the time. When they told me they wouldn't intervention I'd like I'm not on my manly bad. How long did it hey Greg how much time at your reception was devoted. I'm luckily it like a quick intervention and then you know I didn't work so maybe that's why it was so quick but your. Car. Yeah that's why didn't work out you know they ended up you know splitting anyway and I got it don't matter but it. Yeah it's a very poorly and it's. I just so selfish of them to do that he had guys. And that's what I was thinking back now. I I don't keep to myself I'm sure they're under a hard time with all of that mean that clouded their judgment but. Yeah I hear eyes losing in the future like our knoller any thinks none of those. People are invited incorrect and asks you to all of you might of just won a gold medal for a for this segment. Wow it's like you guys it's your lover. Name. How long ago was this. I would like deer in the hands while I was thank you for sure in the charter that span bullying. And it bank. Jim the phone calls coming in about us. Things that happened at a wedding are on the wedding it is what is it about a wedding day that creates these. Dumpster fires I am the only person that I think we're gonna have time to talk to today alligator Rios phone number. As we revisit this young presenting I talked to you today. Is that one woman and and Powder Springs is on line line but says it's not a big deal to propose at a wedding she may be the only woman. In Atlantis to share their point of we'll take her out and talked to earth raid after Bruno starring before. So are in 941. I love phony and a Powder Springs you do not think it's a big deal to propose. At someone else's wedding and that's wrong right. I'm reading I'm reading that wrong right. Now you're reading your regular morning as part of the mosque. I don't understand what the big deal in hand and Lance told it's expects full took something 00 Camilo we got married it would not stop me one bit. Anyone in my wedding party have done it it wouldn't. So our. Are you. Our low key one man who begins every woman nine now loves that paid to be in her way eggs brass with the spotlight on. Friends and everybody watching her dance for their daddy then dance for their new eyes Bain and make a grand entrance at the reception are you saying that it wouldn't bother you at all if somewhere in the middle that somebody grabbed the spotlight and turn it on themselves. While they could be it can be grateful they can wait until after the first day in all of that maybe during the towel I don't see why. Coming wedding great how. Love bright yeah. Outlook so love it's love that someone wants to uphold based and shelled out loud but want I don't understand the big deal about it. That's actually. You are. There you are unicorn in a herd of horses. You don't you feel like it's stealing is seen Elway from the bride and groom. Well I don't I think. I didn't rural inspired. Someone else to be able to feel the same way they do on that day I don't need a bit of pop. How hot it got into all love to me I don't really understand that. Don't understand it I guess I don't. I know there's some women right now gonna it's our love to me too but I'm mad to know about my love spotlight on me. No idea. I get it but I don't see what you were being I don't see. The bigger and put it for me I would have been at that one bit. While our bags ceremony and a girl I have ever I. While she's. Sleep Jesse yeah. The is definitely was a got a Supreme Court the dissenting opinion yes because she is tough she is definitely in the minority with that opinion right there wow. All like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.