A Wedding Proposal Dumpster Fire

Friday, April 28th

Proposing at a wedding without the Bride knowing? This cannot end well...


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NHL all star. V.s dumpster fires segments I'm in the jet engine shadow arm. Disasters. Beautiful disasters. There we'd like to know about before. They happen. And he got dessert. Really start to catch Shannon sharing where there's some really really great dumpster present for that we thank you yes and we just got a message from suggestions and show. Family member squad member that there is a proposal going down this weekend which news. The drinking age and. Yeah I know the. Or by air biggest. It's gonna happen help wedding reception and the Bryant. Jerry. Hello. Welcome to the jet engines show how are you. Hello get married today we're very excited because you are bringing us a gift. In the form. Of a dumpster fire. He he debt and printing it out. I know this dumpster fire is about to happen. Is that what. Undersea well. Can I yeah I mean I I. Pretty shattered the basic. Likely. It. Thought that they that they act like oh wait it's speak at a man and hurt it kind of circulating interpret that French class at that. Don't know about that that the right doesn't you know really I read a lot eat into that one of the current management in need encouragement troll trying to catch. He'll let terrorist action I don't know what slower after the I don't know eat eat out but that's just what I teach the rumors have been so. I don't get a little nervous terrible tragedy. Exit and they groom his given his blessing for this. Which you like I'm thinking Arctic cold that I pray for our so I can't kind of like the telephone game each child. I I believe. Like I don't think that group and the view edit their extranet on the unit that expired but now. So this doesn't qualify as. This qualifies as it dumpster fire weekend. He has so Carrie are you good friends that the group for the bride. Brad and Sid do you really you should help current this tremors about a half hour you think that would stress her album for the wedding. I honestly I don't Tor I'm trying to get out of that I can do it like. If something happened at the plate. You know shocked. At. You know anger you gotta tell. Oh. I didn't play like. Are you know that it might public is not allowed you I can't how much pressure. I'm with the use stay out of it. Because I want Mariana Monday so yeah it's great to see you're just a pretend like you didn't hear the rumors. You're about to be I may not like I don't. I I keep them into the act and has nothing future. Uh huh okay and yet the innocent bystander of bay. No we just do that don't do that steal the thunder for what I. Stealing the thunder you guys. Is spreading though love well it's. Taking attention away from a couple of who's spending tens of thousands of dollars likely. On their wedding reception on my god why is it always about the bride and the groom on that day. That. And there. At eight I mean I knew if a friend came to me and said that and I knew then that may be out of it it's all circumstantial but if you don't know and it hasn't been talked about. Alone man that's such a bad idea it's such a bad idea. Area quick question are you the bride's maid or just a friend. I'm not annoy OK so I think that really you surf Romans lots. Oh really a panacea have several Iraq and the numbers you just knowing this grooms men and that type of person that he is. Can you please tell us that chances the likelihood that he would have a plan like this and actually try to pull it off. I mean he's. Like I don't know him well but I know liked. When they like it the bachelor party like you go into the creek until it got planned all the stuff like he a lot of like I mean that's a bachelor at age. So he is out. Outgoing person. And I keep reading a lot like totally agree that I did like how lucky that the court which you know you don't really spent a party volunteers are executed. Strictly tax. Are you back. The picture I'm dying needed. They're like he's I don't know hacking like everybody's RD and a beer anyway it's a nice and it really it's a good job by and it is just yeah I'm looking good and liquor you know regalia going to be done you guys and. He doesn't have to pay for a photographer to cover the engage part of that goes all the center site. The UN and church or something like that you don't immediately. I don't know what do you think yeah. The way he should do it is at the reception. He just needs a hidden amid all the dance floor and like clear a big circle. Get a little. In the middle of the camps run the attentions on him that's and that's how he should do it oh yeah isn't as you say you dreamliner at at a that I. As his audience should be fiancee also and the wedding. I'm very clean and again. Exists in city fiancee also in the wedding issue bridesmaid. Now I'll let it act. Okay well we definitely one of the line holding that your phone numbers so we can talk to you on Monday. Okay. It plays a wedding story and ask sir. Higher if we have ever seen this is an inferno yes. How does not say to him my bro don't do that. Thank you stop asking questions they would stop this from happening Brahms. Don't now and I Terry Holt got okay. OK I every animal they were gonna get it carries on number and doctor. And Monday morning and the jet engine joke. It. Love. I think to make this all about drama and drama. Her lead in Alpharetta are gonna show. Played out you know letting us congratulations see you thanks very tentative. So RD arm. For about ten years or so will wedding speech today here. And I wouldn't that be built more ballroom yap. Downtown street now. And should ban and opted for groom groom and during that fight after again and hearing what's called on the street gym and IE. Loose at a Wendy's and convert this just get stronger perhaps it goes. Bride and groom gaming won't yet had not it's okay. And it would you know that's never an issue you don't think anything happening it's so good everybody there's always the guests are also suffering. I don't have quite an absolute but it's wonderful. Example that's why not try and this guy got him you mean he proposed well. But he beat most awkward moment. A high. Cassidy and College Park you actually think this might be a good idea. In the wedding party eat their how we'd you know do it and while I think I'd be really sweet. Definitely think they need to let the bright Nelson maybe she can help pick out an appropriate time it has. Passion and riot in a wedding in Europe there in your white dress again is beautiful as ever learn. I can't play it. It my best friend got engaged in my wedding I would just like we'd be dumping rain and screaming and really might rattle our. I would do as Randy. What are your husband's loser fraternity Brothers and yeah yeah. Star in 941. That we're gonna wrap up this odd conversation about V. Blue eyes are tired yet that. Naymick who is Jennifer photos. To Hayes. Girlfriends. And and I us. Elizabeth L and I went south and Alyssa been an external. Yep. I would you say. Take it you can warn that bright clean bill Becker is I'm getting married in August and my journal and other all of sprung guys they were doing her wedding children catcher Kurt and I and that changed every chandeliers and not base sorry it's the path here. Tell me this is her big day you guys so much money in an issue but so much tyrant and and then somebody nice thing to have hurdle is gonna take the power completely out of her hands each teenage say yes a mile from my god it's amazing. But you don't want to you know hurting knowing that her never had the option even have that. So bad choice. It's the root I think you needed take into the bright you shouldn't do it because I'm gonna say no it's my day then she looks like us not. She's not does not this Saturday yeah your pride in that position to have to say yes or no and just a pile that one extra thing on like all the other things going on the week of their wedding you know yeah it's her wedding day just like it's gonna be your wedding day this volleys and let it be about you let it be a Malcolm Wright immigrant like don't steal. There's spotlight Jay Leno. What was your line of somebody did this at your wedding Heidi is the kindest most generous most loving person ever but there's been so much time and effort already. They are awaiting a 198 days out dated somebody tried all this crap our wedding. The affiliate that bond. Yeah there might be blood on her wedding dress. To have the dog to do this at the. Yeah. And hey zig. Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to the 01 starting before wants.