Wedding Party Veto

Tuesday, March 14th

Are you allowed to veto your partner's wedding party picks?

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I the day of and romance. Today. Support and kindness in partnership no way this is Dave Vito bridesmaid or group. Shirts yeah. Act after there's not out right party vetoes are they allowed Elam is tell. Your significant other before you get married now that person is not going to be in a wedding. Julian Carter's bell. Do you give the go if you are the bride the groom and a landing. If you get a veto you needed help somebody before they got to get that up. It does happen. This is my third day not all. You know I hope that yeah so. His best friend a fifteen years destined to be in the letting Ryan wheat. Or plan nine guy. And yet they've they're placed told Blair to go to get it. Way of what it. And while we got and the lady said I'm sorry but they've already had all of their bridal parties here and the different day. Elderly that's what time it found out. She didn't like many times. It's. He Abbey's head by association. And yes she really is still invited to the wedding. So you Lola that is not cool why didn't she lite view. I have no idea build up did he go to the wedding. I didn't not okay. Topic would you go to a wedding when your significant other now I know. A no brainer you know land bank Chicago and yet. Crazy complicated Lindsay in Atlanta. How do you dead at just the bride and a wedding or the grim in a wedding you get veto power over the other side's bridal party. Yes I EK so I'm I'm. What I had been put the group take that back a bit and I think absolutely not. Why he. Oh hurry anywhere that eight judicial anyway and that got and I. We have a woman been married twenty years that the Monica and equipment. Had a crash and I didn't know it. You could be my party. That's the real reason is she still hotter than you or have you have nights. That's my girls thank you I see nothing for your husband and they were friends. You have. There are brand and it worried school. I'll go to get and when it eat. It she. And. And you still mix it matter or does. This. If we keep view on the phone in the next sixty seconds only dolphins and dogs you clear up. I couldn't get higher and higher pitch and things are calling. I had about a woman. That group that I let it accurately predicted that awkward situation I would acted like. I'm glad Cali let me be in the wedding because I was a grams woman for just. Look at. And I've worked out but not like it's we. Well our tallies are very sick here Lindsay obviously twenty years ago well. That's in her this great at a college promised by the president fifteen down there had no clothes yeah. Mena that I'm Lindsay is very quiet. Got my make up. But I at a shore so this is what I. I have ever and it's your name yeah every 1000. What's his name. Thanks Jack for Elizabeth Jane stack things is. Not a great. I Lindsay Ichiro. I. Kelly just doesn't know that I seek really have a huge crush on me into this most messy life you have India councilmen from this is after them because everybody has. That's after. I live right in there and Endesa. ID give him veto though if you're the bride and groom and the bride or groom and a wedding. How are. Our I did. I don't sky hey can. On Chris and he told me that when it not spraying it actually I hurt. Wedding and I had. T bridal party lots. Should be quiet. Area down I don't think that. And so he was upset for you because your friend was so rude to you. Unlike. Green. Not like I'm in the car at Urlacher told a while. And she didn't tell you she was getting married the. Hello World I know I. Yeah I mean I'm within and has been and that sometimes that kind of agree with your fiance has. My feet and I Lanny QB last called you get a veto on in the wedding party. And yet I'm getting married and and the Florida and I have seen that there that you I think that my maid of honor but deep ball and I was in my added that the wedding and my oldest sister where did Katy Perry and because she is not yet engaged or married or anything. So I've really been at before our eyes and spell apple and you gonna be my maid of honor he absolutely. Not. And then he knows I can't leave like now we're gonna pick up the tab on the hit the submit. Eat like the party drink and he. Like I'm not about the ruin your day and I'm gonna have to hear about it only go to sleep at night about how much did that you had to could have been handled from the beginning. Because she's not gonna help you and you're not going to be a good mate of otter has he now. Our season filmed in the wedding. And you know you know you know who really dark out my address as. It seemed she got a little Pitt see in her real billing came out and you very ascetic in Japan picture that my sister and I both are not what they are engagement ring about the terror wedding ring. And so when I cried when mad at home about it right now and I'm not about to do with this I'm not about that had a bad night now she's not an election. While I don't disagree that the idea. Like. What happened. Yeah I've been I think your husband probably knows this relationship and probably knows that. She is just going to make you feel worse because of her jealousy and he's no matter how marriage and her sisters should be happy. He actually and a lot with that would he hit it that you like Anelka and I want that to make you feel better when you're done. You know I'll see Nolan talking about how much you don't understand why. And your relationship with your sister if you don't have her in your wedding. I and that is what my mom thought I did think he sort of analyses Matt. In the way at all. No I'm a wedding you can it's an error dumpster fires are out countered on. I don't know I think you get a lot better than anything about the drag. You know there are fond of the group met the issue that felt like my attitudes and letting my mom had a by the grant and he'll be it. And that's the Mac but things. Our about it. Arlo Levine can you hold on because this seems like a storyline we might like to follow. Did you hold on in gene's gonna get your information. It right all that Motorola going to be fine. Some might have Dina is key at it sounds are tired Dina or read how dogs or virus Lena from Powell. And a former question for Athena Athena winning is the wedding scheduled for. Well Tony it is but they'll be ordered June 45 this year. It they get three mile coastal holes it candidate dollar fee now hold on a public. Art Howe. That is going to be our own yeah that's for making this way it's Jesse James Bond star not before one.