Wedding Issues Pt 2

Monday, July 18th


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404741. Lucky or Andre. Just in general on selling. Although all. I appreciate that of. Wedding crowds worsens what we're working on for Jeff in Cali they are less than a hundred days away. I'm their wedding day and need your help for a 474019. To 400 if you got some advice form. The both specific and not just advice I have cute things you today. So one of them we've way is going to be cocktail napkins I can now have now have a conversation with county NC people. You have to deal and a I love Michael extra day one and they got a number you. Is the RSVP cards I'm line to the heavily and to be a little more read. Now how formal are your insights. Like on a scale of one to ten from really super formal tea were really casual. What would you say your invitation to her style programs. Can you at least say like I'm what happened inspection are they leaning formal verses. A formal. No Kelly's working to keep caller. I think that I think there. In there. And I Qaeda middle and doing well because there and elements of your wedding so far. There have been more formal. We hear engagement party with this beautiful. Super nice and fancy right shy counties bridal shower you know there was. As recently as. Lean to meet on to be on the themes here a formal side yes beautiful and lovely. Something if you're going that way with invitations. But both of those paper by both of those things. People who had a hand in things were friends of counties. OK so that might be more formal and. And in your wedding is in less formal setting is knocking at church right organ myriad different basement. And while this ceremony and the reception are going to be in the same event space right really cool so that leans toward nontraditional yes I'm just wondering where that. Paper falls. Pulp paper round. But I'd trying to come up with a units of the an essay and I am I yet. And so open that there needs. It's of eating okay I'll concede that dates that we sent out were in the form of a scratch yes I got that's okay beautiful. I would today. It was clever. Yet still form okay so we're formally clever is what I call a pack so Emma and now for a while in the. Inking error I thought he got. Thank you for listening and thank you for calling NB a part of it do you think I can get away with with Clinton something. More exciting than I will attend a one out of ten on the. I definitely definitely I think that would. Apple breakout personality. Bowl. And you are only so I think that would be prayer. And I will be there I'll keep. Did you use the word funny in the past times. You are our. You are currently. Okay. Like that idea then of it being like. I'll be there or hobbies where that's when. Kelly came up with. Will be their bowels in an envelope will be there Novell's. Later. And the Megan in Dallas you can pull off being formal yet but he Collins clever clever formally clever can that be done. Definitely. They're millennia buy it and we are waiting. And and we actually bit funny REP car. I wanted it just didn't pit then they'll just insults right. I just wanted to viewed the the view of formal thing and it just have the FaceBook thumbs up in the face them. And just have them check it yet but number I. It's an office in Atlanta love being. Anxious after the I think he's there or be square execute any creative ideas you have please get them to me. Right now of the creative and query is how for people to respond any. Book they would rather look at what could be entertained. And I we're gonna continue the conversation on things that dad's Jeff did you think that page yes so that any suggestions. Any creativity will be appreciated and we'll keep you posted. How can receive. My eyes there it's just usually shell. Car.