Wedding Issues

Monday, July 18th


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It's just usually shell. Well. I need women who have. Planned their weddings have gone through the wedding process and had a successful wedding to call rate now 4047419400. Because I need help. You helping to areas where they discussed went down that we'll discuss when the next rate okay countdown to Jeff's wedding date is on how long less than a hundred days of grueling nine. For anything that to hear that you created deadline today that. He's today. And we both kind of forgot about it this week and to those and they're both related to getting things to the printer and so. I have an idea. For one thing. And I need to run this bad idea. Passed some women because Cali is like now. So that's them. So that I appreciate the creativity. And I appreciate disease she appreciates everything about it which you can't do that okay what you can't do you war. The recent and has now so here's the background and once again for a 47419. Before I did hear a woman. Was planned and executed your own wedding just like other women's. Start with eat cake. We are getting married the marriage ceremony and the reception all takes place in this game built. So the wedding ceremony happens the guests on moved to a separate area of the building. And have cocktail hour cocktails are served in the in the room gets which route they need to move back to the original area. Where. The party will reception okay cool so there will obviously be. At a cocktail party cocktail napkins. And months ago we first serve playing thing I say I don't wanna spend money and stupid stuff. In the meat cocked let monogram fancy cocktail incident and it. Cocktail napkins. Monitor it's stupid things we deal with these that your drank pants do. It's a nice personal putts stupid. So I ages by the way on boxes. With a I just says let's save money and they will do other things that are cool. But that's stupid idiot that Kennedy came running joke. Throughout the whole wedding planning process that this is while moderate. Rate case. And the running. You know between now. And we have to decide what we're gonna do you with cocktail napkins. And for that plane went to monogram monogram. Simply so it seems like monumental decision but I promise you fast forward one year he won't even remember I don't. So gentlemen I give it a lease. And pales are you hey I did I'd written down my idea for the cocktail napkins okay. This is what I want printed on the cocktail napkins. And Cali is like. I think it's very creative and funny but now it's not appropriate this is. You buy it yet it's young team Jeff. Here's what it's gonna say okay this is what I wanted to say on an action it will say quote. I do not one Monica and cocktail napkins. And cocktail napkins are stupid. And quote Jeff dollar quote. Fine we will have night and talked him into at a wedding. And coach Kelly rates now dollar hash tag compromise. Well my size is. Not only on. I am excited really funny but I you Alley on. I know he's been hitting it broke Gary year. But this is going to be a cocktail napkin everyone will remember. If they take pictures of it they'll oppose it's that it's Grammy hash tag it. I think you should also have hash tag two dollars. I mean you know why you are in app in life. But flat effort in that fine line. Yeah. Likened to. You alone it'll be one of those things to talk about tape might just have irregular monogram nobody warm amber and Monica did you hear the idea. Did you hear that cat cocktail napkin idea. I didn't have any idea they had me on. I updated cocktail napkin idea is that on the napkin I will put my quote witches I do not want monogram cocktail napkins and a wedding. Monaghan cocktail that stupid and quote attributed to me that many that will say quote fine we wanna MoneyGram cocktail napkins and a wedding. And quote in there will be callies and that her quote and at the bottom it'll say hash tag compromise. That's I love it well that makes it actually I think you definitely need clock on that and I'm not either personalizing that my very very cool. Thank you very much all right so now we there three and meanwhile Eric who is it too and it's funny because. That your comedian funny funny joke funny funny representative of the year personalities fun and funny and relationships that's an island. I'll share in Atlanta laden is now. Saleh. I think it's suggestion like that I had a box that can fill in the basement I'd. There are so many Afghans now you can buy that that have assembled migraine comment. That you could save money instead of going and spinning which I don't make you happy. And it ought to make sure I'm saying happy just to get tablet that's pretty mad angry and ERD on them. And you'll have long after you married at your wedding date on the air and you can he used them when you people ever get wrapped around your ears. I avid but that what you're Todd and our yes but you learned describing the khaki cargo shorts of the napkin world think if anybody remember the now. And now one person I want memorable I want fine. Funny memorable upbeat though I'm gonna disregard share he's vote if it doesn't count non registered and unregistered. She should vote is actually really Smart for everybody else listening planning a wedding because I had I can I reverse it I would just not have. Our wedding day on there go to Justin Herman now I would have a box and I and in my basement that I can actually. Or what I need to do is he defines somebody at the same exact initials that I and they got married in the past few years. And have them go to their basement just in thirty bucks although not even now just take off hand just hate Indianapolis. Donation that's wedding problem number one solved. Let's get you wedding problem number two next guy you want to again and be creative. With the RSVP. Okay. I don't wanted to say will attained or will manage and I want it real work creative. But we'll have more fun. Lamar whimsical. But I wanted to say I will be there or I will be square something like that. 4047419400. Needs your creativity he can't let all of dollar and I checked compromise I love this crowd sourcing and letting them it's. Ratio. For a one.