We Talk to Allie about Where the Relationship is Going with Drew

Thursday, August 11th


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The Japanese game show. And still are not before one. The name of the segment is where is this relationship going. And were doing a special edition which is our new friend. Alley by Alley. Okay Alley it's been so fun to follow your story for about the last week right we've been talking to you about you know. Your friends jury I'd known about ten years and he's trying to get out and zone well. Alley doesn't know he's trying to get out but everybody else on planet earth and he's trying to get. You to confirm with Yale. Yes he wants to pursue a romantic relationships that if you say yes. You outline taking it Akron. Are you having any second guesses any doubts about doing this if you are. Do Nazis. No I'm not. That's when they'll give you some clarity to and harsher. That it's not just a comfort thing free. I mean I mean I think it is that corporate ink and I don't think that that's the only region does great then why I think that. The person that you're supposed to be malicious comforts you so I think that's part of that battle I don't think accessible read July acrobat. And you did say. That if you came across him on OKQ better and other dating site. You'd definitely match with them like you'd think you get lucky he's got a personality thing you school. So so there's that. Okay. I'm trying to decide who is more. Cowardly in this whole equation it's gamer it's you again that the whole world Alley is just saying just give them just. It are in year dream world. How does this goes today. Thanks. I can bring back to. It does it feel that how wanted it to would be like some would acknowledge. How he'd feel old and then maybe we trade. Today. All right so let's go out on a real dates you know or we know each other's intentions and dealing or whatever and Regis you know we got port. He says all right out of silly not to be like kissing my mom. Are you going to be sad. I don't know that I own that I would be Shaq depends you know worked great friend or whatever but it would be it would be frustrating because it sits. You know it seemed like I'm getting mixed signal and I've been getting a signal that you know. No matter how different street meat out playing typical. It's. It seems has. Obviously disappointing and an apt currency bets are not yet getting up early ages again. And I'm gonna advocate for the guy for a second. What if he is sending you these signals will allow noting clean air. What he's doing it so that you have the opportunity. To make the first to move does that make sense but what if he is setting you up. To not be in an uncomfortable situation now you're just flip in the script. I don't know an idea that. It will probably come across as. Weird or our security how whatever but I'd never. Edberg and the first Indians trying to girl like I just I. I don't know I just I never made it first you wanna. Because the closer we get to actually doing this the more I'm thinking that. They he's being super respectful. I giving you the power to make that decision. And I guess that's kind of what you're doing. By letting us column but still. I think he's been like super respectful. QVC that makes sense anyone. And sesame. But I also think he needs the managed. He's waiting on confirmation from Harvard she doesn't make the first name so when we make the call and say. Where's this relationship going he's going to be like oh she wants to know. But there's some gray area it's on the line I think it'll be good is going to be the nudge. He needs but it won't be heard doing. Makes sense. He. All right let's just get it out anyway that is ripped the band got. I we're gonna put you on hold we're gonna play once on you'll come back in three minutes we will make the phone call huge grew. You don't get to talk to them you just get to listen and why are on hold and then walk come back and we'll see how your gear and can. I'd don't hang up on us we know where to find. A asking true where is this relationship this relationship. Where is this relationship going in three minutes on the jet engine shows start before one. Jesse James Giles. Sons are not before one.