We See You Trollin

Thursday, August 23rd

Sometimes they are dumb and sometimes they are just plain funny!

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So are in 941. Right so here's video. Charles are everywhere right and they're saying nasty things all the time we treat change that energy around owns. By making fun of the Internet tolls you can live chat it just balances out that negative energy with some positive energy we're bringing this back isn't yes served two days ago imposed Malone was on a. Flight who's making an emergency landing. And it would tell him they were saying that they hope the plane crash. He's. Another UK it is on edge troubled us why needs. It's got mechanical problems and they have to fly around for a couple of hours in order to dump their fuel. And in hopes that they make a safe landing in the horse. Similar things like real really. I need it gave infirmities Wednesday weekends in and the radio but I'm the other person's Jackson just found those people. What they can do it themselves yet so in this period. Terrible troll people rooting interest of the energy around I guess back of stories here that. Are all from from the Internet from recently. Your job is to try to gas. What then number one troll comment ends. Can't okay right so. We go right if you wanna call up and join us on the phone you can beat just go around the room. In in thing about this when you guys. An anonymous donor has given that 100 dollars to every teacher in a school district. 243. Teachers how cool thing because of 141300. Dollar donation. And I came through the yeah a board of education or whatever. As Wendy nations they give 100 dollar build every single teacher before as sort of a school here. Because we know they did in their own pockets for school expenses school supplies up and out here. Somehow. Win that story was written. Somehow somebody found a flake of negativity. Somebody strolled a donation so that every teacher in school district could give a hundred dollars for school supplies again Asian Q teachers how is of apostle could benefit teachers and students. Through this gold district. Anyone. Who's got the troll comment. And I think that had troll it's a oh great you just gave my hundred dollars are gonna do whatever they want Marshal these teachers go to a bar and waste that money. That's productivity of our teacher and yeah Alan attained. Loose. You know what they had three months I'll sneak and money for all of those supply. And it's kind of at least her. They announced that you and I love I think I gotta go with now. Wait you know what you really should've done you really should spend that money. I'm changing policy and changing their salaries to begin. Not just giving them a hundred dollars what's that Kennedy. I can tell you can. Event in one have you is rights. OK and I will tell you which one of you Israeli raid after Taylor Swift and also I gonna share a news story about a homeless dog. They found shelter. I draw lows this time hater Helmand. Yeah. They Jeff finch and shall. We've seen show. Eight hey. All FaceBook trying to pull the men. I choose. FaceBook trying to post them. Because. Nasty. GM does negative Internet Charles viral last seen that there are ridiculous and let's see if you can predict what the troll said all these little news story. Yeah I story number one there was a time person donated 100 dollars to every single teacher dean as school district that's a 143 teachers. It's a 141300. Dollar donation. Give it to him just before the senate is going is that hey this house I was supplies. What have you I'll end here is a master troll always your gas Jen my guess why is somebody wrote Lanny just their salaries in the first place they don't need to Pannemon Jeanne you suggest David. They have treatments I offer summer and they should have been doing something married beat out of them any of that please be OK Kelly she's. First off I love your troll boys playing. After that Israel nice. I'm just light on why would you give teachers is a hundred dollars cash sticking to what ever they want to who knows that actually I'm school supplies probably on par. J.'s widow weighing. Like they need to go to a bar. Owner would agree with that. Yet that's and have the exact same words world the same spirit was is that that teachers how to if you give them just on it has cash. They can spend on whatever they like who should be in the form of gift card or the actual supply yeah. You know to prevent teachers from stealing. Come and I sorry you ever heard to those who there's guys in a gas station parking lot easy is it that a guy walking across the parking lot. Is about 375. Years old. This guy can't. Did you shuffle shuffle shuffle Benny sees another younger man come out to try to help him. Get across the busy cardinal out and win the guide is a move any faster he was support he picks them up and carries into his car. Our whole thing is witness. By a person who snapped a picture and wrote a phase proposed saying people are good yeah I'll live with this guy did for this old man. Who can get across the parking lot. They should goes viral the trolls come out why is that number one troll comment. Jane. You know that kid is risking a serious lawsuit by picking up an old man if you dropped him and he broke one of his bones this whole thing that's. Fellow dime. I gotta I gotta I got having if you really wanted to be kind he would have gotten the man a wheelchair and handicapped accessible car. And he would have made sure that he could drive that everywhere he needed to GAAP. These are of that vote vote neither of those for the top one but there's are both in the town yeah. Thank you might have the top line yes. Why can't waste his energy at hearing this man all across a parking lot because it just gotten his car and driven in over. That's a good note now is that they're JP got one. You said the guy was like 335 years old are you so if you see the picture I mean he's IJ users to easily for me is make eyes. How about a comment is worst episode of Walking Dead ever all. Well elder abuse is a real thing it's basically take this picture but do you know that man wasn't being kidnapped armed warehouse people the 800%. There and hopefully we are not leaving this. ID DDD. Out. Pages of troll comment I had bank these I hear today when. This happens. In in the dead of winks her. When a bus driver was cruising around and I his or her route in sees adopt a dog no collar outside shivering in the cold. And pulls over in coax is the Dodd onto the bus. Is in the middle of winter storms there's virtually no passengers on the rise the guy takes his jacket a bus driver of the man the woman takes a jacking up with some honesty. God hangs out the whole time on the bus where it's warm in any gives us improved tastier shelter. But these reason it's going viral now is because there's surveillance videos. On the buys and somebody came across state imposed it in that look every bus driver and how much they care for animals. And it somebody troll that I also got this spring yet what if there was someone with severe allergies on that. So I don't believe that had solid com line. I listen let's. Let's do one more in this and Janice is gonna hit you rated feel whole and I'd there's a woman who is 74 years old it age eight. She was taken out of school to work for her family out she is I'm able to read or write but she was able to manage through life. She loves to call her friends and family every morning. Bites she can't look up their phone numbers on the Internet or even in our old school phone about leakage can't read or write. So for twenty years everytime her grants and comes and visits. He writes down the phone numbers nice and big the numbers if you find him on the found. In vain in the same no but he's been using for twenty years he draws a picture. Of something representing. The person that she wants to call. So let him live pictures that they showed in the in the face opposed there's a drawing of a hospital with one of those red for the first aid crosses. Like if it was you mean there may be trying of a couple of cats because we know she means the crazy cat lady. Jan for you it might be a drawing of it a couple of eggs cooking and a grow because. You work in the morning you love to cut Kelly she's it would just be a big crowd of man. JPB apparent bare feet. So he gave her ass hole yes to a number sedition how to read names you just had to know the symbol he's been using the same no vote for twenty years. So you can flip through this no but concedes you decades of drawings. So estimated a picture of all the little illustrations and who the people war. Instead look at this great great great grandson eighteen carries grandmother and then a natural. And I got no great guys hey I. I and it is adorable but natural would definitely say it's a can't when he years coming this found what she could all learn how to read that time. You really do have a neutral when I control on so hard yeah. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.