We See You Trollin' 2.0: This Time, It's Personal

Wednesday, May 17th

Put on your hater hats!

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jessie. Welcome to the show we're so glad to have you witnessed this morning. We are going to all play a game of we see you troll in which is where we. I Scherer I will share the half headline that I've found and social media and we all try to guess. What awful thing. Comes up is the first comment under this good headline Kelly geez you're gonna go first solo. And and because we got trolls yesterday. And will explain what story we talked about the got a stroll. You have to try to guess what this evil persons and that you item play along and put on your hader hat. Choate. Eight hey. FaceBook trying to pull them. I'd shoot. FaceBook and trying to. Nasty. I carried she's you have first and yesterday I shared with you guys a story. Out of Gainesville. About a photograph that was shared. After a car accident. And vet and had fatalities surged to two young women read. Young women and two women and a baby and baby were killed in this tragic car accident. But there is a beautiful photograph. That was taken they did that shows what appears to be a beam of light. Coming out of a cloud if you look closely it almost looks like there's or herbs in that beam of light I would definitely like there's a war and people are calling it. Like in stairway to heaven. Yeah half the way to the half way to have him via and it's just this chance photographs that happen and of a person stuck in traffic. Behind the accident. Tell us why you think somebody would troll that posts on our face at age. Times jerks as a Molina like spiritual religious types who would say. A mom. Now Pakistani army mean about this to that picture with so many moving so we've got to slow yesterday it was beautiful Rihanna are lists. A a days of the rise and you are it was a comment on our face again. As Sunday's they prize that you guys are stupid that's cool clearly our reflection and the wind chill there's no such things as or Jill which. Yeah good indicator that I'm not how I'm really hard to come out and her how closely as Eugene. Not pretentious enough how close cousin and not enough. Conceding you have to read a comment that comes and right before that us out right before this I hope nobody trolls this and then the iron. OK good. And come then the comment. By troll he thinking that this picture is definitely modify it. It is terrible that the surviving family has to go through such a thing but for the picture of the site where this tragedy happened to be obviously edited. Is disrespectful to the families. Mark. Heard they have to see this speculate over and over across the Internet for the sake of good god delusion. While I am Ali. Feeling better bribe them come birds out more and now. Oh the lord. How much all I all trolls yup which you don't believing. That it's modified fine with me not everyone's religious makes sense but. Should just be a jerk about it and to say that it doesn't bring comfort and that it's that thing and then they go on to say they believe it's an ugly publicity stunt. Which makes no sense because of someone Photoshop that they would want credit grade or they. For pizza something that didn't have eight behind it and now it does and there are like it's the real truth geared eluded bank had him. How about we just believe in what's beautiful yeah. Yeah. I so here's so we see neutral words amateurs sharing headline out social media we I'll go around the rim putting our hater hands out and try to find out why it. Our wide to the first hateful comment is time this headlines. Bo leading rates have fallen by half in the last decade according to study. The story says reports of bullying among American students back continues downturn for the past ten years and now. They have reached a new low. Anybody anybody and I birdied two out jam when he got. It's because all of those helicopter parents who just won't leave their kids a lot. Pat has and. Anybody else gave Kate as is everybody in 2017. Is soft I remember in my day when a wet she was high he set hold somebody. Being tallying Annie is because the world is full of much nerds on our all time god. Really played hard today. Bryant Jeanine got on us. I do she took brand New Orleans Hatfield Kelly's. And here here's a comment. The headline bullying rates of Bonn have fallen in half in the last decade according to study the first comment. How is this a good thing or are we about to had a are we about to have a generation of adults that doesn't know how to handle any sort of conference each and allow. Why yeah. Starbucks worker receives apology note and tip from sassy customer. The story is that a customer was it that drives through and became salty win the employee told her that they were all out of cob holders. She was kind of nasty to the guy was a pain and imminent imminent I'm felt bad and came back the next day. And I apologize for being so teams and hedges had a bad day gave him fifty bucks in the cards. All that's the case yeah. But according to a person on the Internet its negatives. What is the negative comments to a customer who is salty. Apologizing to the person she was mean and. School got this spring it. Since when America is the customer not always right it's practically in the constitution that I can be. I want I offer what I will. Mean you're a good Nader you mean you actually got part of the answer. Correct verbatim. Here. How does give us. Teams have Quezon. The customer is no longer write question mark stores don't care about service exclamation point. How to they run out of cup carriers that's like McDonald's running out of ketchup. Unacceptable. We must stop giving companies like this. Our money. Wow. You're so spot on the infield and pressed against anyone market prosumer. Is going to be the meanest mean eat it does end and as you can get a raise your hand. Oh dad has the perfect plan to cheer up a six year old sweater pants. It is a dad who had to go to school to pick up that kid who had an accident has Solder. But before he left the house use the kitchen sink but water on the front of his hands. So it looked like he also. Wet his pants just save embarrassment is for her and his oldest daughter was home at that time it took a picture of him and follow my dad of the year something's up. The picture is up with that story in the headline Dan as perfect plan to chair opposite Cheryl who wed her pants patrols say why. And what stage is it okay for a six year old not to be potty trained hash tag parenting fail and lose our high. I'll save you any god I liked it better when I saw the first time in the movie Billy Madison does anybody have any original ideas anymore. I I and that and I see Matty out. Bullet beyond mountains and I'm very. Challenging time and used up after winning the last trying to cater to. Thank talent to me very. I would just I'd do this now that the kids in the classic just gonna make them both of them and say that her dad tottering it's all messed up and yeah palaces and. I hope he followed up this joke where the real talk about how she should be embarrassed. In six years old is too old to have an accident of this type and and a father of the year. Or in need bowler of. Anything wrong. C gamers their rampant everywhere and all of them. What is apparent she hammer. I don't know I mean agent shame people into it bike cliche saying parents. And yeah and just super super critical the her mom's guilt comes from. That they came from interest. Good point for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.