We See You Trollin 10.25.16

Tuesday, October 25th


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We've queue outside my. Yeah. Resellers national code word to win. Thousand dollars on star not a formal and he is. Menu text the word menu and eat and EU to 72881 by 7:15 this morning and you could win a thousand bucks. Now we're seeing and thinking government in the switch to star 941. You're keyword is menu and eat and you antics that the seventy. 88 one's 4000 bucks this morning message battery life please don't text and Jack are you guys rate on your hater hats. Have our on our favorites segments on the jet engines show it's we see you to Roland. We see true yeah. UV OK. Well FaceBook trying to post the nasty down. Yeah. Nobody tied she's. So boo yeah these groups trying to post a nasty cat. Testy cat. I well we don't want all of the haters online it's down everybody's arguing over politics this season. You got a laugh about it right so always some of them on his idea because when you see a sweet story online heartwarming story. And somebody pose some nasty con sensual role and act as an even everybody starts responding to that meant. It is right to the top of this accident say that the algorithm works as it faced a puts it right up and sees it is nice lovely heartwarming story. And then the worst comic you've ever on something like that right up front at first and so we try to predict well we think. The nasty comment is that Kelly she's this is your version of we see you talents that you give us the story and we put on hater at so we'll try to attempt. Now what they are going to be out pretty easy Geneen is in studio the morning and answer isn't CDO. And city director JP of course he. You are here that I and I am Jenn hobby even though I sound like chili cheese and a serving out with my hand scratchy voice this morning is getting better. And better better more coffee and tea thing sounds like satellite things things turning now because this morning jet engines are killing Europe yeah. I so the first and is. This right apple people on my mom do and it says the new MacBook Pro is addicts the regular USB ports. Vote now on from wireless headphones to potential. No USB ports and then new Mac. OK so let's that was hater comment on anybody on JP. Siri how to pay 700 dollars for a major yeah I. That is so I am ahead added and I yelled at a innovator. Let's see. I Allen. Oh great so now I get to hire a twentysomething. For more than they're worth to explain and he hasn't really expensive computer and I'm really liking a millennia after. I am ready for Nader comment Manny is mangoes ha ha ha his name is Steve. Yeah I love this it's like a game of chicken apple is playing with his loyalists to see how much they can milk than a proprietary battery and adapters before they're being figured out they're being milked. Pansies. Yeah yeah. I said these other stories nominal more sentiments known as Hitler hate Mars but he has great but that's on it. Here here aha okay so there's footage of a firefighter dashing to stop the man jumping off of a bridge and in his perched on the edge of a building rails. And on and China and he's considering jumping into his death. Oh it is minor racing he stands up annie's. Failed to spotter rescue workers standing nearby who runs dash is tourism in tackles and pull them back to the village and saved his life. Amazing I know and actually that it is really got to realize we're here as you tell all these other firefighters in. Blue and then there's other like. I act. Any just aren't any say this man why it's incredible. What does the haters say I hear that I mean undermine the KGB. Yeah on. I saw that on an episode of Chicago fired after yeah. Yeah that's an animal is okay. OK Ginny you know I bet as a reason my idea that our efforts weren't doing anything that I probably broke the rules of like a rule follower I Iowa Ohio I'm. Well I can't imagine being second that traffic jammed because. Everybody did what he's saying yeah Arafat has tag traffic has checked things Obama and and Brittany Allen. Ashes yeah. I catered if I say that cater comment is another underpaid hero saving awful shuttle Adam Jones. And I. And their face and I'll stay up then I simply can't. How any man. This on my favorite I'm so this is another funny video that comes the story this little boy always won a puppy. And so he he gets a puppy in the little baby to Wallace those like a super little puppy and he can't stop crying like you literally crying just. Tears animals like smears like that's not and it appears all is running together you feel happy in human form words. Yes the titles globally camps are crying his mom's surprise them the brand new. How sweet OK tears of joy JP whose patent on the hash tag the way pacification of America I. We gonna cry about how did some. Crab net and at that. I outline our advantage mean to all those aren't dogs there's little tiny animals why would you want. Yeah I integrating yet. Why would give a boy and a dog not small he's into like toy. Yeah that's why there you have it hare parent and common OK I've got this. I'm sure that that dog was not rescued from a shelter and we should not support. The breeding of she'll allies as tag match at a batter has. Saturday as an island cat I thought I. Do you reap those. They had Gaither years hater comment again. We got up late toddler was study hearings this is not Q plus its way out of style any sitting on the floor where's he's so we're on the floor why you crying because of his new puppy. If that cute this is not a normal that's gross did this get off the floor. And all yeah tone of the mother's voice and she asks. What's the matter with my son right now. Not compassionate woman by any stretch. That probably need help. Yeah and I. I'm not an easy answer hey why yeah. Young movies look and trying to. I know that the. Nobody actually. So moved. On FaceBook trying to post and. 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