We See You Trollin'

Monday, May 15th

We got trolled today, and what better way to handle it than with another round of We See You Trollin'!


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Star in 941. I we have planned around him but we see you control and. Because. We got troll this morning power I this is where we try to predict behavior comment. Below. Typically a lovely poster funny posts are something you wouldn't think. But get all the hate so here's V situation we've put up a billboard near the new I 85. Bridge to celebrate. This new overpass. And it's a tongue and cheek joke. The bridge SA is that put the billboard above the bridge says please. No smoking. Near this range we wanted to make you if that's your commute and decent ending gala. On your way to work today. And our friend over an eleven alive without it would be funny too I thought it was funny so he shared its. Any tweet it out a picture of the billboard. And it got a hold on July aches and they've got Bonser retrieves except there's 100 person who's and trolls. I'm just kind of figured out what exactly that comment is because we all go around the room and make you guess right yep yep John figured out which is just funny. We he's seen Maria did not care for this comment. Did not care for our billboard now the easy Murray had to not care for that that they joke on our award. Please no smoking near the spread which of course obviously the first bridge. Earned sound so we're asking people might smoke and the new bridge is we don't wanted to burn down again. And let me think. How about what is she putt. I'm trying to quit smoking and this is just a reminder of how difficult it it's. The good desperate now okay. Jeanne I think you know you ice JIATNN. Is this is no laughing matter who's taken the time to make a joke possibly so serious. I know wheezing Maria I thinks that we are. Not cute she writes Matt cute jet engine and pretty tacky considering the circumstances. Insensitive. To homeless people. Are insensitive to the kids load kids who is smoking and then it was smoking crack and talent that they had aggression cart on top of the chair. Took down the biggest interstate and I'm completely decimated. Our commute are modest but we should be sensitive. Who knew his addiction but we can't make that ship this Sicily. Twenty feet further way. You do you just do it on the thing and sent attempt to be home. About her comment I can I just drove it right back and an on line with him and N. Young star ready for a one. I play along with us wherever we are listening right now. The name of the game we've seen you control. So I just making note of good stories that I find I'm social media. And a high cut and paste the and then I cut and paste the first comment which more often than not. Is so negative now it's sad that doesn't mean there's a lot of negative people. I was there but what happens is somebody posts one nasty comment that everybody how. Comments on it. Yeah in arises at the top. See you read this really really nice hard fails or is this really really laugh out loud funny story in the first comment is literally the wet part of the inner. How do we don't try to grenade to let that comment is going to be immense I sort of feeling this is JP's favorite segment he gets really really Tom Debbie likes sits on the edge of his seat does so there's that he's like bring it on I can be hate us. Let's go. And hand out and wherever you are playing along with us on TV the headline ands. A little summary of this story and then you just have to thank you your head count if I was an evil dark nasty person to. Well when I write in response to an act. Case in the first wife there's a story out of North Charleston, South Carolina. Headline it teacher provides 650. Bikes. One bite to every student in her school why. Now right this is the one paragraph of the story of Charleston, South Carolina teacher wanted to provide older students invite comment and locked. As most of them come from poor families will never have the opportunity to own their very own new bike she set up a go find me rally the community got 80000 dollars and a bite. Company actually. Gave her the vice for the media for 650 vice free thousand hours but get Molitor custom paint job and they put like an English at all. I was really really really cool. Amazing so the question is. What terrible comments came from this awesome story. Until I Geneen down. It's I than. Why would be shed light on something so great it really just means a school system sucks and the teacher has to pay for OK. Oh yeah. Why would you give advice to every kid in school obviously half of them are just gonna get sold off. See year brought me or you went to Europe and came back control. I genuinely got cooled teaches game hover boards lane did you get by. I. And sales got to shut I don't mind I had doubt though Andy's they're gonna really easy to say that 80000 dollars and put it towards education system South Carolina. Hey Kelly is Kelly is the closest so far. Yeah okay I was gonna go with or what about a bicycle pump how are they anti air anti my. Here's the here's the first count and I've asked this story. Perhaps if she spent more time teaching these kids honesty and integrity. They wouldn't need the locks. All through all. This is really to the vice with other kids still. You don't turn as. They can spend that money and something more important in my office or. Even for children to go farther than their own backyard and heard so horrible time and that's. I don't headline news hair stylist it's pretty exhausting to be that negative. Any. Because that was pays tribute to exhausted nurse who fell asleep in her chair. This is a picture that you posted on FaceBook. The hair stylists in the midwest. And she posted a picture that those are scrubs and sneakers. Of a nurse who came in to get her hair colored right is that what she was soon foils and yeah in LA and using foils in this woman's hair she fell asleep she took that picture and say god. The stories those sneakers can tell this woman just came off a thirteen hour shift and fell asleep in my chair I appreciate her dedication and hard work. Have on Mac didn't confess this week into his arm and AM firstly the hey you call yourself a hairstyle is my father did you bad were some Fisher Price citizens moves well. Oh. Would kind of nurse fall asleep with scissors nearby hash tag now miners. UAL's I don't even know my mom's an hour's time place and having a sunny. They hate our shoes like. And disadvantaged. It has nothing to do it. The calm response that this was posted last week or nurses appreciate we ourselves so maybe it's some Macy's have some better seasons roomy so tired. Wait I got it on. This is what's wrong with the health care system today has checked thanks Obama. Nice to know that quote professionals. And quote charged with keeping us alive would rather get a haircut and rest up for their next work. Are you could fit inside. An hour shift and she dressing up because she fell asleep. On their Sylvain on an outreach. Here's the headline Amazon to include homeless shelter inside they're new headquarters. The story. This Amazon though they won't just be the home of the best online chat and company also be sheltered it 200 homeless women children and families. The company announced this week that they will be dedicating 47000 square feet of the new buildings to Mary's place it's an organization that ran several homeless shelters and Washington. How possibly. Is that negative and I guarantee you know I don't know if you'll. I have nothing anybody. So how about. I'm. Instead of giving him a place to Shaq got for free have a giving him a job making them work far. That's kinda close. Meaning yeah. I don't know and gone payback on Jen I think they're gonna say some that amount is in any human job and so all the free Amazon suffered yet. That's right to the brainy three nurseries suddenly homeless shelter Michigan at least preached free crime has she is tossed about so. Nothing some corporate America. Our own government sense why you blighted businesses have either want to help out. Headline Amazon to include homeless shelter inside new building first comment. Mark my words these guests will soon be slave labor this isn't an act of love it's an act of economics are. Usually in my job unless jab that high finish our. Yeah yeah. What are they go hey if I had Emanuel and this last one into local story I told you about this last week it's an officer. Who was. Are confronting a young girl twelve year old girl a Family Dollar store she was taken I think a three dollar bearish news and put him in Oxford shirts to sneak out of the store with them and that that that dollar store Family Dollar employee stock Terrence and your chaplains they had to call the police. The cops say is. Find tops of the girl finds out that she was stealing those shoes for her younger sister is younger sister didn't have shoes. The cavs has let me give you a ride home sees this family. Struggling. Living in that house with no furniture. To mattresses for all the kids mom and dad dads actually out of state working because he couldn't find a job locally and it would be less cost effective for mom to get a baby sitter. There would be to get a job right so she couldn't financially to. Maybe for child care and getting get a job that you are high for so he buys small pieces and so it is. And name it collects other clothing sizes and makes a list posted on the a city of Atlanta police department website. To try to tracks left out the spam and that's the story so sweet science and compassionate officer the headlines instead of punishing girl for stealing copper helps her out. Cool tell somebody steals and your ceiling you not only a free stuff religiosity at pizza and soda. I think the real message is being lost the dollar store selling sneakers for three dollars and I don't. Announced yeah opening comment means. Love did. Leave the. If this family was going to get one good meal that week include should be something a little more nutritious low end takeout pizza and soda. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.