We See You Trollin 09.15.16

Thursday, September 15th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all and now. Easy joke okay. He needs hey Karl FaceBook trying to pull the nasty stuff. I. Nobody tied cheese. So who booed. Off tees rookie trying to post a nasty cat. Speak about a book that. Nasty path I'm on the. This new favorite game jet engine shadow it's we see each well. Here is how it works or Britney is gonna join us today hey Ricky. Are you ready and I knew later that I had. I have bad guys later. It out it is going to work producer Kelly she is going to present to us. Opponents. Just luckily our actual or something that you can't imagine posting. And negative comment on and we're all gonna try to guess what the first cater Internet troll comment is because. Because of the well wishers online everybody replies to the hater which makes it a more important posts which puts different jobs always read these really nice stories you know then the first comment isn't in just terrible all. So anyway we're gonna try to. Pretend to be Charles eight states aren't right now she's the floor it's yo RIL blitzer hater ad you know as I think Matt and I. Every fan I guess that's a good at and they said this suns listens as. The headline is the is this adorable little girl used nail polish to paint her Barbie and tries to convince her dad that Barbie told her to deal. And cute little video. So adorable she tries on a hundred times like army told me to. What is they cater commons and irate than hater comet has got to V. Did you think you know possibly toxic it's. Going. To have its hat on him like that JV what are you that. It's 116. Girls can be more than Jews are. Shortcut in the kitchen and power that's picking your kid why I RA and and and ready. On Imus is long lines at. It's as he's eight talk. Are there were so many comments like that by the number one troll comment. Why does the child that is not even potty train even have access to nail polish. How the father all along with the child lying and not address this issue this is not cute on any level. And I love this game him and that is currently the man who. I already had an excellent. I manned saves them money thirteen many years to by ambulance or homeless pets. Yet this man save money for ten years. It looks like a van essentially what it's an ambulance and he goes on and rescues homeless pets and injured pets off the side of Iraq. I interned Britney with him on which. I'm just say that if they like oh what you spend money on pets weddings and on people. At. Was it enough. OK JP may be that pets wanna stay outdoors and don't wanted to rest yeah. They wanted to live in their natural habitat. And well maybe if we had a different read it and we he wouldn't have to raise money for ten years to do yeah back. And so I'm not. The other stroll in hard to ask it again Britney you're really close though the patrol says. How it's supposed to work out bird dogs seriously he wasted ten years buying an ambulance for dogs. Why didn't you look for homeless human beings who sleep like dogs on the red this is the load disgusting. And Rowell. Our attack more I don't want our party guys are here's that line. Woman donates her kidney to a total stranger and then gives him her heart they end of getting married. And donate it this man's she meets and they all month and then she gives him her art in mayor. OK. Can now they know who. Debut when you have. Sounds like Hannibal Lecter what was not a state beaten. 82 others lied in that have dancing with them part of being such. A and timber and I'm gonna say that and you're like oh like pints and out the other way and other way like actually that she and I. Bring your kids crawl back. I want them Heisman runner. Lag and thin. Charles says I hope she doesn't want the kidney back after they get divorce death that she get her Marion total stranger. Yeah. All wearable. Mobile all you. Jesse James Giles yeah tons dollar and 841.