We See You Trollin'

Friday, March 24th

Some people kinda suck, so sometimes we like put on our hater-hats to out-troll the trolls

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Made me. Ladies who are trying to pull them. I'd shoot. FaceBook and trying to. Nasty. We see you troll and it is where we'd states stories that appear on the Internet FaceBook. And how are we trying to guess what there's tough comment is because unfortunately. What happens is so we always makes a nasty down so we always makes a negative comments. About. A good story of is these are happy stories. But the Debbie downer out there. Post something about it and then all kinds of people reply to it and then when people replied you had to pushes up to the tackle the top of the stack so you see this beautiful story at the at the top. In game down below way it is is terrible comment. So. The first wine is one that I took our earlier this week because they think the 21. Is on the world Down's syndrome awareness day OK so there is a very sweet story Vick had shared on that day. It says it need insist he's the headline is teen with Down syndrome. Shocked. Win friends use his door Rios. To ask her to the problem. Okay and so this is so sweet and fans saw this story so sweet as a sweet it was her older brother's best friend right and astronaut. And the story got shared a lot and Tuesday because it was world Down syndrome awareness day white. Negativity. Could come from a young man. Reaching out to provide something special for for a young lady adds the it's most. Perfect time of year if you are a school. Okay I've got to bring it. Why world with this young men used to read those those things are discussed and they are filled with all kinds of processed chemicals. Not very healthy hash tag stupid hash tag organic. Do you who are shockingly close. Shot. And I'm not but I had some closures going to be Geneen modes going to be how could he break the broke couldn't go for his best friend sister. Oh my god. I generate wind the good hader. And what we thank. Something simple like. Three does bro really have you heard of flowers or jocular or anything else. Yeah and how can you apps puppy through stated that seriously any. With all the health problem. Teen age obesity. Why are we promoting two students using snack food or something like. So your cap and your editorial comment. Well because it's answered in that this story too because it was like her favorite snack and it meant a lot to her right well a according to this face patrol. We should have used this opportunity. To help educate her in the rest of the world about carrots dipped in comments. Yes thanks Obama effect yeah I. I here's wind that we actually talked about kindness I'm Irish. Okay. High school students start a lunch club so no one eats alone. What is the number one troll comments on that straight if you missed. We we played some audio that everybody crying and last week about a group of students buried them divot the most popular student. At a high school in Florida. They created an organization that would would say that they would eat lunch early and then they just walk around during lunch and they sit next to kids or eating alone. Because they don't want anybody to feel left out but I got it. Bring it. This is just another way of the popular kids to get more popular now they really. And. And you think your hitter pat on titans fan and now. The the number one minute press the number one comment and that is am I the only one who believes that they are not doing this for. The benefit of the students there helping but rather as a way to us to showcase their superiority. Obviously I remember I. Hopefully all backing her hold troll the press and. If you're hungry don't go look up this article but it's from the AG CNN's. Here's a sneak peek of the food at suntrust are. And then it's a showcase. All the delicious dining options that we will have at suntrust park and the battery. Okay what can he say negative about food. I think I got it. Okay. You know what it. That's all great and all the third put in all the restaurants that have been there but it's probably gonna cost 45 dollars for a taco match. Right oh wait I got lined up. You should ever eat at a baseball game is a hot dog hash tag all mayor can ash tag thinks Obama. The impact of have what did you mean I think it'll catered out. She used a bomber hater aid I'm. So good about how it. This entire stadium is annoying and the construction the pain so like if it's not even worth and it's all crafted it not how awesome I will tell you that what have you it nailed it. They. Is that educator and Graham Jenn hobby. Hey it says. Wayne did America's pastime become about decadent food and unhealthy treats hot dog and a beer or a Coke. Is all anyone needs can we just focus on baseball and that hum. Unopposed and. He gives a good hitters. Nicely done. If you look we can open championship the Arizona where NATO and he didn't. On starting now before wants.