We Haven't Talked Since the Wedding

Tuesday, May 2nd

Did someone's wedding ever totally ruin a friendship?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Maybe. We won't get any phone calls. But based time it deep throws it to go hunt goes signings. And analysis of Rachel and key share a kind I have an idea. So you guys can just to weigh in on whether or not you're figuring your phone calls a guy who. If we put this question out there on the the last time we spoke. Was the wedding day. And people's com fill in the blanks would we get phone calls are seriously half minus. Yeah I was and a wedding and I am not spoken to the pride since her wedding and all right here's our real number. 404263094. Line. If you have not spoken. Since the wedding day we wanna hear that story can achieve your first. Yeah now my one I'm former best friends is on a first girls on that animate to Atlanta. We worked together in the standings on I mean we were inseparable for. About four years and she dated this guy the entire time that I known or their break it up often on they lived in an arm and out there's a really toxic couple. And when you know they decided to get married. And all of us that six is every play and all of us have had Alex for intervention IQ probably shouldn't do this unless you can go like a year without breaking that made up. But don't try to say is that's it does away your early show of works announce you on Marion to then I'm your friend and I'll just be here for you. Yes maybe a bridesmaid. They did a destination weddings so you repaid for like although. Address and and bachelor party not that on top of a destination wedding. Shouldn't take care any thing like that receptions rehearsal dinner thing we all paid for. I have from the moment it started from the moment it started I knew I was like. This is not a good idea claimed the week of the wedding we all went down on Florida had to hang out together and all of us including the brides and grooms family. Or like having interventions with them up until really the night before the wedding saying you probably shouldn't do this. And then the day of the wedding was paid disaster or from like the hair and makeup ladies would now work with us because the bride was such. Of mean are all fair and the cup series where you are on the years there's itself editing area. That's the good times. You met them like his grandparents had a beautiful Condo they let us get ready and she came and screaming at them because she is four hours late everybody sitting on the beach you've got seven year old sitting in the sun like. We let them come upstairs back in the Condo and she's bullet because they saw her and her dress shoes taken shots particular issues hammer lock in on the aisle oh scatter M I brought a date down there with me. And he was like I I cannot believe what we're watching on this could be a book this Gilliam movie. And I'm not literally spoken one word to her Simpson and they got divorced within like six months shocker it was terrible it was so terrible. I have 404. 2630941. That will look for others that trauma as a lit up a wonder if you could put a price tag on my dumpster fire. I Jaffna. As fans for a Ford she's 63094. Line. We have not spoken since the wedding day. On those are part of the phone calls that we wanna take them will take them and next. Then she I'll it's. Our shoreline. Larry you know yet how are you do. And it who have you spoken to you since the wedding day. Well. I the past and the mind and I attacked and I was younger. And others in my lighting and had a smaller letting us at the stairs Jeremiah my bike made it's and she is. She showed up to highlight it at one another friend they had already been think crackberry. Haven't foreign riding out. And that we had are out RD laid out in the barn in my patio. And she found it in the Arctic and brought it in drank it bearing out. It was she a bridesmaid or guest. Edit yeah so you're looking you're looking out around your gas and she's like Sweden from a liquor bottle. I didn't even know about it until after the fact I had my fiance side of the Amelie tell me about it. I'm bound her since she embarrass you on your wedding day. And that's did you tell you weren't gonna talk to her anymore you just kind of jobs. Well I how I kind of talked a little bit after that. And then it came up quite like how much you got let you know but you know I and I think that's funny the more the anymore. And they're just like at that point in our our friendship where it kind of an hour. And. At a college at the last dollar and finally after you get out and hang out and didn't really get the hand elegant really interested anymore. Experimented in the bike you know are kind of in different places there like I now it's typically been quite our friendship and I hope you know I would hear about are but. I did something that story any credit. And bow tie back. Yes and no growth friends yeah exactly Stacy NN Atlanta area who have you not spoken to you since the wedding day. So I went I don't but the girl starting freshman year of high school where are and all the way up the art twenty. And I was in her wedding and I have not condemn her and that they act that I do her at her wedding why why. I don't know even didn't like the a couple of years she had a eighty. Yeah that can really do it better they get it thank you card I have not verbally but it hurt. Spent. The KG I guess I don't. The czar. And yeah yes it. Only your mind when you think about it I mean it is possible because you ask somebody to be a bridesmaids and eat them a year before the wedding delays can change a lot in that year seek you have somebody in your wedding the year's. Run around trying to help out pace error in Atlanta welcome to the show. Ariel Garrett who have you not spoken to you since the wedding day. I do with a coworker who may be a bridesmaid at her wedding and I'm abiding and that's not happening because agree on the left that in the morning. No moon no proposal okay. Yeah but there are a lot of I would bet that that might pop and it was bent of the Stanley are really support and then it was about a chase changed ahead. And after about so they've it was too late to do the date of the wedding and it still basically I had party turned their attention to everything went paid for and get their money back. They've got to take advantage of an open bar and a nanny and go for it. Yeah pretty much. But I did did did you read that she didn't return a wedding guests. Yeah. Told you can't do. So you. Say you have to talk shows CNN. Habits we are they've spent so much it probably vent leading up to let them track I think in August but that. Well I think that didn't happen though she got to that let's return to think it. Notes you know thank you salary and move that is you know I don't think. Big diet is for making this way it's Jesse James Bond star not before one.