Watch Out JP: Are Couple Tattoos Cursed? Part 3

Friday, March 24th

Jenn thinks getting matching tattoos dooms your relationship


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. James trying to save JP's marriage. Here's my friends we all the time trying to save you. I love you and Heidi together I mean these guys are fabulous couple your head over heels in love but if you get a matching tattoo you're gonna break up and let curse we've. We did just silly talk. JB we did get an overwhelming number of calls agreeing with you and sing song. So much so that now we have just moved time. To the amount of time between getting yanked and breaking up. Hey mark in Griffin while candidate yeah. And day out. Yeah so that girl about five years and my sister was dating a tattoo artists. They've both got their names that you don't each other and maybe six months later they broke up so you got thoroughly. Hours that didn't exactly. Doubt in my we are. Our goal and it. We talked about it matches that you debate. Art each other banks but you don't know what it is an. Anti just trying to talk you out of there as no surprise pick are whether it. So that check that add to. Artists who broke up with your sister was like don't do it was like don't do it because it betters itself how much time after you got her tattoo. It fits your view break up. You lose probably three months three months it really exactly what I found out that she was cheating on me. Or a couple years. She was cheating on you because she knew you're gonna get their tips. I tracing can how much time passed. After the tenth tee you appeared and the breakup happened. Okay actually implement a lot had been married for ten years eight are back in. About it and every yet she won it after I can't think actually she started at it as a shot at at the at and she knew they would not at. Who me. Look at. That's things worse than attached to one month aren't they got that is a total curse it's easy you don't watch Heidi with your best buddy tingle yet. Don't thank you for. I've talked the other that's gonna give you nightmares for. Dave's employer warning parents keep out of the tattoo parlor who's gonna have the worst nightmares over that not a JP or hiding. IRA chilling Dawson bell how much time between the ink and the breakup. I'm amazed at my best friend and her voice are like together her having your gap. And got the Larry love lasts forever yeah actually I called upon. They broke up nearly two weeks today. Two week two weeks after the tattooed a tank you know. Chastity and Griffin how long it was the relationship before the taxi happened. At center here seven yearlong relationship and that is this you were talking about. It and I this year the story. Dad believed as I really get up 1 morning and you know and I go well we've been out drinking our parents are skirt and matching hat do you. So we gotta get matching tax years and order they were even you know lady sort eighths after Rivera got. Former. Gave NASA a bow out. Your skin is still bright pink. You know those stab ever it was aliens saddened. Now unions found out that. He won't actually cheating on me US and other mainland. Oh Mike I laughed. The champion do you see what's happening or not. Is this is gonna sting more than a tad tales is the breakup happened. Went to break there are. Love affairs with. Family members same sex love affairs happening look at the drama and it's gonna come from you getting it at Soto reached me getting a matching tattoo with. My future wife Heidi. That means either you or Heidi is gonna hook up a tangle right this. I don't even know the bigger yeah. Else should get a tap that app and not talk to me out of it while they save yourself time you both should get Steve tingles name on your part and all local poll and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.