Watch Out JP: Are Couple Tattoos Cursed? Part 2

Friday, March 24th

Jenn thinks getting matching tattoos dooms your relationship


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Star in 941 that Janice Gatti powerful theory. Well I wanna Warren JP and Heidi from making a fatal mistake to their relationship cowboy. And that's getting matching tattoos you weren't getting yet I know that it hurt you want did dirt do your relationship go it didn't match to prove to be over Cesar. And findings do you agree or disagree with Jen. I hate to disagree with Jen how are you and let. I'd be here really depend on that that kid because. I mean he may not even getting on their we have matching Jackie's. CNN involves our dog and you know we ever separated. In coaches attach a dock not actually with art and get it. See I don't like that because it's your relationship with someone else like if you are really a matching tattoo with it virtually anybody else in your life. I think your fine I union grandma and grandpa. Our mom and batter what I like I think you could get a matching tattoo with other kinds of different things that grow your CNN aside it may be. Now they do not get we gotta be over it's still love up matching tattoos of romantic matching tattoo that is a curse man. I JP what is its anti going to be that you and I wanna get. So Heidi and I started talking to each other and saying you and me bed forever and ever but that's too long to protect you. I got hurt right now and hopping down my arm and that's just gonna look like I'm trying to be like. Strike. Fighter Wright issue or an affliction shirts so yeah. Tend to that we wanna get is this going to be shorten it and say you and me. So let me be though YOURU. And magnet and me. Elegant etched into a tree and the son of a tree with a heart around it. Just more pain I don't water tower. Changes traveled back in the late sixties is fitting that after I doubling your tattooed other people what it means the generals like. If it means you may never know. What it is it could be assemble it can be a wet it's that activity matching love tattoo. Total purse is Don and Roswell in the same exactly as the JP is. And now second guessing herself Jan because of you well I'm saving your relationship Don. It's. So. A left footer what are your student plants. I. What do you attribute John. I'm well I have an Irish thinking. Getting matching get heat of our daughter. Like our daughters mean am I haven't either married for about fifteen years now we're going on sixteen compromised. And our daughter is allowed in my husband and I have any catchy and I have three and I did need to know in my marriage occurred if we get it. Are you and that net is interesting dilemma is a tricky one because it's as similar to the guy who just called about he and his. Love I mean pictures of their dog I camera Murphy's a girlfriend or wife but if it's eight. I've really kill never regret it if it's got the meaning attached to your child. Yeah I feel like I could be different. The problem I have you just posted tattoos of your daughter's name you change him up just a little bit so that they're not identical on matching. I believe. That that would improve the curse. I totally can't be my husband did any implement them first rock diet. Could we weren't thinking it may be like. In the future clay than her name and her burnt. AS so it's a one and a bit short corridor at Wright says he does circle ways and you go pink you're dead. So they won't be matching payments in its your daughter's names so it gives it a wash anyway because it's really about her not about your love for one another. I think your get out. And I think John Elliott a problem and I'm. I Don and I think you should sit down with their daughter and it in the very Syria and you should Tomasson very seriously teller. The union has been thinking of this and ask her if she's willing to get your name since. It's sad to hear and I heard a lot of. You know I didn't see but yet decorating the house after. Thanks I'm actually had a great big eight Shaun do you agree with Jan. Yeah I beer and ice I tell us about it curse matching intensity of. Well I don't have dreamed my my tribe didn't hit it it was that his wife thank. Well they got the horse within about a year that so he had it when we got married. And he didn't turn out star told him if he dealt covered up I'm Robert say I'm going to get it had to my ex president. As Britney and Lawrence OBO Greer does a dear Jen. Oh my gosh Jen a 100% I agree with you okay so I away with my now back at them like I years. I we go get attacked Q at bats excellent athlete get married. Not like a letter on my wedding ring finger in and we got our wedding date Roman numerals on the side are hand. Expense later divorced three against the city of. So that time from the first tad too timid to the breakup was how long. About. Six months I think I think that would be an interesting direction to take this and it I'll I can beat Brittany sorry to use use the example Britain. I feel bad but we're going to I if you can beat Brittany the shortest amount of time from ink. Did dine matching tattoos team total disaster big daddy get it that every match and what have you got somebody's name tattooed on your body. And if I came in one day if you and I are dating and I came in an amateur and the new this diplomacy vanished. Hartley gem written and yank lol oh as is over here. The shortest amount of time between getting ink for someone else either matching or not matching. To that relationship coming to an end. 4042630941. Will start to. At level six months and months as taxi got to be Brittany in Buford at six months. NC I'll still are.