Watch Out JP: Are Couple Tattoos Cursed? Part 1

Friday, March 24th

Jenn thinks getting matching tattoos dooms your relationship


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Star in 941. Look. Matt tattoos are only for couples who want to Duma and their relationship. It's a total Kurtz. And I have got to warned. JP and his fiancee Heidi because I overheard a conversation the other day. That there are they land before they get married and tie denied. Is to get matching tattoos and I think that that marks the end of your relationship worth recruitment leads. That's what she's thinking and I'm just warning you you gotta think before you ink and should've backed up. That's separate. And there are no way are you. Is that an accurate statement are you and Heidi getting matching tattoos we are our before or after you get married. I'm save if you give before you get married. Before. You break up before you Craig after engagement or after you get married while I don't know if you guys in new listing know this by. Planning weddings are a lot of work it's like a second full time job Alia so we have the idea we've we might do it like the week before we get married. We might do it like on our honeymoon. We we can just do it just because it's April 1 we have the design in the idea in mind we just. Are ready to go ready to do this near the matching tattoos and some little we both want Jenn hobby want you to think before you ink 404. Few sixth grade 0941. If you agree or disagree with her strong words. What I'm serious because I know this in person at statistics back me up and I know this from. Several different couples in my own life that matching tattoos are only for couples who are ready to doom their relationship. So how much matching love tattoo. Is a curse how much time after Heidi and JP gave Anguilla be before there relationship oh how much time yet. Well for different couples that I know it's been differently this time OK and but some asked her. Only year. Oh okay a year love matching love Ted two it's like names were going to be together for ever gaffe or what it might be is assuming you have in common. That's inked on there on life for ever being you've got to explain to your next there. Is there and know that I critics you're going to be under to be one and done I'm getting married and that is it means that everybody the first time. Everybody thinks I'm going to get those ads every everybody says one in doubt until they said same twice is nice. I am a African. That. And then yourself without Ted singer and I'm just saying I think that the tattoo and inking like that. Is the cause of the Duma the relation really even know and other troubled when he years they've been together matching tattoos done in that was the unraveling. As does not used to have been. Is talking about bill he can noon and it welcomed the shallow. Awarded a dog good. You're either on team Jan or your so manager and right now Kenya and middle seat Tulsa yeah I mean it's gonna be out. I low. My birds my cat is I don't up. It's there must they're great but ever come what tumbled after thought it was like yeah. Did you get the woman's name tattooed on your body or did you and her. I had I haven't Sorrell all one handed an eight. Well. Early clues on the other. And now I doubt it I don't know what it is just after about a month later it was like OK this. Now orchid. And did she get a similar tattoo or did you just get it I'd. Like representing her. They both. And catch indicted. Right now just a question because you did this twice. This woman number two you would know what tattooed number one with stead for. Yes to the dead not to do with my first girlfriend but. We could status and tattooed she liked it. All right okay yeah I salmon stone mountain welcomed the show. We sank. I hear you Richard and I can't you lower sorting hat shoot and I am I was eighteen. I really do I'm out of my artists. Now act where they would pay out will look back catchy searched but how much the wall which because they know. I it so that's and that but I have doubt did not. Oh you're attacked Sarah detectives studio of the tattoo artist will actually save you a couple when they walk and. Ya all rethink this you know it's a curse I see. Something about getting the tag to look well. Unravel your love for one another it's weird but if you have forty tattoos I mean that's a lot of distractions from the one. If it doesn't work out right how many tattoos do you have JP I have one big one on my back a tank it's a unicorn and what about Heidi in Beijing had any category three she has to nursery OK so your first ink. I'm just Tanya I want you guys the last meg and in Jasper. Imagine. And Megan agree or disagree matching tattoos are only for couples who want to ruin their relationship goal. I Meghann they say is intent to use cause hearing loss. That's she said as our conference. Right Megyn and I as more gimmick Donna walker without. Eight again I have to disagree. I cannot have thirty matching package together. Different turns the arsenal that we guy. After like six currently being in the door session anchor on our planet and had a heart are with their own little drop the thing which. And then we have our universe and teach aren't passionate aren't bound together in Roman numeral. We've done without have eight finish on her wrist. Okay when did you get the fish. So the most recent error. You know. Are prominent role to penetrate and actually for years. Okay we're coming back in the. Like that guy comes that he was not a not a who speaks to the dead. And like give me he's like there's somebody in here who's a who lost. Amendment named Tony and people like. No immediate comment burden daddy have terrain numbers he's like you blossom and aim Tonys and I didn't I did think about it. I swear to god again and your family in any walked away but you're talking a Long Island mediums Sosa Soka. Teresa yeah I love her if she really as I love her show. And earlier hair of her crazy fingernails do you believe in what she does. And now but I just I like her entertainment value. Mickey in Kennesaw welcomed the show. Are matching a curse. Okay how land and it didn't work. A lot of how. Yeah and it's still only had never been better relationship when I'm stealing contact lit and it dynamic twelve yeah. And Thailand are not ever and. It makes you broke up how long answer. How log after the game did you break up. OK there it would Sid sent to you love. Actually it's now programme. I was so you have you where did you get his name's Nancy. All right so you're adding his name on your head what happened the next time you went out and another guy. No I cannot. And Mickey Mickey gig you're did he did isn't he. I am and I wonder what he's doing it are my name. We have been through that make you names Mickey Rosa mouse ears on that used to come up and now I. And yes he mpeg. Audio tape or which way which way are the scales tipping. I'm still doing slogan get a matching tattoos Heidi I think that. It's going to be fun I think is gonna be somebody who's gonna put a smile on his face when I see it every day and it's going to be difficult to explain your next front I'll well. All that's I don't want to get these Paulette in low burn welcome to the show. Hey guys how are you guys again right here bill. I had a good game day and cheers seemed awesome yeah tell us your syntax you know. Well not me my girlfriend got a tech too and you're getting married it's bad. John property. All of them. The hardware that is a violation of just being in alive as a human. In Playboy you stay up. It wizard that senator much of a tattoo is it is a security tag you know might get it into activity if lost re actually returned to. And. Yes because benefited of course you have to put under no management. Her break out. If you look what can open championship the Arizona where they do go home and he didn't have much going on starting before wants.