Wait, you caught your babysitter doing what?

Wednesday, November 2nd


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to shell wants to lighting people want to fight Jane. It was last week sometime when you've revealed. How you busted your baby sitter you and shady staff. Was that Cheney I just knew they had possession lead America. At a that I could see exactly what happened when we were gone because of my fairy smarts. Cable. Xbox. Because tells you well as previously watched it suggests and shows based on what you've already watched. And you get your history last you can see all kinds of stuff that's been going on in the mouth. And Iowa re use that is kind of a springboard into a conversation about stuff you've. Caught your. I've babysitters you yeah you know because. You are you of the lot of trust isn't that. So are cities mania has in in we talked about that. A little bit. Would during that conversation where you're like. Think about the about the fact that this is the person who is caring for your child your most precious possessions in there but also. In your wrong has access all of your stuff. And they you've you've got a really really screen in line in front. You'd think that somebody's. Mother or mother in law. Would be rates. Eighties yeah a lot of friends that I know only will let V. One of the Graham wants watch it right well I know you've been obviously over the past week says you probably have an out. I'm hoping that you have that theme. If Eamon. And he has he can do it right. I'm from in listener today not him on the radio. It's certainly an. I would like you to read. This seem. A lot and tell me if yours ill. If you still think you're senator. Okay it says hey guys love the show made the switch nicer than. But there are real reason I am writing. I want to share stories that happened to my sister. Heard segment about busting babysitters watching crazy TV shows and other things happen when parents weren't. I try to get my sister call and she wouldn't and she wouldn't even let me call you that she did say email was okay. This involves her mother in law who was watching my eight month old niece while my sister and her husband went to one of his work events. They walked around the corner of the kitchen and my sister and her husband both saw. And I printed this intentionally. I'm he's had a paper. And in the paper over. It read that sentence against in the paper. Okay. Mother's not watching me in my knees on my sister and her husband went on his work. They walked around the corner perfect kitchen and my sister and her husband both saw. His mom trying to breast feed their daughter. And or. At some critics that he won't euphoria. All my guys in all caps it says his mom at her shirt off and a baby at her breasts. My sisters brother in law was trying to breast feed my knees and my sister's side and started her husband. My sister said she immediately burst into tears in prose she can't sing your husband go get her baby go to our baby go good our baby. He did and just got in the car with the baby and came over to my house. He did and she just got in the car with baiting came over my house didn't even put a coat on her. Or put her in a car seat just drove over here are. I just got that baby I'm envisioning. As well we're proud that the child and immediately let me that baby under omelet pride just learned diaper for whatever reason it's. Winter I think she. Just writing this. Or I'd look at a based order sisters house my. Her husband got here about an hour later and said that his mom. At the baby to calm down and tried that as a last is arts and it worked. Hot she knows it was messed up that there was a screaming baby and she was desperate and didn't want him or my sister on their first real date nights since the baby was born. This was two years ago. His mom is no longer allowed to be along with the baby will die of and they just never speak of quote the incidents. Holidays as you can expect our awkward. Wow Lula. So sorry your sitter was watching crappy reality TV but that's really not that bad now right. Will be listening thanks for the great show he and all my lord help. This family. Two years ago simply this holiday. Well you have to do you see Tim. Hughes track. Some dogs woke up there and trample on girls week all my jobs. So the woman walking you imagined in your house UN grant our average date then you. And I on eve and put this injury in my mind now. No and then and now. I mean. Round Reese's aid for thirteen months I feel like I need every treat this like two more times and make sure this is really what she says mother and breastfeeding. In announce economic. Now obviously when Mel. Oh. I probably think. I. Abbott. Yeah. Right around now that everybody listening is currently envisioning. Her own mother and breast feed. I'll vomiting and a half. Just in exchange. I don't mind. Yeah I have found scam coming up in about what he says when it. I think it is and it's forever changed instructions for the baby sitter. All I got the pacifiers. Here's the baby food here's the bottles if that doesn't work. Tries soothing music. And if those things don't work call me before you take any further steps call me. It's okay in Europe the date all made. There's a net owed it says help yourself anything in the freezer and pleased and impressed if she. It. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.