Veterans Day 11.14.16

Monday, November 14th


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Think we can all agree that the employee of this day of class on Thursday when two Geneen. We assists from. I'd JP are right man for that birthday found. Incredible amazing that they put it in the rotation for us on her head yeah planet regularly and start. And died in the employee of the day award I think for Friday would go to Kelly chief. Right represented Jeff's engine show and stand any phone while. Gee I heard that veteran he was in the army in and weasel of army brat. And you in Friday of course being veterans and she declined to be able to say thank you to somebody other. And her dad you know trying to find the bill group of actions that. To support and she did. Yeah I went to Martin's. We'll technology or technology school math and science and it's haven't thought flowery pre which I actually never been to before. And all the teachers are huge fans and the veterans. Or so funny because there are coming in there anywhere from my age all the lips and my grandfather's agent and older. So talking to then amend their agreeing kids who went there they had and an amazing assembly had all 750 students. And in the have a hundred veterans there which is allow a hundred yet. Played a little time you I think you filmed some of the kids singing yeah supported senator JP yeah. Yeah and it. Picture it daring all the kids came walking in these these tips they've done at number ten years almost ten years. Which I didn't know either and these teachers are good at what they do they have kids and model inmate night. Cardboard paper without construction paper hats and paint and banners flags remain at a cane in hand and it is. One super couple as you're really teaching kids at a young age how how what patriotism is an appreciation for veterans. But then the veterans who've been mayor some of them don't have grandkids they're just they're invited almonds and going on for so long MacKey each year. And then they align the holly hill with all the students and the veterans go by and some of arsenic in hands and I'm an impact Ives and some armored tearing up just as. It's so sweet to see these young children. Come appreciating them and showing appreciation even if they don't fully understand. And then afterwards they did. Session like reception. Where there is off and the student teacher Maine foods you know. And these veteran or at least know like something big is going on yeah and we get homemade treats yeah I was super cute is at the reception. You know you're talking and I wanna sit down the couple veterans and I saw this line. Grandfather sitting with who I assume that time with his granddaughter and it was the cutest thing I've never seen so I got to talk to him and his name was Bob. And has asked a couple questions and his grade. And what's your name Bob Bob and Bob what branch of the military men and an 86. Six years Clinton and others made honest. Yeah we're around it and when every place every continent socialist including. So yeah wow. We've all been apparent all. These shooters. Shot three and bombs on him. Jose continues. Wow. That's about those don't you at eighteen. Went to those Sokol would talked to him and then why is that his granddaughter around as well that's definitely knew I try to ask a couple of questions and Steve just was so cute it was so so shot but then I asked him to. How he felt about the assembly. So what do you think about this today or IE got us are very tough. Yeah. We need for mom teaches here second grade yeah. She never ending tour compared to last Sunday. For dinner she actually asked me if I would of course. I gotta say as little touching things better than that it is in the game no absolutely. I love seeing the kids that it's important feature hatred just. Thank you for represented their lives and showed there I out so much fun and then Alexis amber Frye and I and our whole round of Beers and want to want to get cards active. By veterans luncheon this out with a veteran. And bottom luncheon just had. So much time I was at that an environmentalist a little more personal I should say the stories I was hearing I didn't feel right pulling my own mounting on the record this right. And I wish I would have but at the same family I didn't I was so caught up in the moment. Com and it it was such an incredible thing. Well thanks for an adult thank you sit there and engines like anything you can do to put an old person's voice and the engines we're okay. How. Yeah. Okay. Like minded and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.