Veterans Day 11.11.16

Friday, November 11th


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There's tricks or space. Jesse James shelf darn 841 could. And. I should be sending out. But injuries now right now. Guys are today's veterans day. So. Kelly cheese while cities have been super. Cool for veterans because they're dead she grew up a military it everybody your family Burke is is a veteran you know everybody daughter of an army veteran. And then my grandparents and my mom's and then nominates two ads are both in the military. My uncles that are Marines. And Siemens. And of this action as this morning packages and ethicists so you. That would have to travel right or his job in the army and he wasn't able itself and we weird. Now right exactly at all or month and I'll Moses longest eighteen months he doesn't honors her for eighteen months and battles when he left for Honduras and my dad has is. Really nice military blues. That he wears that's anywhere in their mom actually and he. Has a picture that as a kid I just loved so much. So and it's him in his dress is so he printed out for me as you leaving an Indian. Town for five. And his that was just take this and sleepless and I thought that every night and had a picture of him knocked out and does sound I got I am all positive example none of this extra effort that. And having Afghanistan animal my hands. Jeff Elliott and I may. Larry and I am on my bed sheets and their did you combat damage that we've. That was there are I think I'd have Joker I just said there's a horrifying. I own image in the water. I'm not adding military aggregate all boys it is really going to be ample cash and I. Nobody Saturday as old as utterly one XSL. And hang out with veterans and whether it was fine lines of schools and and telling me. And so many people reached out to tell me about the parades that are on the Marion square later today. Ottawa Emery but then Amanda from Marten technology and in math and science told me that every year. They do something really neat for the veterans where the students the chorus and dictate their fifth grade so it's all little kids singing there's. Yes and have your son to know about counties. She loves little kids that she doesn't own. Yeah and I get on back there that bet you don't. We don't want kids that you love everybody else's and I got a how much. And Bayard and honoring and celebrating local veterans. And they lined does the course things and then they lined the hallways with with all elementary school students. And the veterans kind of walk through so it's like a school parade. So I series out sampling and does and a great to see Tony expect a little hug her and invade us. Does everybody bring their grandparents and and analyze that are veterans of parade through yet I grandparents parents and Brothers and sisters so it's going to be really exciting I think she's in there should be over 10000 veterans. News and of their mind and thank Tamar they're that you're going to be at the end of the trade area that is eight all fourth. I am I feel that Ace Young that politics. Yet on and then afterwards don't want to simplify in you know and parents like Patton. To say thanks everybody like my dad and maybe I am menace as act my entire life and move and to serve our country I think it's really great and thank you dad and. And it ended clarified users have every every right here. Veterans day is where you honor anybody who served in the armed anybody about if there in the military. They get a high five. In Memorial Day as the one where we acknowledge this. But veterans day is for. And every single person and hide it caravan as recently as among the dollar could have been on you know. Or generations ago. I think it's it's well timed today as divided as our country has been you have the last week and just as polarizing as. As everyone feels right now I think it's a great day to come together and remember and honor our veterans who've been protect our freedom. I'm so any veteran you know today tell them thank you give them an extra hat. I just think it's and it will be great way to bring everybody together talking about unity talking about. You know giving back together as one country I think if you do something that participate in veterans day today. Can be a part of that unity yes these idiot that I families too because as a military Browner. Anybody is married to someone who's in the military you realize. That Memorial Day being about taking and making the ultimate sacrifice veterans day is just appreciating those who. Traveled and am Wynton ended Tor is in and are all countries are you know in the Middle East or whatever whatever you have done to contribute. Just being appreciative of it and especially to the parents and the siblings in the loved ones. That or there when you know my dad had to leave or when your dad or brother sister mom had. It's just it's a great and it is I wish I doubt react. Reasons aren't as awesome thanks we're gonna represented an alert when it's Harry where's he called. And she I'll still are.