A Very Special Song For Matt Ryan

Thursday, January 19th


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Try and it's certainly a lot less congested the sixty minute. We just mentioned solid sixty. Hole and still are not people want. All about the Atlanta throughout this week in this weekend as NFC championship game completely sold out at the Georgetown for Sunday. Take down we're going. To verbal we can't. I said see you Cali. And yet last 9 AM original that you know we should not make any plans for Sunday. Because I think we should try to go to that now we tried goaded me and she says. She looked. We have an especially. Now. You haven't ran it on stub yeah that's trying to find any friends that I want because they're really expensive right now for. Awesome seats by. Lance out in scheme in the zone you know if it. Movement in theory through you love to be there for those moments lovemaking memories sometimes it goes and loved jump on the bandwagon you love lust when payments of any sporting event. I don't have money you does go on the part cannot be a Yahoo! wants ninety being Dana Plato gate yeah it was a crash people's. Please but that's I guess and a walk of shame as you leave this area like. It. I. It was literally next to the W walk asses down and. Everybody's inside they EU. On napkins and I. I rights and the reason I mean there's many reasons that that is the reason this month so much today as we get an email a couple of days ago. From a woman named. Erin roach isn't that easy huge Atlanta. She is not we invited her on the radio she does not want to come on the radio. But she was inspired. By Matt Ryan's quest. To be MVP. Okay could happen and naming official and BP the week before the Super Bowl pick this you want a different one. Yet it was like sports writers in public if you win the Golden Globes like Leonardo DiCaprio that one year you might win Oscars like Brad sign at that. Might happen OK it's kind of what dad says now that you when the Golden Globes of MVP award but as of our act out well. The big one the Academy Awards MVP award is so coming week before this and got our rights this woman is inspired by Matt Bryant's buyer by the Atlanta Falcons if you read her email she talks about. You guys remember people wanted to get rid of Quinn and people want to get rid of mine in an ingenious and they needs to pray. Please. Reds and she's she's inspired us at editor piano and record a song. Record a song. Format Ryan. This is a love song and she made it very clear she does not want to be creepy. Tags if you made it very clear that she has written this love son from the perspective of Matt Ryan's wife Sarah. Okay so this is she's channeling Sarah as she song writing yet and down her piano gas pouring out all the love and devotion that she can Muster and she says under settings and having people and I consider you and and friends. Annie you guys. If you find it worthy played on the radio and I listened to once and ice at one that is worthy of radio is that this is again so ladies and gentlemen this is. A song from art Aron. And her you know last names we give her proper credit for it please. And the name of this on news is called my. MVP. I airing June. Helped us out pens win win the NFC south. Last week you feed Seahawks in and around. Soon TE winning no. She means. Pins and he used in. Waxing. You being kind. The news. It's. Easy. Sunnis mad me dad passed. Pass code. And easy man. He can't eat and and I. My. And TV. Playing her. Continue. Iron man's your way. Oh man it's that's. I. MVP. This and I. So you. Me. Lavish then Steve. My. TV. Even and it. Day down its. Good luck charm he's got it now airing it yeah. Here is song is anthem that's airing June. From swami and her son Matt Ryan I MVP majors implied in many. He's very dry and helps round out traffic and cash haul here. Why you're. On story now before blind.