Vanessa Finally Gets The Eclipse!

Monday, August 21st

She's back on with us, and has some exciting news!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Americans so aren't. Clinton had gotten tired. Hot streak but yeah. They can't get played the coolest when they called full. In view of the coach. Reality totality that's the perfect sell these tests of perfect glass is the perfect place the perfect moment to experience this hasn't happened in new. No long time and won't again thrown another long time. And I am so. There's last week and that's got a call from Vanessa. Who is saying she really didn't understand me some like okay cool we got you Jeff Susie and resident includes nerd on this whole thing so he was yeah. He mindset help explain answer her. Here's a little bit of Vanessa from lassie on the show if you miss her. I don't get it understand what's going on there was eclipses are YE Harris. You know deal. It doesn't I don't like I mean like stand I'm not making it like this guy and. I'd go accent go out and then quite come back and rebirth of us aren't. I know very dim Red Sea is on the sink it like being in the shade of yes. I don't look. Like OK good we want action like that close to this garlic powder did not. They get scorched or burned out aired. How did instead the show anchors and super powerful how they decide. How does this and that catch the moon and fire at you we I mean. So that. Just a little bit of wind Sheen was confuse bad Vanessa and I reached out and says she wants to join us again and we'll see if for understanding is a little bit better and credit because we got her some advice some teachers called. Twelve year old that called for advice so explain a couple times a great job explaining continue. To the help you understand him. You'll carry out. Episode of the town known in the teacher. Teachers curry can analogy I so precision into we have Vanessa I'm not she's back a case of tennis is on hold we're gonna talk to work. Everybody is ready for today's and so are cleansed including our. In Atlanta and walk. Back to the Jeff and check show Vanessa. Me. Has his. Am I OK guy does. So last week when you join us you're a little bit confused about how the eclipse works what exactly was happening today. How you feel about it now. Clear and and I mean actually need and that carrying. That and T shirt that look on his plate. Greedy. Annika Sorenstam model could well I look at they include being but it is truly. I think I did and her right leg in Connecticut game like that show. Am I could reward you taken out of people like imagine. Three eat things in my head. And she glided over her you know what during November and just click. It. He had. Lucky I heard have a solar system modeled on hands and he'll hit it okay. Yeah let it. Very cool so if you are going to re explain it. I'm maybe somebody listening right now is in your shoes and and to embarrass the caucus you know they got CU for admitting yes and you know being honest about. You're misunderstanding haven't. So how would you explain it back to someone else. I mean everything and only saying rid of her explanation and an. Currently I'm equally and now that basically. You know looking at this guy in or you could look at the country don't look at them. You at the site and haven't had so I mean. It and incurred in the afternoon. And constant planet. And that's kind of you know what's happening which they did equity for telling me but it could. It's. Announced. Flat and as I am I'm a visual on you so aliens helped me a lot seats to see some time that I didn't know I just I mean we're talking about it nonstop for the past. Four months ahead. Apple innocent about having a friend and visualize myself for it was really cool and sicker and I. She showed up I was I was tired of course I mean yes. I mean. You have been with some talking. Ashamed of things that you should know don't but I showed out Bartlett unpacked. Everything and that if they want to be able to let clinical. And that kind of playing catch it and moving it just yeah just everything. Mix and. Kelly and I just I mean this morning of a moon and photo bombing. The sign this act together this. Patient and main event I'm dead set us another way to think about it the great and are using today so he's heading back. Awesome Vanessa well I'm glad you are crystal clear for today it's going to be it's going to be any day so. What are you doing for the clips are you gonna watch it with your friends about over the solar system. Yeah actually there now I'm sure going to go to the right spot we're gonna go lions were to kind of clear sky lieutenant. Did it. Awesome it's possible thanks Collins and we we're glad that you don't matter. Saying he had little credit. Again thanks guys for making this way it's indigestion yes one start now before want to.