The VaJury: You're Just Like My Mom!

Wednesday, September 13th

She left him after he "complimented" her for being so much like his mom. Overreaction? The VaJury will deliberate.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Vinatieri isn't handle it very wise women's and weakened health guys make some decisions. Brandon needs help the mayor Jerry hey Brandon while British out. They own us you're dating a well Amanda out for how long. 7 months I am. OK so you guys are definitely girlfriend boyfriend. Material yeah we'll just let me L moms. I mean who love he had college is getting close. Eye and so why these guys play. Well I think MS dot com. She told me I said coming together that says she she just got mad or whatever. I'm Tom what was he's had. Yeah I didn't mean and mean it I said that she remind me of my mom and like a lot of ways. And about it in my mom's not a Mormon thing and those are really good thing you know Latin and machine. I adjusted without. Is that the eggs is that why. She broke up within. Yeah that's she wouldn't that be read in that we broke out as she just kept hearing those weary in doing it it's just there and so she broke I would think. So Brandon what's your question for those the jury. Justin Christian played him and I hit it dead. My compliment being allies to get ridiculously that I said that she remind him my mum her. In those she'd hang someone that's at the wrong hand moved. You know. Okay will get some answers from you if you'd like to join the jury we'd like to hear from you 40. Twin jet engines. Pro sport she's 630941. If he'd like to be fired. Then there's jury on the jacksons and show and how about Brandon we will answer his questions she overreacted or not we're 4630941. Oh yeah and young star forward. We colleagues at damage Gerri it is a pay. Of women who help guys do things may have slightly lost their way. I viewed as you're part of the majority for a 146309. For a what are we got a few members already seated at bat let's meet Brandon calling from Buckhead and get some more details and his girlfriend of seven monsoon dumb dumb. Because of something he sat. I've branded here remember the exact quote did you use there. Yeah they do here. Exact quote what is your mind if my mom in some ways she's not a Mormon and so it's a really good thing. And what way did you go try to remind you of your mom. She's just artistic she's carrying did she can giggles and laughs the same playing armed. And she like a lot of the same thing that got us into that situation did little flowers things than just she just reminded me utter. And she took such offense to that you guys broke out. Does she know your mildly did she take offense because your mom is not that great of a person or did she take offense because. That's just a weird compliment to get. And yes this is such a weird compliment to do it because she and even met my mom. Hunt and a tank. I'm just trying to figure out like I that would be the theme. How much time thinking point they did you say that to her and then she immediately said I'm out. We will not lose weight and I mean literally can't pass faster access. Two weeks meaning. So the question that you are asking is is she justified in break game. Off the relationship because of that one line or was she just using that line is the is that parachute to jump. Out of play. Early. And it was there anything else going on in the relationship that seemed off at the time. You know. Huge it was a great relationship and he really had fun and laps and then then just kind of left out there and landed maybe. I'm. I didn't see any warning sign anything. You can. Ha I is there anything else you'd like to add before we go to the jury and find out. If they're gonna side with fewer side of the acts. Unless the only other. Thing would be right. And yes we're laying in bed. Late one Saturday. And China's boom do it. Before or after. There used like. Oh I urge all share. A half hour running time and that's. The kind of all the work if you can get intact would you. Would you consider yourself a mama's boy Brandon. I don't know I mean I jet it's if you run your monitor and you know your mom is going to dance all right thank you ask me I don't know with. How often he mumbled. I now live with it and so an hour after you guy is. We'll move. Right an hour after that happened so you guys are still I was this morning Wu an evening Lou Lou. I think will soon. So yeah. Loop so you go out. What ever have a good time come home woo hoo you're still wage and hour later like lying in bed chatting I assume that you're both. You're not wearing your Janice Wright. Many. OK so she's in your arms in your boat they did in you say you reminds me of my mother. The suspect. And mom lone birdie yeah that's. The parents. Okay. And sell her argument that she couldn't work past it. You wanna know if that's an over reaction and overreaction and I okay Brandenburg and had talked to them injuring at and not all. Don assumed that you know that the verdict jammed because you're not a part of that the jury for a very obvious. Reason. Because I don't have the above part of that opinion. Opinions but hey you're not a lot of opinions OK we'll talk to visionary and find out if Brandon. Post lovemaking telling his girlfriends is blue room. Before after kids now. You talk about tomorrow I'm happy to. Star in 941. He delivered I don't. Trevor Linden my head and Brandon didn't. This explained to us that he and his girlfriend broke up after a great seven months together and it was when he told her. That she reminded him of his. Just happened to be after they had spent some time together it's no enemy. Combatant. They're finally. Everybody gets. Think it's important tribe owns it. He brought up his mom while neither of them. Brandon we're gonna go to the majority and well I come right back can give you the vote verdict okay. It's a thanks. And I don't get a vote but I think you are. You don't get a vote may have an anonymous jury. Kaz in Noonan. How do you side in the case Brennan's mom vs his girlfriend thing. School I don't salad Brandon and then yet none that we would girlfriend. I after you learned of the location where he delivered the news. And generally bad timing yeah and Argentine your thoughts. Unless. It is still think it complete break up after seven months is an overreaction seaside to bring LA yeah like Brandon Blake or special isn't it. If it's weird. I would have a real sit down about. But island it that's. It's nets it's too. That's. You wouldn't hockey is the winds topping your head that maybe something you just did it trigger that memory tower asked air out and play. I summer dream that announcement. Kerry and it may sound log under the shadow. Day old deciding the brand in northern girlfriend you don't have. I am on the girlfriends I completely actor Garrett X shouldn't do. It. In Montana that's right her on in us now how are things we the Brandon. Only had your back into the content. I think you should work on the timing and learn how to complement your lady on something that some are and particularly no one wants to. Compared to anybody any way you play and you said that like oh. Oh she Lamotte in Amman she did she crap they had a I can't do things a little bit on. Yeah I'm not in an eleven month but beat trader at Arab or urged that I would admit it but I would have talked about it and I really probably big and bad and what did you at that time I'm sure she heard you my mom didn't eat. You what are confident he'll stay at that time. Should learn a complimentary surely be in their way into. On I think that's good lesson on my dog I still learn what she said let's. Women don't like to be compared to other women ever doesn't matter if it's a compliment or not we all be completely our own unique person. That's an individual yeah who great lesson for guys learn especially at that I. It's truly any tax. I'd tell you she's your thoughts. I was list are homeboy brand and have her sounds like about sleep he loves his mom and that was your sleeve and then just by the other callers team. Said what he said after they move food and Obama is is unforgivable timing I am a 100% of the girls are 100%. 100% with a girlfriend absolutely. Totally 1000%. I say it's creepy. And next time we stand going in that's not what you wanna think about women relate memories. Two new memories all the time and we don't forget things that's gonna come up every single time and she's going to be. Not interest in forever now so I usually side with Brennan's girlfriend the only. It's. The spread hate Sharon and alana who sign are you scientists. Out of the car on the girlfriends and released just. No they won't seat and there was another woman did especially here on out with a love does thank you. Branden the only person on your side is Judy. That might not be anywhere yeah. Even my email a lot of good slice and son Brandon say this why jury deliberates behind Marisa. That they're here ever verdict Brandon. And thank you. Better luck next time you're out from Randy is a sum that hedge it people just see him. Everything all at the jet engine showed today a tough taste bad news good news. Resemblance. I'm just don't love. Yeah my. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.