The VaJury Your Kiddo is Nutzo

Thursday, August 2nd

Kids are crazy, but is this too crazy?

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Defendants are always meant panelists are always women and the majority always rules. Taste tasty and know your kiddo it's not found. Sarah. Great man don't welcome into the jury what is the situation that we can help you with we can help you with. I'm looking at in terms. They're married couple intense and the I think solely kid needs there be. A move really. Yeah what kind of therapy. But I mean I don't know what are what are they really truly. Until they're finished quite a bit and turn it sends like they're daughters utilize all the time. Oh. Okay not like there's not a little kid last. Dole won China watcher goal in the backyard. And bury our own eighty doll in her own tour. Then I watcher immediately go inside. She searched crying like crazy. She can't find it. And then when their when their parents ask her about it she blames it on her brother. Did you intervene and go actually I just watch your. All the little baby bell funeral in the bag yeah. Should I mean I didn't know how good you know I don't know I've sort of observe and kind of look at you regulation that I am. Intervene on the planet doesn't mean that they're right but that's crazy. That sounds like little girl whose manipulative and that may be not in need of psychotherapy. Is anything they read or heard doll reader shovel yeah like weird like that they don't really quite understand this content that concept in May be seized like. Laying out some thing yeah just you know pretend funeral. Have perhaps maybe god funeral or she heard about a funeral she may be acting it out in some way is there anything else she's done that would give you a is there anything outs or is that it. Unless. I walk to. In addition one time. And seal. Like stopping and result in side of one of the supporters. It in the kitchen and she's like partying in this in machine language like we hear news creepy he's straight and it language. And they don't notice it at all they. They have no idea it's adorable that she gets into the cabinets and talks and tongues. Aha after after holding a funeral for a baby in the backyard Jan odds cute as a button. I don't think you saved and I think you'd get out there. I didn't get out of is your dream standing over me in the neighborhood nice result and. Okay well weekend ask our panel of only women or what they think can you tell the parents. You think they're down. Honors Craig you imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the silhouette in the doorway of your bedroom units that. It's a little baby girl talking backwards nowhere yeah that would be frightening that would definitely. No call by it's scary but it does he have a right this thing how articulate without. I believe it and now shorter about a week and hash. Obama. This is and how long are you planning and staying there until I didn't China's inflation as so. I didn't see her getting out soon but it your immediate question is. And I told them that their daughter to dinner and and you know messed up. You know. If you speak up when you shouldn't. That's the end of a friendship HN and could be and Devlin could pay people a protective of their kids so 4042630941. Is our number here at project intend show. Only wouldn't call. As you see the jury gets some help for Raymond can he say any thing about this site kid or does he need to keep his mouth shut. And is door locked if you get the hell did you verdicts Eminem you're next on the Jeff contention. That's very hasn't seen. It's where there are daddy's case do you Williams you know is not so yeah. Ha ha ha. All right so we are retired in a rain in the mood. Just moved him which is where is some friends there Qaeda is doing stuff like burying a dollar in the backyard just. Over the top stuff Ramon wants to know if he's entitled sue. Two to ask the child goes seek therapy are telephone numbers for 042630941. This is called the majority. It's a panel of only women. Who give advice to man so 404. 2630941. If you would like to weigh in and cast your vote. As part of of Jerry will take a phone calls here in just a second mile or. Waiting for team to get through these. Our Ramon give us really get 3032. One minute recap. Of the details of what it is you do element. I just moved to test. And I'm really wasn't trance they're married and they have a couple kids. But I guess one of the kids is acting crazy and I know they need therapy. So all I'm just wondering if I can tell parents that their little girl into acting crazy tourist and she buried. Our third hole in the back yard and and blamed it on her little brother. She'll go and I'm trying to stop result into a cabinet. And was basically speaking terms. So do you guys. And I tell parents are my litigation doubt organ and let let. One baby funeral and it channeling the voice in the damn ball and all of a sudden you know worked out and Hafner hit it. Yes. Looter Little Rock in a backyard. Micah ledgers a little tiny lead garden lizard and she'd killed it ever okay. Truly it is cinder block and and smashed it. I gotta protect that happened right. And the chairman and lieutenant. And for a 14630941. Of trying to help Ramon out Jackie. And coming year outburst should he say some thing. Well lately not at that track totally normal behavior or at little children. Yeah your out of it it ink by acknowledge I'm telling our ball. Even in there he added the fact that cheap. I'd kill the lizard with a brick I mean is that nor others that. Your. I'm not hot on the part where she Gary at all. And the majority then do it in their normal but not the. OK so would all of this stuff now it does does he have the rights. To tell the parents to put their compare beer now. I'll even let Eric bring it right and and I thought maybe deliberate thing I would even bring. Out. Talking about I think it look at it there at that made her. Now and how it definitely going to be and that the French at. Thank you Jackie. Jennifer seemed great fan that what is your earn a spot and he stays on the crowd hitting their international yeah. Look at OK maybe I. Frankfurt wanna eat you hear it we no longer are that he had it or you're. Maybe it'll. You'd think that you're on the ability. Yeah. I eat well and act on it. Blouse. And eat it driving. Longer eat. Wow. So did he do you regret. Saying that he's your friend or are. And what sure it will ultimately I believe not help you need it. Tracy and Douglas bill I'd tell armored tellem. I'd actually tell. LA the First Lady had this to be relentless satellite abnormal behavior like that there'll killer right right now that but that's just crazy ENGL. And I would definitely tell. I thank you Tracy. Gas thirsty jabbing genteel and these look inferior not for those there. Seven.