The VaJury: Vow Renewals

Monday, November 6th

He planned a surprise renewal ceremony! But she had one very awkward request for the wording...


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. It's fitting is time to convene for the jury because one guy needs our help he planned a surprise back no renewal for him despite its ten year anniversary how beautiful. But Weis says those. Things are only for people who cheated so you need to make it clear in the ceremony that that is not the issue. He thinks that's a little bit weird so funny little trick tempering magnitude of the Jerry and they will go with was. The verdict is decided. Did you see now I ever really difficult time seeing the words fouled renewal. Together they have really got to say it's slow and think through it. Foul ground you know all so when I was just talking to Derek off the error and it was just. You can look forward to that even if you're not interested in this just listen to me being batted speaking which is great for race. Okay okay awesome and then after so what we'll do is we'll talk to Derek. We'll get the background. Wolf will ask for people that it's it to be seated on the injury. And then won't give away the word that can win you a Disney cruise and a vacation for four on the Disney dream on out that's the plan for the next few minutes here on it and it. They Derek. They. Say tell us about this eyes situation that you have with them how renewable. Media. I appreciate you guys that you might call. I'm just looking for a bit and advised that it spent a feeling comfortable I guess if I would describe ormat right now but. Yeah I essentially. What sir it has been my own sort of secret idea of a really beating hole. Gay on this kind of turning into something. Not really sure. About. Basically my wife and I you know were coming up on her tenth anniversary. Which is very exciting and you know. A great deal I wanna make it a big deal as you know I I think most people make the tenth anniversary a big deal but it it's a big deal for me. And you know typically. For Thanksgiving we go down to my wife's hometown which is where we were married. I'm in South Florida. And you know I did come up would decide yell my out right I indicted are our friends here are some people regard the wedding. And you have trouble already booked they're there are becoming its. People are planning on this is just you know I'd like he needed to make sure that they understand that it it should be a big deal. And you're right I wanted my wife. Kim know up to a point you know to to be prepared. You know pick which you want to Wear and you know I'd better water. Yet there are so tricky is a guy pulling off a surprise and a woman because you can't latest role in bingo hey. An to have all of her friends you know hiding behind the Booth at the outback steak house. Millie who have to be a total surprise because then when she just wearing you know yoga pants and an oversized you know could either of pink on it his business. But she's gonna be married is this is her match our renewal ceremony bright so you gotta be careful. How you execute surprises so Europe's planned Eric was this a plan the surprise. In vain. Tell her that the surprise was coming so that she can prepare for. Exactly yes REIT try to be respectful of her you know a couple of local. My wife have been an introvert so it's like Eric you know I don't want her throne on the stage without her knowing essentially but yes I colder. You know preliminary details and I was like it is great you know and do it on the beach that you know you'll be beautiful. And essentially her her initial reaction. Was. Shock which I was like oh. I understand and that she clarified. It was because she thought that. The Dow renewals were reserved for couples set at at like a out of infidelity or both of them had an affair or something. They'll do and it and it's a radio way to restart. Right right right which is not how I was using it and certainly not a problem that we have as you know nervous not nervous I don't territory and I'm so glad that I. The Pepperdine. And let's hope with Billick about guys I highly doubt that. We did live yesterday is true I guess I'm trying to bring to the jury hear the question I have reduced Chiat says. Dead. I should make it joke about it. Nick joked do you like oh this has nothing to do infidelity make it. Europe's funny during either prior to an email for during the years then as you know some sort of side. So I'm that he knows. So that everybody in attendance knows that. Neither one of view she did but maybe making a joke let's see atlas that says weird I have to see how that sounds. We thank everybody for coming today is so excited to renew my vows we've. My way here. Let's go to Julie. Sid Julie. Just you know before we get started. I she Regina I mean I never cheated manner and is. Enjoying not jetting back at. How you throw do you even throw out there. Exactly as for me it seemed like an unrealistic idea which he's expecting to go. So if you don't do it did she want to cancel. Oh yeah that's not possible idea yet I've I've told my friend and they've booked travel you know we've got a dollar competition took out so it's not something that. Every but you know unless I would like to not have plenty more sustenance and ask everyone to cancel. So the question you're bringing to them a jury ages. Julia you one choice today you would pressure ways concern. Add to the events. Or do you. Not bring it up and all and and potentially have your way feeling uncomfortable at her own bow renew wall. Right which used to edit yeah I mean for me I think a lesser thing it's. It because for me the popular come out there make it's dumb joke and no offense like you just did about yeah. It's yeah it's been achieved in the event completely forget that the leading off with that or ending that is you know we took that case they're raised now show I mean I'm I'm not sure what to do. It goes from there us. This how our. I. That's why can't it. Lob let me does she have a point that pave our renewals really are for people and not days trouble are they are they really just ten years celebrations or is everybody under their breath going to be mumbling not something happened so. We need to see the the jury and held dear uncle with this issue for 042630941. If you'd like to be a part of it. Idea of what we rape -- here and we'll have a panel of women trying to give you some guidance are you ready. Just pick. And then she I'll star. This isn't material on the jet engine showed Derrick has joined us this morning because he planet ten year anniversary celebration with his wife. It was surprising vow renewal but when he gave revenues of all the plans he had made she said. Now all serve only for people who have dealt with infidelity and their re pledging their life to each other so if you're gonna do this you need to make that clear in the ceremony. That neither one of us cheated. Derek thinks that that's pretty weird to do you tell us it felt pretty weird thing that I'll tell you what makes the wedding I'm fine bringing have been fed. I. But does she have a is everybody gonna be sitting mayor in the congregation watching this Bal renewal thinking that something bad happened is near you couple that this really any. Not the case right bowel news rewritten. I don't I'll green let me sounded out and of things that path. File renewables. Are just romantic things right. Seriously I can't a look at. Verisign and she really. Are a Casey in Peachtree City did. I did you mention about the secret outlook. Ignorant monkey bars are all of them banality. And I'm Noah because maybe they haven't sampled wedding. Doctors are used. That's right. Sir I very rare line now I'd vote for Derek I see what she's saying there about Howell. If you are real small wedding the first time or. You went to the courthouse may be got married then your tenure you actually when I have a wedding. I wouldn't think there's something wrong in that relationship Tiffany and act where so jerseys I. Yeah. The sky high. I'm on in Derek all of the way I believe it he hit. There or anywhere else they think they don't care about their courage and he didn't really sweet thing but I bet. Is no infidelity thought no infidelity up. RI Kelly she's I know it's like Kryptonite you talking about weddings since. That review I know you have an issue that by what do you think. Almighty god and everybody on Twitter is kind of a grain when this do what you. Don't say infidelity it is don't because I think people do have that preconceived notion with our mills. They you did oh yeah. Up for sure there is. Sir our head judge you on the other hand them out unless your trying to anniversary and you like hello or something's funny years ago and you're like do an all out like cool off. Leopold and please I am an objection so this guy. So Romania and take it bitty plane ended on the beach in the town where they got married yeah resting or anything about Abbott is vow renewals in general. Don't have that. Shad. Oh right handed them you gambling reality TV because every reality TV trouble that's ever cheated on each other and I came out they all go on learning in a row so that's I think our comes around. But sweater and I would like to say that what he could do is put something in the vowels like loving them faithfully. And committed to each other for ten years. Save the iron and you do it. Tastefully but I definitely agree with him he does not mention and fidelity he can't do you can't say that we know any or cheating without. Since I. Faithfully Canada didn't think so yeah I played in bell at Hilliard is tainting your marriage for it to happen in my. Can't. Christine and so on me is that it might freight in the Baum renewal. They and a inanimate I'm seeing Derrick all the way. It did he want to compromise and little need to make Kirk. Still OK to an indication that can't anniversary celebration. Instead of saying lord our Newhall in an attorney here about why are they made that compromise she's crazy hair and fidelity. That she's read a magazine Carty senate now because he's trying to be romantic of course. I screwed up. You mean. I had no idea either of would you guess I and I'm also on team Derek I mean maybe like ten perfect ears and ten more just like it just you know. Say that but haven't ten years girlfriend free. And I and a half. And I airing in Athens this. And Eric Oliver play and I think. EG. Stop if you're afraid they are that they haven't had any quality issues there do you think. I got there. We're going out like you're gonna do you eat a lot lot lot lot. I think if you're agreeing with Italian team Twitter than that's a vote for the wife because he wanted to get a mention number you don't say infidelity like what she's asking and I loved or ten years of no sign action. Patty and. Virginia where does he matter is this going away any shots. I will say Deere classic acknowledge his wife's concern because to have ten more happy years you have to validate her concerns. And they think it is her concerns live interest but no you cannot mention that in your ceremony I Daryn good look at that. Radiohead and picked recording mid term team Derek guy. Yeah absolutely be telling her that. And yup it's here it's really help like Gilligan it become do you guys look like first three issues and everything I mean yeah this is wonderful. Don't overlook some of your verdict yeah. MH AUS and actually be using every woman whose has been at ten years. Wants her to I do following you'll but they've been dating for three years and it's really Africa's eating get invited this that's Sudan Jan 25 and Atlanta church of Jesus giving. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.