The VaJury: A Touchy Tattoo

Monday, October 2nd

His girlfriend has a tattoo of her ex's name that she refuses to cover, is that a deal breaker?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. In Syria can. And to help fund guy makes a decision in his life come up with an opinion unless it's Austin. And student again condemned Jack it's okay Larry today. We are well and normally this is damage Jerry is a situation that. A one man that his kind of I dictate it spread a woman has said they say and the guy wants to know if if what she asked him to do what she said is unreasonable and in your case. Is her refusal to do some things it has you do wondering if your crazy. I know totally. And yet in his sag is a one minute whatever a woman recap what you're dealing with. Yes sir so my girlfriend and I hate we just passed a one year anniversary. Add Satinder you know you were we will keep an exclusive fingers are Syria though. My mind saying is she got to catch you are not a political catchy but this one vaccine is. Of her ex boyfriend and me. And she literally on the issue whom ever ever ever looked. Really do it this year and why. How do you explain why it. Are totally CC she added that it corporate story. And actually eat you know because it's part of her story in her relation you know you make out basically. I'm actually she can't. I guess I many questions were what before we even I dig deep into it is there a tragedy associated with him. Legs did it did they break out because he passed away may be or herb did he passed now. Now I'm not an odd diet very lot very well see. And you know it'd been out there are no it didn't attract a tactic any collect our crop lovers she just. I get let's is that you that it is part of her like almost like Harvard you name it there's going to be okay because her history you know yeah it equates. And I don't know what do now that. It's. Awful. I really look Jenna and both have many many more questions for you Austin do you hang on just a minute. It perfectly we need to know how big it is and where it is yeah yeah yeah are you looking at it every time you. Yeah exactly OK snow I met and we also need women to join the majority. Yes 4042630941. If you've got an opinion you wanna hear him out. And deliver a vote verdicts we can use your house for a 4263 and I'm four under this call right now and we will seat the maturity on the Jeff contention. And Upton and young star forward. It is McCain's seventy ex boyfriend's aunt sue. Austin just explained to us that they've been dating for about a year things are starting in Syria as fast. She has refused. To consider removing tattoos that he has love. I'm her ex boyfriend's name the first question we ask is there tragedy is safe haven does that play friend he said no not at all he's alive and well and they just broke up one Chevrolet it's. I Austin weird is that tends to located on her. I heard that it looked at located Rick nominate it on her left Rick. OK last wrist OK we have. Well like she she might pick up her luck it will be accurate cheek and eat at me credit. Where are anywhere you would Wear a place where or watch a tank does he cover it Austin bracelet or watch. No show recovered very often now how this is not a yeah a lot Ursula. You should start giving her slap bracelets for every time. I'm one after the other after the end I got you just awesome sweatshirt with these extra lungs we have. Are there are they related their shirts and sweat shirts that have the thumb holes yeah. All the way down. Sigalet taser and when you how did they come up that she was not jittery movie did you ask for playing flag or did it just come up in conversation. Now I'm into you know I. It did I gave her what her plan was winners potentially. You know that might happen actually I. I have no it would you know flowers a dock. So remind each other members on what we do one thing I could do you remove the tag team. So Teddy you know I think Dave what what do you do you know what looked to land now that we're trying to get more serious and and you know he's. Keep going for the next you know a couple of years are you wanna interior. Like what your plan and we didn't. You know this actual and it's there is no plan. That we typically keep. All hot and I'm just curious have you asked her what if the situation was reversed. And what do you know woman's name on you. How would she say about that. Yeah I did I get laid back and she. Sat at the very least that that it wouldn't bother. Actually doesn't understand that you know we everybody had to pass they're at it helps bring that history and now. And every hour after they had historian and she says she would have expected it ballot let me. I don't I don't go to that under percent true and I just do you know who lit circus that eat. I don't know maybe better about this sir our own thing. Producer I got a question. I think contact. Are you I know love. And personal what she told me you know quite unique they had to the kind of appeared break up and bonds apparently didn't and don't need. On track. I'm at and T and I'm already cleared the amount it so he is solidly blue cheer as she need him. And and that that England even out of the country. And she has worked with him and a few years. Typically have in the pocket cam on and so big that it didn't just typically it's like. You know my girlfriend got this look actually look at does that mean on her arm a risk that I had a look at a couple were asked. Or any time we go to dinner. Is it a name the you'd be opposed to naming your first sound. And now. Cinderella out manners of ideas how does a lot of good nanny list. Look at the normal name you know right now and I hate it doesn't matter what they are now elsewhere. I mean the guy who inability. So she'd gotten Billy back to honor her her last race. Now that I'm tattooed honey I'll go for the William Manning. I am by asking the name Billy Billy. On the net and yeah there's a lot of things are part of her story this is a part of her romantic past story. But there's a lot of things in her story that she's never third grade teacher tattooed on her. A lot of things that make up your story and a great go to Casio. Basically like I mean again it's but I don't get it because it's obviously something that bothers you if she has respect for year though. And your relationship. I feel like sun cool have you asked her to get your name tattooed any manner Roddy. I think. I have yet you know this I think we hit and it hit that one year and act in. I think when you're under a year external where do you actually. Is not something either theory here exclude rebellion and there. So glad you know now. The curse. It's anybody's name tattooed on. Especially romantic right yes it's like blue. Yeah I I used video we have that's amber Jersey is seated and also the ladies here in the room. All weigh in it's called the majority because majority rules so we will take an odd number of opinions. And if they side we view you're allowed to bring it up there again and push her to erase Billy. But it really edible laser but I believe if there's something that work to me it seems contrived and if there's some the worm as saying. And there are a light note it got a letter keep it you gotta let it go out and LA ago obstinate will be out ray Baghran hold of a jury in three minutes I. The star in 941. We have convened to the missionary on the Jeff attention available and will help Boston. Come up where. Hideouts and we're about to pull the ladies is there anything else you need to add them instantly get close remark of any sort of re ready to go to go to the polls. Are seeing their first. Apparent hurry to get. They had it lets say I never of I don't I don't need anything else. I've been rich and hope you'll come right back with your verdict if you're just joining us Austin explained that he and his girlfriend have been together a year. And she does not plan to remove her ex boyfriend Billy's name from her left wrist ever because she says it's a part of her story it. Laura and Peachtree City. Do you find it for the girlfriend or do you find it for Austin. And how I just talk without anyone anytime and catch your heart is pure. Is it. Oh no it's not about the tattoo is mentioned is matched her being down. And while I'm at a woman at the iPad is great yeah I mean it announced we're encouraged and I did that are not respected players ran out I mean they're trying to speak achieved now I'm only a primer and yeah. Are you can't thirty reasons Majoli or one vote I. And and and that is and that's. Kerry in Marietta. Am now an Arab. And that you know on another odd and let go and vigilant and girlfriends I had and about one day it may get Mary and make every year new energy around the airport and what you were. Right but if they do get married I think his question is does he have a right to be like hey that's not cool because precision he made a great point just a few minutes ago. Albright like. What is she keeps going around and she has a name billion Harrison people are just asking like oh who's a billion it's like the exclusion it's like. Let like are you with some other guy announced in you think Billy. Has just a weird. And keep Hoosier votes were judged inane and Austin site especially like maybe like it needs to be a conversation between two of them just because of her history. Doesn't mean he has to be okay with but he's a part of her future history. Little maybe maybe not. Jill and Atlanta. OK I don't have participated on the radio that he needs to Iran that she still want to Billy Willie. And guarantee monster he's. I'm on. Either way that raid there was the uneasy his sleeve between I don't know images on the radio and let down in the crossword. Yeah maybe nervous and Havana at all. Know that analysts and JJT threw up in the garbage can when you said that many she's written Willie weren't full I guys all. Julia in Atlanta and team governor team Austin. And Josh Holloway at OK okay let's do it get her out. I tell you noted there. Kelly cheese team girlfriend her team Austin I look I would say and so we made that final commandment among teen girlfriend like against the Eddie doesn't have. Any other proposed and there and I and it foreign like. Long haul then I would just say OK look I will do that land we commit but you're right now you have this ring when you go on Italy's. Right Yemeni get Reynolds Madoff might look at that's a deal though let's talk about it on the daily this idea but it can't decide to do that yadier and of them tend to. Yeah they don't Valencia. Men and having your thoughts I'm awesome I think she's Livan far too much in the past and I think you got to live for today. And I think if there really (%expletive) is happening today she's got to be in that space and that moment and she's got to respect him. I am a whole bunch of other solutions Austin I things still use today to spy and a pet snake in Maine miceli this. I think we should serve referring here on an enemy is Billy yeah. Or I think you should find the most obnoxious friend of the you have did she has not yet met since introduced him to her. As your best friend belly and then he never leave your site. You can just doing like a random Bill Clinton impression everytime we see her wrist. In other words change the name but to win a great chaos and yet act crazy right huh. Okay we'll hear about that that we can build a lot better I can block it. I appreciate it they definite end. You outcome if you've got a case for them to Gerri at issue is an email. I'm Jennifer Janet's stunt I'm throwing it landed back time and we'll let the women of the world's at your future. 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