The Vajury: She's Crying Tears From Heaven

Thursday, July 12th

Elliot wants to know if it's normal that his girlfriend is crying after this activity...

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Are always meant analysts are always women on the majority always rules. Today's case he's crying tears somehow. Yes Elliott still well. Consent show like my job candidates had tears and all make sense and about 62 he had three adult women are seeming right to listen to what we can help viewing today so what is it is going on with CN. Well. Jen looks might be the weirdest question do you guys have. Had gotten sky. So much down. Once I was debating a lot whether to. Askew. It's cute guy that's. Yeah I guess we just need to know if Frye came during or after an orgasm news normal. A yeah. Are you asking for yourself alarm because but a partner. No it's not me it's not me it's my partner. End. I'd just started sleeping with their recently. The end it's great allies that are brilliant I NG ER. She says she enjoyed it. Just. Every time. What she starts it she starts crying. Owns what and is that I am I could take questions is it like tell you just want to know what you do okay I'm half isn't visit I. Eighteen years or six and two years old are you know like O line funerals sobbing or is it is Vegas subtle little one year drop. I mean it it. I and I didn't really ignorant when it didn't hear that the I hate it sort of seemed like bad mix between the happy and sad and cheat I answered I don't know like. I have to think question it's happy to hear it certainly is sad two years. And she has said that that's it and it reflects far it has happened. Hands. I hey it's true intentions really normal she says just talked about a worker friends and like a bunch of them do it too. I don't know it's never happened. Convene it never happened with me before. Meaning. It. I don't know from a guy I don't know Benson led bragging rights us hey you know my last girlfriend tried every time. They've got to make guys say you up like that would you like and boy you know. Well Alley you're obviously a sensitive guy and you're asking her if everything is okay and she's saying yes that it's just her physical response. She seems to think it's normal and I just I at such a hard time believing and I mean. You pray I don't want as they rely dirty things. But she's out there and I let them they break this down for aria okay I'm that I can't be an image area and it Panama parts but. Let me ask you question. If you had. A slice of pizza that was so good and that it made you cry of course and then food analogy actually lights crap course I didn't realize it activate Marlins I said that wrong. If you have piece of pizza. And you ate it and started crying. Because it was either so batters so good would you go back and have another slice of the bad he'd say you know I'm saying. Like. It's obviously really good pizza the your servant eyebrow. But. Yeah is there and did some of them may. And yeah. Ladies let's help out Elliott here for a 14630941. Joined the jury and tell is is this normal. We've seen time after her lovely lovely time yeah yeah. And Kerry have. Today's case. Yeah she's crying tears somehow. The adult women are on hold from foreign dignitary to help out Elliott Elliott if somebody is that. Jazz is joining the jet's engines show and trying to get caught up on what exactly is going on here can you. Give everybody a little recap of what's happening in wins you're girlfriend's. So this girl about dating and every time that weird. Internet. And things start going really well. Donating it she'd start prying. And trying to block and she seems to think that's normal. And it's it's not just the first time it's tech it's been every time since that. She states that she. Has talked with their friends about it and that's normal and I didn't know until I saw enough I should be worried about. Or about her in particular. What I am what I'm doing here. So ladies of the jet engines show freely are ready to help out how it. Will start away this Cynthia ignore Crosslin under the DeVon anngelle. Among the the art and everything. I can't attack each and on her. That he did. And what strike to see it cry in the seat and the arsenal and she had an exit current coach. Got it right so everything out and the relationship that bend don't dump her because she cries keep enjoying it. Sleep okay. Our. Yeah and every airline and indeed some other guys NC yeah. Do you guys have really write a sometimes just talking to girls makes me cry. I'm not be good. Not a man says and don't think so. That's fun. Madison and a lot of Iowa I'm gonna show. Here are normal are not normal. I don't cry normal I giggle like a low everytime I. God Madison. IE why do Thursday and you right now comedic America's I wanna break up of the that's how terrible what you're doing is let's talk a. Ted because like. How I play out of no other by. So it's so it's a good thing those what you're saying. There's a light geragos is a giggle some deals this is a cry is is that like uncontrollable. Emotional law. I visit of course it's right. I mean I'm really mess now think and I don't get ill I don't row treasury count it 100% of women you see me naked giggle. My experience there. Is god please no stoppage I gotta keep a box malign my. Hopefully he can now move. He did not just say there is wearing on my defense allowed did you guys who hit. Gunmen waste facility usually. Okay Danielle and Marietta and normally not RO. Yeah absolutely not no not long. But integrate into on a great job in the Edgar eighth and did Els and. If you break and I did again. Great job I mean that would be that somebody that would make you at a municipal option I think it'd be desolate because you like it out. I just never heard about where my life and I'm a nurse down. Yeah urgent care deal I don't yeah I didn't do a very good. You can't stop her Ryan. I learn normal amount Arnold. Totally normal Alley and it inundating eLearning and especially when you laugh. App and decry are the same time outs or maybe your deliberate job and I'm happy to meet him. You mean like emea leg believe eyes and legs and nervous laughter and the fearful drying up a whole camera man. And so last normal manner at all. Now it is completely normal and I can't match from first hand experience. So we don't want these gentlemen to develop a complex. It is something that is uncontrollable. But actually having an amazing experience it has happened to me not every time. I. Happened to me. Jane and normally not normal totally normal daiichi is normal and an arm home I mean I'm very Spears' mile line is I'd say that's on the mall. As well as on the me. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James one star not before one.