The Vajury Shave or Shut Up

Thursday, May 31st


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Always man. The majority. Ladies on leads of 40 lord she's 63094. Alignment to offer in your opinion to grant again. Who is facing aids. Crazy situation in his upcoming wedding. OK so I'm getting married in a couple of weeks. My fiancee sister which can be my sister in law is obviously in the wedding. She's the Caribbean. She doesn't shape our armed minutes. I'm thinking about these pictures the lifetime of those you know pictures and things and some wondering can I ask if her arm. But the running. Jane and it cannot intentionally not asking you producer Jermaine. And a scale of one to ten how passionately you feel about this now unskilled ones Suzanne I'm just I met. At the news. Any chances I had aids because I'm imagining. The conversation he's gonna have to how Wes Clark. So you're excited about the confrontation and this topic. Start bad Kelly ready what's your person inside your mouth where do you stand that Saturday there was a vote is yet. But are are you passionate about the answers as she's into this question I'm passionate but I think actually it's I think I know it's no way it's going to be the unpopular opinions. Because Ginny was in the other room Ginny has killed when it and how passionate are you about this alive of thirteen. It's cheese and. And lose their money in there so that I let's let's talk dramatic Edwards first. The first vote cast an image Jerry King Greg tell his future sister in La. They shave her pants before the wedding day are you team Jaber team shot upper back and. I MTJ didn't even antenna and her I'll be happy to. He gives you the pictures forever and ever yeah. Now that having institute grant took a moment saying that doesn't sound different brands and I'll look you know save those even keep it just. Non room. Thank you very intense and I got my we swagger and our guns into our house on her right Rebecca. Passionate. Hey that might have to convert it auditorium Sandy Springs shaver shot up. Shut up. To tackle on initiator. Email and if he's got to look at those pictures. The rest of his life. OK but how many pictures are they're actually going to be at her what her arm up in the air they're usually only email pictured. Groups and smile playing an armed or get a beat down. But that means there's going to be Knoll. Pictures of them waving it like they just don't care and that's. What is that Pete Powell in her arms are down this little. Steel shafts. In his ear and my hair. You hear so longing to get through it and I know about you I met he's just from an island populated land and yellow fuzz and they don't have luck. A press friend in the world trained on Israel shave or shot out twenty Oreo line. I ET until I. A little bit of both need it has been mentally prepare for whatever you've been out. Trades brand X ray we know each other too well for your wishy washy day. Way and. And I dig it I date. Scared but be ready to see how that let me bring say I'd be like you aren't I know that I was I got my own doing but he didn't. Entrees and other again hammer. And Heather and you've heard. There and battle on the scene eight in cash days. And as an educator I kids respond on a much better to ensure. So get hurt choice where cover up or shape but you respect her and her wishes and so she needs to respect you and your wish it. Is this for a choice do you wanna shaved armpits or do you wanna be the girl within shaved armpits and I went and pictures forever think. He clearly does not care about term net Friday right. Jane you lose that you care about an eight amnesty team shut averaging Shane I am teams sat out because I don't think a man can tell woman to what to do with their body ever. And I also think it was that big of an issue the black and Marty said something to her sister about it. And to me the wedding day is much more about the bragged and does agree and so I think she. Kelly sees you said your opinion or be unpopular but it's kind of split right now so I think dirt and I'm wrong I know I'm really surprised because I honestly thought that. I'm on team don't saying things you're because it's her Bonnie thank you I thought at that helium right now. Antonin is so ready to yell just just please can we just let them to produce energy main goal I guess your pet your task zero for team China ever imagine this shot up our. Tell us why yes. Root this guy. And he. Told this is not a topic for discussion which you're right the bride doesn't even care if the bride's sister Debra said may be don't say anything the dessert. End two to explicitly state and then really yup but I still want to because for some reason the guy who's not personally involved in this external light at all. I really think this tiny amount apparent that I noticed at least ten if really really acts. Just. Like now. It's our hair all the guy is habit they have arm hair the hairy men have to like in their arm hair through. Lou sorry look in solid point like it is so we have women have campaigned here. But it burden and now. I. Hairy man are macho in swat Kerry wind energy aside old little gorgeous and beautiful and feminine and have very healthy hair apparently. Have it and is an and then when I like the only reason it used to be physically attracted to necessary or not is whoever that sister on is trying to hook up list. Not everyone in the pictures. But it Janine you're being so selfish and think of they're groomed. This is big grows day as much as the brides and for ever he's gonna have to look at those pictures and if he thinks they're nasty. Then you'll be the same thing if there's a physically unattractive bridesmaid you're telling me he doesn't have a right to tell. Add on dire. Many many see ridiculous that sounds yet like all you can't have an ugly bridesmaid like. Really you can't have a bridesmaid hair on her arms for the one picture that girl hanging on just pitcher isn't going to be the one where the sister in laws super pumped in dancing. The ones first nodding. Stop making valid point I mean so so we have a ways we have of a verdict may be remembered he gave us. Shut out Jeanne would you like him to Wear the verdict she. I. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.