The VaJury Momma's Boy Mayhem

Monday, August 28th

The case of the Momma's Boy is a tough one, is he sweet for calling for a half-hour every day? And texting? And letting her buy his underwear?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. It is time to convene the jury on the Jetsons and chalets panel huh. Well will bring in their opinion on a man and his troubles for a afford to use 6309401. If you'd like to be seated on the journey and deliver your love verdict we're gonna charge you will hear in just the second groove. Might be a bit of a mama's boy. You get to did you vote on whether he is or is it. This is the case surfaced Cynthia mama's boy here and I test will welcome to the child's. Highest saying well I can we hear about what's going on with you and your girlfriend and your mom I'm I'm wondering if the slit here on the jury is going to be easy. Parents. And non parents. Did you view. As children you might go one way or if you don't have kids yet you might go another direction on the list are right if you entity and the jury for a Ford's U 630941. Call us why you listened to whale. Tell us what he's dealing with what you got well. Such tiny girl shot and I don't think she she can take our relationship next level because my current relationship where. My mom I'm okay. Ward out first off how long you've been dating this woman. On one year one year OK so you're about to go to serious zone if you get past year. What are some of the things. In your relationship with your mom that has. Your girlfriend concerns. Which most cinema to communicate ironically much talked church every single day they sure about a half hour a day out of her. Yeah a lot of parents and kids who do this even as adults. I wouldn't know what to say. Something. And only only so many times a week you can say how's the weather will Powell. Because you and your mom are so close. Is C. Is your mom single issue of alone. Chasing notion an alarm. And you talk to her about your relationship to thank you ask her for advice and this kind of burden on. Sentenced on the senior near all time. I usually don't end but I do talk turn to our our. Arnold some love to entice some extra surge I wish you should tell you close relationship with north. Yeah they're talking for thirty minutes today Kelly every single day they're talking about things like quote colored shoe laces. Well I wanna be your intranet critical I want to be fair will. Is your mom and good health like is calling her every day in some ways checking on her. That's why I asked about whether she was alone about it and I'm not yeah. I check on her and she says she signed at ground when mom insists you know he's worried about terms he's alone down there and Hong Kong movies chit chat to Turks and cherishing and Diane Archer. Ends do you. Make these phone calls in front of your girlfriend or is this slice your. Drive home from work traditionally Asian girlfriend around you know and the so the amount is taking away from Kabul time. Now it's tomorrow right ride home from work thing and I don't recall her own terms. Anyone else. Could this something deeper like do you try to go out of your latest top tier. Girlfriends are like I have Saturday as well or is this something where like you're getting more attention to keeping up with your mom and your girlfriend who always wow. The attention of the girls are allowed to our old days no protection removed from detection monster truck today let especially. Go out there right Richard Connor a month in terms. Feel it's important they didn't interfere with their relations we urged. And and Jeff when you bring will on you said something about. Responding to text messages quickly will oh yea app is there's some sort of arrangement with you and your mom about taxing. Well I think I have sort of personal ruled that track matter why I respond. Too strong collar Texaco and fifteen so she takes me. Let's say don't want to make an entertainer or something now I'll wait till my country goes back or something protection act course she does comedy. I will call her back attempted to match. No matter what you're doing your mom gets a response from you than fifteen minutes. Yeah are actually very she knows she raised me and she loosened from arms she did it job so charming summer to carry her. That's really sweet now your girlfriend says this is an issue. What's what are. What is she said CU about it. Seems so weird stink missile over you know. I don't I'll see you lady. In my community she struggles threatened by dead are or something like yeah. Who's who's more physically attractive. I'll wait do you ever saying and if you guys are going through some things I can talk time on medicine that I see things do you ever say that kind of stuff. I'm averaging yes I do. Your girlfriends. Yes you lost me out on these items and a half and. All right so I'm white hair. And it's very sweet he talked sues mom for thirty minutes every game he's driving home from work and he has made a personal pledge to themselves. Three spines are her within fifteen minutes because she's his mom. She were raised him. But on the other hands. Kyrylo mama's boy yes. The vague jury is seated if you have an opinion. We can add back into the mix. But we'll come right back and led to the jury render their verdict well excuse me are okay now verdict that vote verdicts. Though women have their vote verdict should I wish her well that's possible mama's boy and three minutes. And young. It's darn it before one. And this will have asked for the help love them or Jerry a panel of women who need to help him aside is he cute I. Mama's boy or is his girlfriend in the wrong for saying it's a problem will call his mother every day he deftly tester back with the of communication. We memorable we were trying to decide if she will would be considered the plane's air for the defendant in the case like this is. Should he be hemisphere of them voted jury should he be that team playing tennis. Oh why did he play tiff. Gruden. Plaintiff. Known. As much. Yes this hunting and the GM and anti. So she'll have to. Cold that tell us or no to his mom my underwear thefts. Will want to imagine the show us tonight hi nice yeah but only underwear. Are best left and center. Plus I'm surprised anybody in the studio out of country if any yardage may have kind of percentage I can you do vote. Our nanny and Janine is well a mama's boy or as well just Sweden and it places doctors. He is asleep standing here as too much is way too much. He got to cut the cord a little well let's say sand. Well bases to its infringing too much on the relationship and it's got to test your girlfriend. Our Chris in Atlanta as well mama's boy or Z. Just are real sweet nice man. Yeah I would I would and it too much inquired. Not even if I'm at bat he dared the tech Mac or a bit calling everything. I'd say I'd say go with what Jen said earlier do you I'm having kids crescent. Do you land in and all right she may indulge him. Eat and eat out and dishing dirt bag and relations. Thank OK not great. The. Were this true she's a single mom. Carries he's pretty apt here and I listened yeah. I am not cool at the phone calls and I and I like the text message saying I'm on long. Long says and I get the worsened texting me Max I'll almost wish I could be better so I applaud you for that you've got it on the line or use our sand fade I asked my mom for advice and this is what she says. Or your mom buying you underwear like none on and on and on you just says the drop it disease. They issued by UN where does she do your laundry well. Now Joan do I want it was like I mean I picked him I tend to act of underwear. Like if I guess she's at Chevron stress for lessons joins a larger sum than. Mean you only able Brandeis and it's. Elizabeth and an area where Elizabeth. We don't. Hey where were they mama's boy managers of this weekend. Actually momma Brian and note they're not run attached. Her parents are now on we have our our until we get out. See you say it's sweet. I am a mom. I I'm gonna go where it's because I'm a parent I think it's sweet. So that's three and Harry and we need we needed dividing. And dividing vote on my guys. No other areas so far in the lifestyle. In the series. Since I mean in Atlanta that pressure is all mind you. Is well a mama's boy enthusiastic cut back and the interactions for this mom. Or is he just a really really sweet man and his girlfriend he's still latent. Well we are is there equity amount but boy but he may at any action since. One and a car something's happened to have mom and give her credit so his girlfriend in the back. Well. And you know. Have. What's it called president David you want and congratulations. I get making good. Now I'm paid a huge thing I. A little higher dating or have data dumps mama's boys are going to be some out of us but then I got having him on this guy. It's just a pain to have a big prison in the relationship. Like my mom is not my mom anymore she's my friend and my mom when I need her to be that I don't need a mom every single thing. You don't wind gene to. They have a larger discussion about that yeah you don't wanna have a man you know I mean and another man because he keeps talking there was a lot about my leg now. That's now an outlet Pataki then maybe comeback but let's just imagine it's a romantic night you guys go out. Those wines. I would have bet that suite that is that you can trendy did you look for wind and you have a bottle whenever you get a little tipsy. See you get back to your pardon me feel little frisky. Start fuel amount of clues. And you get down to this boxer briefs and he proudly says and my Aggies. That's a mood killer is that what you think I'd see out cash may be parent club and we'll. Then I'm satisfied. FaceBook dot com slash. Stefan can check. 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