The VaJury: Kiss and Tell

Thursday, March 8th

Does he tell his wife that her BFF drunkenly kissed him?

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How on all the ladies of the jet's engines show frail late we're gonna see from the jury hear our panel and only women you help guys with their issues. He's an issue with the child friend. Of his wife's he did something when she had to question drink anyone tenacity letting go. Or should he tell his wife about it we'll get your penny here and just the second. Tomorrow morning at this time is gonna get juicy yeah tomorrow is confessing your crash with Chris still. As she is taking a page out of the Kelly Cheney's playbook of dating and its dividend of the friend. There's somebody in her group of friends she has been. I had the putter I haven't I am for a long time but it didn't let you know I thought she'd still. It and saw him I can't do it any want to encourage other people I guess I you know. I mean eventually you get the right of that was your thing ads here and your network you. You know working NASA and mutilating as the finance an answer. Only give my your own field. And you always have easy option a lot on the lot though if the skies in crystals for group. Even friends for years and she can investor pressure goes round and what do you do after that and an epic goes right what do you do after that. It's layer two and a half hasn't had any sense immigrants she left as I'm passionate enough. This. Uh huh hold and it is that's that's tomorrow and I decided we'd have a jury when I'm gonna start doing is I'm gonna start playing the role of public defender. For the guy yup no matter what his position is and how outnumbered he is rather than have him c'mon but the second part to try to defend themselves. I am going to take and the goaltender public defenders out of this is going to be head yes he indeed the defense today Jamie had childhood friend of his wife's got really drunk and kiss them and now. Jamie and welcome to the jet engines. Thank you so much for hearing me out six. Sort of what's going on on childhood friend of mine why he kissed me when she was struck like really really drunk. And we're at a bar and we both went outside and smoke cigarettes and see who. She did I didn't. And it's actually really kind of sad start crying if this is such as well Angie hadn't just a good looking guy years after it happened. I'm getting used you don't shortly remembered so I don't know what do you like tumble life for not. Move okay exiles childhood best friends our viewers or your wife's. White. Now world. Does not have our hands on the hello little problem London. I so. A couple questions before return us over to the women. I number one and it did this happen and then I did you guys live in a town the Airways grew up in our real home visiting what what this. Well it yet. They're the same we you mean my wife came to visit her childhood salute to act out so we were having oh yeah and with a bunch of her harm the this is kind of the first time that we had really net it was not like I had a gulp I hear these feelings or previously so which is kind of happened. And did you kiss her back. I think of cancer. Act but I I I didn't want to get too awkward by the elections would be vulnerable so I just kind of let her kiss me. Good they serve I didn't open my mouth. Well that's weird that's like and that's a president event dog trying to stick its head down around at all. Do you. I. Could I don't know right. So in the moment he didn't tell your wife and how long ago was it. I are like sudden in three days now. It is OK. How long have you been Mary Kelly. You can't just crush germs and leaned back. Yes again a tough night while one for jurist is already made up her mind not signing it's not even about that island til this girl. I would that's an aggressive. That man and bruises on my friends I would beef. Jiri Ellie did you hear what he said she started crying immediately I doubt if I say Vietnam. We all manner immediately pushed her away but he didn't open his mouth. It's. Like they're Petrova. The shoulders and feel like old you are hammered I am married to your friend a unique TV and Aybar on the way home now. I've. Wow I know we're supposed to reserve opinion for further jury decision but. I got a vote verdict. And I guess you do now. Yeah nerve of them Pena and they do not have high. Jamie word gonna Rihanna hold ends. The phone calls are restarting the command about world war 2630941. Women now only on them it's very sound Jaime what does he do in this situation and his wife's challenge best friend. Late one on them she had way to much to drink. He immediately shove her away. But he also said he didn't fully participate. What does he do next. Our children numbers have 404263094. Alignment. Leave a journey women only. I cubs you cast your road give nearby verdicts and I will try my best. To defend his position deadline and how good I am I'm a good public defender. I will defamed him cock eyed cat now I have racquets I don't know man beside his winds. And she I'll star. We are about to deliver aid the verdict the jury is convening and deciding upon the fates of this gentleman Jaime. Jeff year gonna have a tough time in his public FN I doubt it I can defend this all right well he just told us that I had childhood friend of his wives her best friend from growing up. And wait till I should drink and sands. So we want to know does he have to report this back to his wife or should he just let it go. I don't even feel like you need to ladies in the room because we have a very fired up. Panel of the jurists radiating out now you guys seems. A little focused and the fact that he somewhat kissed her back and we will focus on that. And what is it that women. Ask of Matt. That they be gentlemen. And that they be considerate. Of women's feelings. Yet their wives. Women you don't you know what is life agreed our laws about it so. When she kissed him because she was drunk and lonely. When she kissed him what she way and when he kissed back all he was trying to do is be polite. I don't know why the saints on Basilan that wasn't a whole lie and that wasn't a faction out of like love or you can lust. That way is if that's that's equivalent of of passing some in the mustered the yeah and I mean. So if I guy passed Cali and mustard. And Cali passed a bag you'd be on up. Defender. Who's on trial here. And it may never I know I have passed Muster and I was decides that. All right let's just sat checking whether the jury. Alyssa and Sandy Springs. I you would say how hurt I am IP communication is key with any relationship are Carla that are banned there. Soccer he kept urge our. That Egypt how are regardless. That. Cheating yet they're back in that being impolite at. I agree with disaster and thank you described therein during juris doctor M only eat up that are our list. He should still how America can it act like it would just trying to blow up. Keep it a lot rat you don't attempt outcry now. What if the best friend does remember and the best friend tells her first. Then I feel right. At least keep coming. To her and I'm her even at ten days later he can explain. Outlet glacier area. Atlanta is instrumental for meat retaliate yours is Ellie SP RE eight out clearly at all. And they're beat them I don't. Reconcile all need to be between nick do you buy it earlier. Even edit it and barbecue are at how art communication it always about it again. Ashley and Jackson tell her word don't tell her. Absolutely. Tell her because of that they teach at a kid I'd first beat Nikolay eight. What he polite when he had not hold it right he's not even think about her in the situation. That comment from somebody who went through a very similar situation I don't sound that let them or I go to my hasn't been cheating on me. Three women are last year that hurt. Within. That person and grab a timeout from another source Dorsey he had an arc and she finds out. There's not going to be a rare because she cannot let the alleged contracting. Wow I'm sorry for way gone through actually. And it and it's really really hard because it's. When there is. And I don't know what their children are moderating in their marriage or situation. Aren't mine and kilometer counselor do not forget or do I group. Number about. And that's been very hard situation to be split and they can better prepare to that important lurched hate. We urge our first and not their French yet because it. Whole day on a flash it and there's no politely for me ask her like he diet secrets or fitness secrets he has to be able to juggle for women. Four is he. Has a full time job announcement saying you know are coming. Or not she's not pain right now none of that. Hey Jenny in Atlanta had teller don't tell. Okay. Trying to be polite. Sir. He. And even then hang out whether or not invited to a birthday party needs. And dining Al and wife punitive. Being told I had a run at eight. And yeah. And around motivational speech outside the bar to make her feel better I don't let her put her lips on yield. I mean in bad ranking shoving her off wouldn't matter anyway she pride won't even remember. I mean. As well I didn't do would like to ask you and every one where have manners. Montana and Jasper. I'm pretty sure Delaware today Laura de LA LA and Montana such a cool yeah now I'm on Lawrence Taylor downtown. That they vote mean that teller Annika they're out crappy they're not telling what happened both embraced. They definitely. He need to tell our. An owner could have and is a really tough sell cartels are well I tell her tell her I'm I may actually don't think any I principal Jeff I would like to call a witness. Shaggy. What. Are every bit Gerri every. And it's sad news themes on instead of as its. It is at. I married I guess they can read this kind of bad yeah. And he's got did tell her if you got to vote on the the jury wanna deliver your verdict we can continue the conversation later today. On pace that we. All learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.