The VaJury: The Hot Trainer

Wednesday, August 23rd

It's time to hear TJ's case: Should he ditch his trainer because his wife thinks she's too attractive?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. We have assembled the pavement series back is a panel of women are held by a guy with an issue that he's having in his relationship we. We Collins and Jerry. We may need you to join in the jury here in just a minute when we hear fine. Our latest is in a plane took. Dan Morgan and how some people the maturity. Yes we have some exam for very Gerri I hated it only would he be to defend. Season opening night for the plaintiff who plaintiff because he's bringing the case out of bank. And then technically the woman and a slave would be the defendant tied to read and hear from. We already got her back to visit with the Harry yeah there's enough women are involves. TJ from winder Georgia welcome to the show. A need here. I really good morning. We are about deceit and have a jury but before we do that. We need a quick way at all. Thirty seconds what's going on in your world so they know what they're getting into. No matter how well. I mean I need might have a little bit of the situation. Seoul arm. Basically I'm trying to get back. In the shape we just been saying and I should be supported her and and I'm trying you negotiate and I mean. So in my way it is in better shape than me and trying to. All the money into the bargain rate so much blood. Why you. It is trainer so she's really more important and trainer now but I mean so are tired hurt and it's good IT situation and then she turns me. The end of the day at my feet all means there's little gem there and so. I assume she hopes training which is purposes it is the hand you know which. Usually happy wherever. So rich. I guess this issue it is. He would pop. Act almost I mean she's tired and I think my wife unfortunately. So each each week you are. And it. Yeah I heard talking. Tom on the poem. About this and I see I can production team to really had come out harder against anything like that let you know ON. You know all. So your wife tell it your way you're zero TJ your wife thinks that the personal trainer you hired. It is law is too high and you know this because you overheard a phone conversation she was having with someone else. Luckily all right purple you know why I don't hire a trainer who's you every good thing. Eight. I hope I if you would like to be a part of the visionary for a 42630941. That order summons badge your summons for a 4680941. And only. Women can join the jury will hear the rest of TJ's case and we can ask him some questions and why ask him some questions. We come back with our big jury seated. Next and the jets and then she. Upton and young star ready for a one. Welcome to deteriorate. On the jet engine and show our case today comes Suez from TJ. And not the wind there. Jerry and summit summoned to kind of stumbled into jury is assembled and TJ is second line of us credit I TJ. For everybody wire you hear it seeking the the jury's decision today. Yeah war OK so basically. I need need to know it or doing anything wrong. Money in my buddy's wife it is. I hired her because personal trainer and and some are seeing my wife and I know my wife might have a little. Others issues. A tax cuts is an issue with it why. Comps. I mean I heard her on the phone. Bakken I think you're sister. And she. Didn't. Depending where she's right they. Are rouge he's yeah. Okay this is like getting word now with a trainer who is hot. It's really hard trainers go out there which it. But the train learn the hard hearing is the wife. Of a body of your right he and seeing Larry yeah. I also a lot of people got questions for you pretty surgeon dean how close are you in your body is this like work friends are you guys like couples. Are both friends they did she know the white personally as well are is your body just like that I candidacies sometimes. Yeah. My my body need each house to work immediately. Through. Let go of mutual college try and yeah. Early this year eat but I think the question is does your wife know. Then they're trying to. She's not. I did a good friend would hurt and I am good friends and she knows there. You know we let drinks like not a lot. Okay TJ does your wife had any reason not to trust you. Yeah that's right they IE I have this year honored I am not here and I think that's what it comes down to bus our. So I can tell us where. A kind. And his spirit is there any scandals surrounding this other woman. Obvious. Let's I would call. Scandal. And her all sounds. Easy I think he you don't need people who did hers disagree I am. You basically are very early here another piece it's hundred. Good on display. Well here that thing I've had best friend's a personal trainer and she's stunning about her body is how she gets caught him to sound she's selling herself she's just showing I work on my body in this is what I can do for rice market. There's a difference right especially in. Free marketing I mean we're gonna get where do you guys work out. All right jam that is in myopic is like when the whole. You know that is extremely you know they've played CNN term peak he would. Small so yeah mayor of this isn't your house right thanks Susan. I was building at that and have you ever invited your wife succumbed to the training session work out with you and turns. No I can't try and I'm not a good team. Well I mean this is why anyone would reveal it to my office so it's solid and doing this on Saturday Richard. I what are you learn what is your specific question. Questions for the big jury. Credit okay. What is. The main thing is this all you're doing the tiny train Americans to be easy. Kind. And I find it and it. And have not talked about this right you've just overheard her talking about her concerns with her sister. Yes it's happening we have talked about it anymore. Then. You know what you are going through your heart triggered a mob might. Susan well it's you know she's. Like we have had a discussion. I'd call I did the jury is seated TJ so we will. Allow every one of them to cast their vote it's as simple doesn't have to be unanimous it's simple majority wins. And the agreement has to be air if they come back and say you've got to try new trainer then you do indeed. After finding trainer. OK you promise to accept the vote verdict I think. Also the verdict but it also okay. Yeah while I'll use Hertzberg. I called nine we'll be back in three minutes and let all of the good jurists yeah cast their vote loads. Reading amounted to fraternities. And provide TJ. And NHL all star. It's. We've assembled the Missouri are ready to deliver aid the verdict to TJ from winder who came to us with his sister and today here's big case. He says he hired a trainer she's really hot. Weis got an issue with it now here a few details that you need to know. To make everything fair the trainer happens to be a buddy's. Wife says she is. Marry and it the wife has no reason to suspect anything strange going on TJ just overheard. The wife. On the phone with somebody making comments about how she's uncomfortable. And she's been throwing in those. Comments are oh you're not trainer passive aggressive kind. Conversation junior you're an odd trainer it's TJ is on hold annual list and that as the jury. Comes to do a vertical Sarah Emily and app where. How do you find in the case of the hot train out since he. And male trainer on a bet a million. I get a lot but listen we'll hold on Amelie there's I'm guessing we confirm this who TJ. TJ I am guessing the reason you're using your buddy's wife and you're doing this and did Jimmy your office is because there is an economic. And it saves money is an accurate. Yeah it is yeah. Yeah its probably I mean I don't know I think trend trade it just I just say. I hate I have thought about. It's. I went. I don't know I don't honestly I'm not cheat on her but I do little. You know he'll serve that it happened you know female trainer. I played him down strip out a major why you out you should go about it for her or let yours out which toe battle that asks. If you can't make an excellent idea merits you know that I have and I hit it act. Especially mom. I think if anybody calls Netanyahu tells a fun this is. Jazz can and Michelle Laura's fellow gonna show. I think he need act territory your time and very new and Derek are freer now it's so hard. We can't support equally important how you're how you're about about. Especially when she helps he stretched. Myself is key to trainer I Sarah and secured keep the train or lose the trainer. I definitely think they need your hair and I think that we eat your period if you check your count got to work out with somebody else. I got a little bit more on. Oh I did I had been the gotta go work out with somebody really anybody had that problem. And it's it's only a matter of time. Before he's gonna rip them bagels aren't front and trainer. It happens right. The right and he's then ends every time. A yeah if he does the absence opt out of hug our roads our team and tequila. Hey aren't safe and yet he needs to get any trainer has been married thirty years I have seen any team. They're doing that and then your disaster for tribal and Roger liked it. She's married so that trainer is married. Stop and under. It Achtenberg troubling active even I didn't like you as I do I went out all flash at you and I realized. See you then thank you can't invite your wife to work out with you I don't like organ Allison make them Damien feel like it's weird generally can't play the full. A fact of the word count them constantly working and a whole. And that becomes a whole new bridge jury thing like is it was ironic how white the chiefs worked out with me. Did failure Whitey needs to Indiana says that's on top fuel wake up and right man parts of William Lander where Greg Ellis led down the middle to afford keep the trainer. And to avoid ditch the trainer Janine. I see me keep it clear on ways Tim ice and invite them out for more drinks and have like a bond as two couples like. That's that's your best way to go and then if she brings it up again and. Jenn hobby keep the trainer or lose the trainer. I can't say I agree with Sarah and secure lead that it comes down to trust the man. And the answer she trusts her husband the then it won't matter what the trainer looks like. Plus here's the other side. If it's hot trainer he's gonna work out harder and then eventually look better for you because every guy want to see press I'm motivated by the high. Hot girls play on is you get the spoils from math. And then cool yeah so again that your vote is for keeps the trainer. So you change your vote doesn't matter. I was faking his energy and he even says my wife is in better shape than me and I'm trying to keep up so it's quiet scene and sound like you and it hasn't got that and she's married I don't think it's about the situations keep trying to. People. The jury has surrendered their Bernard DJ you may keep your hot train costs. And I I don't need Booth. I don't need to do anything I. Don't mean you don't really know you don't act and it comes out you tell your wife to shout out. There's no. You don't see that at all here's what's easy day you worked out really really hard and you go how many take your shirt just to see in check out those apps yeah he had thought. And you and if you ever hear her talking crap about Judith somebody else you walk rate over to her and deal road braid rage casual working out and outcomes are. Don't you just toss it out the window until about is that the jury has rendered its verdict who aren't you the right I think this is like Arnold Schwarzenegger now. And he's just just became his angry bodybuilder if you have got a case for the military we would love to hear from. Yeah reach out to us some taste but sends a message guys don't be afraid of the journey we can actually have to leave. We will turn and then you greatest year of the jury issues. Thanks for making this wedge and adjusted just one start now before want to.