Vajury Double Hoodie Disaster

Wednesday, August 9th

The case of the man who admitted he gave the same gift to 2 women years ago. 


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell ol' ball. We need to increase our jury so if you are a female its listened very closely we might need your help coming appearances is seconds. Jeremy and it lands out what is today's Shays about. Oh my gosh truth about ten years ago I've seen these two different girls. Just casual not a major your Christmas time so of course can get and I didn't change yes I don't meet Chinese. I'm real soft company can like England. We have got a chased the other girl and I didn't really left but the the other girl and I got engaged. In how we live together and it's also net. This this week and I absolutely sure about how I bought. Opened on the same week she lowered her putting she went to all the time. And shame then put out like hardcore or. So the way giving her any words is a panel of women is left to decide. Whether or not her flip out U was warranted. And now warranted I generally hold ally and they're. 404. 263094. Line that would give more information more evidence we'll see what else he has some presents K Gary just a few minutes. But for a 42630941. If you are. He's gonna be tough to find but if you're a woman with an opinion. Would like to hear from you talk Lisa condescending. I'm just saying. You must women and a opinions don't you. 4042630940. Which we call us on the case of the twin birdies. Double cities that double bogeys a double any disaster they'd tell you all heard a disaster. We are seeding army journey now. And we will hear Jeremy is full story coming out and now just a second world war 2630941. If you wanna be a part of. And young star ready for a one. It's time for the good series take on another case I tell the jury is a journey new gathering together and ready to. Listened to the plaintiff. Jeremy welcome back to the judge intention. It's a disguised as Tim tell us. One campaigns and why you needed the jury's hosts. Sorry I'm still. Two years ago. News it's Easter girls casually nothing major christmastime they should besides didn't he about the month two months before Christmas. Christmas comes around and I don't really look again until we don't know it's just that well yet. You know and yet there gumbo that less sleep yeah holy thing. And I'm cut the chase blundered got to go to me in the but they're coming back order and that. And then the number one and I'd gotten pretty hot and heavy and periods. And now wearing blue this year. And she's a together and so much and any help. A rare Saturday all the facts every time more around the house whatever your movie. Reboot all the time. And that and I were to sit on the couch and I just politically or how it would come up roadway crippled yet but a bogey equaled again. Spoke you know hurt and the other girl that she knew I was dating my. Where's the outrage and generally eat one. For you even go any further says so I mean you know I had a funny story this year. We'll look at what that it didn't really matter heat loving your item that would like. All of that you know I got earning teetering and don't pay none of that matters it seemed like to make a lot of involvement and there's so little saying net connected. I think and I'm commanders and our guys a city the other you know watching your Netflix or whatever on the couch and she CIA and she goes I'm gonna go get my hoodie or whatever gods Cilic is yeah I was called to tell a guy got to go to things that I got an end. In secret bags you know how do you Wear that thing all the time and you know what's funny about that. Right there's something on the times. I just completely blurted out loud sitting right there and where it was and I just what did they get him around her and I get older. And it's in the lead did she student the other side. Cars made in particular who I thought yeah and she left the room and I haven't seen it them. And I've heard about it and yet. Actually did not find this funny as what I've found out I thought it was cute go to like whatever you know and yeah yeah. So this nonsense and so I use on speaking terms are resist silent treatment and I know. We legitimately in the cold shoulder a little bit but. She hadn't. She had a warm to back out. In addition he has never favored heading into our readiness and I'm so where is the physical body now late. Is she worn it since then or is it just. Know that she had not and I really think it's odd touch you during late at night and I would strict regard to the kitchen. What can bear died think she had either destroyed this. Or it's gonna make an appearance when it's not need to relate to the hype. But I I've I've pretty much at these 2000. So how. So the question and therefore there Jerry is. Is that it's a warranted a response to. We can start in the room before we go to be good jurists tour and holds. How can how needs to tell him how much his wife overreacting. Allow wolf response fiance and I mean again saying she still has time to get out he says. I do not think she overreacted I inside it wears his fiancee and some Lee yeah lol yeah. Is two years ago he was like. Here's hoping that women always have a story especially with things that we find special items carry with it memories. And with those memories come feelings. And so she had all these warm and Fuzzy feelings with this awesome sweatshirt and as of her favorites it's part of their beginning of dating together and now he's tainted it. And then he's not only ruined a sweatshirt he's ruined their memory. Proceeds of one man of the jury okay so wound up. And she's so funny good she can't sleep I. How come you pay your opinion on the the jury has I don't love I did that series can and I don't have more of the court. I'm I'm ham manager and does his December JJ here's the thing. Two years ago when he did it not a big deal two years later when she's wearing this them. This letter that such that she loves. His bill likely all these great feelings and yeah. Is awesome memories and he's like a hot tub while as a growing against them by you and other neurons Amy announced the freshman she's like you've tee at this it's not special wins. Runner you'd still worry. Hi there Gerri is convenes. Majority rule. We'll check in with them in three minutes. Star in 941. According concessions Jeremy and am land said just explain to us that. Two years ago news dating to when best lineman. It is ancient history the other is now news beloved fiancee. He gave both of these women may be identical. Could be sweatshirt. Which is penalized. One and his fiancee is famous. And he just recently compressor and like I think shallow. I got that many other girls sue and now fiance is mad mad mad in this business what's your friends are. It is time for women into weighing the candy and Douglas bell tell him that he's got a crazy fiance. Now a lot of say about that I'm not going to I'm just going to pay it back to her reaction like that or. They would go against it wasn't like all of lighter but it wasn't anything like courier letting I would look at it as a trophy and I'm glad they got them starting. Low key he is so shocked by your but it's I don't know that we voted in favor of Jeremy Barrett. I got the sweatshirt and a guy who won now. I Jamie what are your thoughts on this foundation I. Just kind of changed my mind because she's right it changed the whole memory infrastructure and miles below. Only think it has I have nick next heavyweights on memories. Seoul. I would want him to recognize that some think it's kind of hilarious kinda. And you gotta pick aside for a lewd behavior and did you decide. I don't think I think she may be over acted yells my. It. I cannot I was a whipped and that vote. Jeremy I think he's. In the end Jerry is currently tied. If your fiancee has two rows in her favor you have to have sniffed. I'm Matty in Alpharetta welcome to the show. Thank Kermit I definitely don't think that every act did I say is that. Without a shirt every something big right. But that he cared about while I I don't think it would be that it it'll be I think I would lap embrace it been like. I'm up in the mall just sitting on the shout it because it's like something that she's on the national Wear it all the time I exit and Ellen let's say it's. There that can spell. Well in their memories are wrapped around her then you're supporting him being dishonest. It's that decide not only rule I. I don't know I'm admitting this something is not dishonest it's just. It's a lights. Wired is polite withholding. IRA actually is a member of the the jury in Duluth. I actually do you agree Jeremy I don't heroes and and now binge drink and went and I definitely got a birdie at third but overall. You know you out there and show but there and I know better she kept the platters and it's really not at all. I know gone. It is a blue both boats tied jam verdicts it all comes down. Anne and Mary and Alice any dual wield all of the power it is Ty a 323. Jeremy three roads and its favor that his fiancee a graduate fiance three wrote in her favor that she is justified. In destroying her favorite body. She's crazy. Hey Alison. No pressure. But decide that dates of this case. I don't the only way and then beyond that. Oh yeah assistant Alice and current hit it. Once it would just come sweatshirt and see where you're guaranteed a spot in the clutter. She heard tell the story but she'll Wear the all time. Z clearly not. Something you are you typically just cold Turks are. First couple monetary didn't care about much about you write about it at what shirt he had eighteen eating at the time. And Algeria did two years later and eat it. Signing a lot about but clearly. Her car. Nine so what went alassane. And now. James did you get any more cocky yeah. Okay fine. Jeremy will be important takeaways here from this is you should never tell your fiance any cute stories. Yeah there are many movies I've experienced or chuck I've been hired. Jeremy thanks for bringing mr. Epstein thanks Jeremy thanks sorry yeah. Does and maybe go by newsletters. Think favor. Frasier for him and sedate GO Entergy and Tim potter. You have a case for the Missouri we remember me. We hear from you. I. It's sort of a jury tried to stand on social media are sending me emails anywhere is it's her first name at. That's our name for a or one Atlanta downtown. We will play your situation I'm trial a panel of women that will decide your fate. Sometimes they get it right and some. Thanks for making this wedge today Jesse James one star not before one and it.