The VaJury: Date Night Ditch

Thursday, August 3rd

The VaJury faces the case a man who ditched his wife on date night to help his mother. Will they side with him?

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Okay Terna Nande. And yeah yeah shell hole. Well for the jury is that gathering around and getting ready to help tied it with his burning question if his wife overreact or fixed and you can't even Syrian burning in the same sentiment. Usually that again. Harris I. We put into the hands are tied welcome to yeah. Yeah. I'm deal that relate to the diamond trial playing and here. And now that the jury member of the jury I'm. OK okay. The Regina trauma has talked. Yeah that are nicer is that you know I think it's and the all female jury. Yeah it's basically. Seven in our nine at women. Who convened to weigh in on the situation involving another woman so you present your scenario to them a jury. They will deliberate and then they reach out the verdict. Well I got in it needs huge play it my way. And sometimes. It can't figure out. You know. Whose great Luzon about us. Why did the fight entails. Well dude on our eight many Asian green do you agree it would seem kids all under I have so it'd be nice wants. It's the complete it the first Saturday are not so yeah it grainy and only that Taylor we always have it. Okay sure he would be I got a call learning actually mad at cat. My mom adding and agers are sort of issue that her house and thank the lead in the first thirty minutes. And only when I got back here. Your mom was having what kind of this. So. Well the water heater and her garage throat and so water would everywhere. In the garage or soggy start in February so she calls you my hope. And so you know I went over and Dunleavy. And I and that program out short thirty minutes. Where was date night taking place either in the middle of a movie or. We're restaurant went to dinner together and that includes our animals and that's the way literally thirty minutes as backed into a restaurant we'll start and I got back a letter Saturday to build on arms. Only now. Oh wow OK so season. So mad wishing mad when you left the table all. Which actually Adelaide I don't know why you have to do this Larry you know I've eaten and I'm not an old old lady maps and nurse or even so you can now she knows are friends who called upon parity there you know she's broken moment marijuana decode you now. Helpers it's. Last. A couple of questions for you before you left to go help your mom did you ask her. Against this OK you or how does that conversation go. I mean around tangled on turn direction you know am I look at all the questionable DOC doors and I'm remember her so she can handle it yourself and that she can. You know there's there in the words you know things are crazy and he amounts close IA you know on hard. How long did the fight last. After the date night but how how long were tensions are. Soccer and women's locker room and eat and it is the beginning at the next week it is adding I. Freddie debt in eight years of marriage is by far the worst are we past. And what's your wife's relationship like with your mom. They get along they're a good relationship actual and I think it just I think from Iowa actually obtain it becomes Mike are only. To get there a lot of these data. Loser important to blow us. And it's super important to be true you know certain cannot. Hi so they're very jury will convene and is deliberate and then determine whether or not. You were right and being a good sign in as they are question before we get to deliberations. Do you have any siblings that lives near your mom. Now I don't. I don't know that brought everybody a little there. So. The jury then deliberate and decides if you're the right in the right by leaving date night to go help your mom in her flooded hot water here. Or if year Y age had every right to be mad that you picked your mom over her. They export. It would sure whom he Algeria by its own I'm down. Utah got about a merger. Of all the yeah it. I'd stick around for R&B bridge Jerry is what we've averted his. Coming out nags and the judge contentious values on news. Star in 941. Heidi you're just joining the jet engines show this morning Ali I have put together a victory. For our friends time here to. That's a big fight with his wife and he needs to noted she overreacted or is he in. The wrong I'm tied if you will can you just give us a quick like 32 recap of what's been going on with you nice. Sir I mean we have these two little kids yeah fair shake her once a non CI Annan. A relaxed this. During the day nice to go home mom forced flooded water irrigation or lesser half an hour and eight now and then why so serious. That there are some amount needed help and means that true. I timer gonna put you on hold and talk to the jury will pick you up we that there for the verdict should. The verdict is on the way. Hang on the line there's is that. I'll learn any tennis. I don't. All right are you welcome sued then to Gerri. Thank you how would you like society. I thought I'd I'd Todd OK he's one vote vote for time so he shouldn't have gone to help his mother. Only they could not bury it he left their health well being now well and you know I could see her being upset about that but a good mother and she should feel lucky to be married some. Ryan threw. You know it can impact their mother are one thing helping you know now I take. Yeah. Hello are you out of gas on the about a rednecks like gas station Q global water heater but did she you know she. Situation is just the situation worsens and stuff to get wet now when you get hit by a car after dark and the side of the road. Lorraine in Atlanta journal Lauren on the jury which Richards a vote. I'm I also wrote I. Had. Committed and yet you're getting up. I think that light Connecticut and out of its final Vermont independent and strong the last eight. I narrowed some old sore he went right what happened if you adopted many. Hey and if you went back to date night and you see was gone his wife and laughed so you were homeless man. And one of our favorite jet engines show listeners Whitney in Smyrna let's have an image or. You're out somewhat of attorney but. I. You don't you know time I want. Opening up of mom asks a double play did you gonna maritime on the day and economic program after. All right Paul OK okay you're waiting college and I Kelly j.'s eye of you know winning design is nonsense enemy because yes you price it and I'm number originally I want alongside the 18. He had to go public water heater wasn't flooding in the house like it was his mom. I mean an error my no but she needed a bath yeah how well she could. In Pennsylvania dinner and then they could have gone out there again you lean a rash on my myself we have problems. She needed a bath she has empty she brushes her cat she goes bad good. And that way since he T Tony for. Oh man say here's an end date night is sacred. Is up. Dead or you can't it's just finish that day and laying on the mound for the designer emergency again the car we gotta go now and it's just like them broken water heater let's wait and finish our game I inning guy rarely get a leg. Make room for both as lemon now jam. Nonsense and how everywhere you Burton I'm I'm not gonna deliver my vote my vote yet I wanna hear that others about saving of a coward. Does the court and again. Judy you Richard I'm this I think I am. Hum among wayside for a different reason I think her being mad for so long means that heeding try to make up for it. He's just like I care about this state I till they do you look at you did not come home with an apology and an alternate date to make up for the fact that you just dish your wife. You left her. And she's mad the whole time because she's hoping that you carry as much as her she's just not mad that you like. They'll want to help your mom that's an awesome thing I totally agree well like she's mad because like you would continue to think that there was nothing else even. Like I just I had no choice that they really you couldn't apologize you can make a fighting mad eyes and flowers she. Mad fusion center tied tied. I think it's a manner. I agree with Ty I don't think. It has to apologize to his wife and I think that she should have gone lets them and you like that's family helping mom out whether she's overreacting or not. They couldn't just rescheduled the date you know like on accidentally you know whatever like I history teacher and she are your road as a manager I'm Rory and saying. What does that I was trying to listen the engine. I I'd be entire jury because on one hand I got a nice and the fans there's no such thing as a hung bash I. So I think you mean does that mean I'm explaining any pain. And bands around me there needs to be a man who Ryan cemetery. There is not and this is the head the jury I under the ahead. The JJ in charge how much. I'm really judge you're gonna. Heads. I'm big. I am with the like he has ended so abruptly and he left her at the dinner table that's not cool ever any time ever and of course is that he's sitting their alone. But then I suddenly tied two because he's a good deeds takes care of his momma so. I I had a split decisions so finally there's the rest of the jury to decide and we determined in favor of top. Did. You know it doesn't change which means you can drive dear wife's office right now into concert from the parking lot. A great chance of prey. He's. I. Does it back. That guy it out everybody says Kennedy you're a good son and she should be happy that you care about him. They did appreciate that book. It or not. But now I don't know if you should do that I think. I. And I think if they have this is right in favor of the man he should just file the so waves are. His own mental well being no need to run interface yeah you're good decision. Please send it back but things here and there is successful the jury. Is deliberating. Thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion gone one star not before one and.