The VaJury: Cooking Conundrum

Monday, November 20th

Hurt her feelings with the truth, or eat nasty food for life?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. And show is about to convene the Xperia panel of women who have a man decide his fate. And is this situation he's found himself and. It's. A ladies pay attention because they've made it. Need your help welcome to share David spirit. They're certainly I'd tell us why you're facing at this week of joy and family. And we'll see if we can help. Well. My biggest predicament wouldn't have beat that. My rights and things you'd almost a million took a look at some dessert bend from. Rapid. Courageously and there's usually not in meadows does. We're. Now. So she thinks she's really great is that because he'd been lying sure you tell her if her food is so good. Being you know I don't like to burst your bubble lighting and he beat each between mr. Kirkland and elegant. I remembered him and do something to eat pretty much of which insists that. But. Contribute coming up we're having with my family. And I don't. Like. My mother my sister will post professional machine inspect the retirement she's a solution us. And they want a cooked meal they wanted to hold at least it and I know. I know my wife should go to normally can't. I had her two cents. And and you know you've heard him some spices and lord know you know look to position to close to my mom and my sister and I need to articulate them a couple of conflict. This follows an armistice is not. Assorted let's have a political. So is it that you you want her completely refrain refrain from co Geary is winery eased back and the swagger. On the shelves and the chef swagger. Yeah to ease back amateur targeted attack that they're considering that I have people elect and you Wear professional associate had a relationship Schimago you know. At home she looks like the TV circuit really master sure. She's she considers it goes on about you which you do that she could be on the show little. Let's show right Jan let's go wow OK let's let you handle this as per ray now you are David's life. Old girlfriend. Ands. You. Think is you really do I mean we tend told us the other day it's she reads Coke bat cookbooks the way. Most people read like novels or biographies or something like beginning to and cover to cover page I've made a great reads the recipes reads it it's. I mean anything mean total honored Saturday. So Jane you fancy yourself a really good cook. Why don't like took I don't think I am in the same ways David's wife with that swagger I am always hopeful that what I'm making is really dead. But if you if you are walking in the someplace really confident would you want to be warned. Or do you need to have that confidence to be a good cut. Oh that's a good question. I hadn't thought of it that way DZ is what the confidence to be a good cut into the second guessing yourself in the kitchen is David if you mess her up if you get her head showed Jack could have been worse than she normally as. That's sort of almost straight dish you can elect. This literally tumble packet mutual auto it and they keep their undercooked meat and quarter beat you know sort of person make a bad. Program Lula well. Sierra is really do you bring it up with her at all or do you just let it ride to. With your sister your mom and your wife all in the same kitchen together and act I led. Seeds vivid jury David weed down. To have all the answers by that our family that listens to they showed things they did. So who will open up the phone lines for a 42630941. Ladies we need your help on this yet women only. If you aren't is good of a cookies you think you are. Would you like your man to tell you or work keep his mouth shot that's the predicament Davids and right now there is David teller. Athletica we'll allow we'll see them or Jerry and will take the votes are coming up in three minutes OK David hang on. This is how. 404263094. Line if you have opinions. We need to hear them we see the very. Great now the damage and show staring before on this. Nothing you can jump. Still are ready for a one. It's time to seize of Jerry on the jet engines show a panel of women. We'll all show up and casting their vote for what one guy does David's on the phone with us now. His wife. Now that's true she thinks she it. Cheers too much chef swagger and nine and have shift talents. And the she's going to be in the kitchen with his mom and his sister. Who are both professionals. When does the out cooking command Steven I just command center Wednesday or Thursday for your wife. For my well. Thursday's third my mom she's brining good Turkey Olympics and I call. All right we're gonna we gonna hold and we have on the jury seated we will get there herb. Judgments says basically he wants to know does he have a talk with her first. Or does he let it ride I a couple of brain he's on the phone first one isn't would stack him Brandi. Hate him how. Would you which are OK so he need to pay her and hamper her. I'm being in Maine I though her mind is not on Thursday. Trip Thursday in camp are hurt it may hurt but that he had no way the attic attempt and it hit that. Perfect. Saying. See so you don't you use say they hit it he needs to keep proud of the kitchen in them but rather than be honestly there honestly. He's trigger. Got on OK okay. A day. All right let it ride and pamper her thank you greedy pigs in the call another brandy and is Madison hey. I use Sox. Do not do you rich do not tell her not against farther then that. I am mad that law is spread out and my husband when I did I. I might not want to get better. Every year it would it endearing about that they'll bring it every Americana here. It's. The says Natalie and now Natalie did you not Gergen biscuits for you to the biscuits out of the bedroom does have a. A hero did Edgar Telecom Mike. Which may get. Hit like it's. Are going get now that drilled the teller did just. Replicates. OK they're professional chefs and let me let them do this. Brandy I am not a therapist but I have been a few times in IE I think it's generally of rule don't ever bring up his mom into. After I mean. I did that thought just as well Ling and that out there. 'cause look at Matt biscuit. Kemba and Beverly incoming. Beyond his or her do not teller at all. He needs to be honest I think the best policy is everything they did. At another sit there look at her election crazy and then it's gonna wanna be and probably worse need to be. Eight I may notify SE a man down our intern Amanda. With a cast votes teller or keep his mouth that. Yeah I think I and so far honesty about the navy and a different time in its Thanksgiving she's can be so heartbroken as I don't house and don't have so let him roll through Thanksgiving Leonard. To sit it out is Steve Thanksgiving in the unit on and then do it later. All right guys that you are gonna go hang out with your boyfriend's family in their great shafts in your terrible. Do you want him to tell you. I Polly wanna Antonia C I mean he say it really icing that you can still be in the kitchen in. But just keep in mind that they are professionals help how do with cuts and onions. The house garlic just all. Like get a top like a toddler and an antique shop right you're gonna hold my hand to your chest don't touch anything right. Mary Ann act worth teller Dotel. I think Al Arab. Why ID. Act out our I point out on the car that got. I'm a good though you know I never happened but there but I like hell I would get right now. This is more split that I had a he is they've got three do not tells and three tells Jan you are casting the deciding vote. I'm going to be the ways that the Foreman. Now that's as the leader of the Jerry you are going to be there I'm hangar. Oh okay this is an honor of the hung jury okay. OK I think that. The marriage is the most important thing yep. So in order for him to preserve. His marriage. I say she. They don't tell because she'll figure it out for herself but she doesn't need to know that he knows she's a bad cut. So if she's about cook or she makes a mistake in the kitchen it's fine for her to be upset with your mom or your sister. But David strategists act blissfully unaware ambulance honey I love your cooking I don't know what they're talking about. Because I love you and I love your cooking I think you're awesome in the kitchen and everywhere else. I'd David but I think you do the majority say is that by just a hair. Do not tell. Them is he still want your biscuits to get lever in the in the bedroom okay so you why do I look at some bright. Still want it you still want those biscuits to arise if you know we're talking about his fifth after I did it I. Kind of like a like the first persons but based just to kind of Hitler and maybe. Trying to pull her away from the future might not actually took so why including their way to slick well it's one more time the two and beautiful. We know. I am thankful for here you wife fee. I kind of like today BA decides that a lot of you know when they're burning bridges on either side you know Campbell you'll have liked. But I can I might just have to concluded stimulus incredulous that many good years something that they surged ready in the house. Our now salons the Chinese food restaurants they opened hometown Thanksgiving dinner and a doughnut hole and I get muddy and it's just. Guys thank you so much you know I appreciate it I get like every Thanksgiving. You couldn't get look at it this. Another successful the jury east. Mighty citizens on us. If you would like to be apart that they're very jury just shoot this and you now or defensiveness and social media. The easiest place starter and that is. I start I'm four O line Atlanta that counts. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.