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Wednesday, October 11th

This dad is REALLY not feeling his wife's idea for their daughter's halloween costume. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Missouri is a pill. Other women about didn't seem to held back PMD. Because he thinks his daughter's Halloween custom is to wait too revealing. His wife mom says it. It's fine yeah leave her alone and may are going to do what the jury decides we will hear his case here and economic Justin Jan Jan. And he had sued the jet's engines show and the Jerry hey any. Yeah you guys doing good it does so we have been except his autopsy is sorry to mark out yesterday. Slid a little weird time. He's yesterday but where is your wife at that time you head for half a phony issue. And yeah right. I think you're good disconnecting myself I. The post sale and David is all about your daughter's Halloween costume correct. Yes yes citizen. Something I never thought I'd yeah okay he played well we'll tell us just yeah. I well you know we had a daughter and always coming up then I had no idea in mind bird costume and my wife had an idea that is totally believed. Just. Out there if you ask me circuitry to catch terrible. And so okay my daughter's four years old and yeah and you know you think or you get a certain pitchers headed orchard they caper tops or something to do whatever. Well. My wife. Following trends and in my wife does do want to make up instructor living which is cool so we can do something different. You know I saw. She wants to mood. Maker out as anyone I decline on it. Cost in nineteen. Encourages. I'm talking in most recent movie eat meat head. Lice is my wife can do it legs she's no need to adapt. Red balloon. Being all hopeful husband yeah. Yeah. I didn't. This. Huge situation. I want a little bucket she want to do like trying to keep this week so we'll wait. What is your concern but where is this is this just for I guess I am way behind the semifinal or does she wanna take her out in public. Late. No listen this whole boat like you know neighborhoods stick your attitude that trucker treat think sometimes a little kids. And they Christian ought to take her there I mean she wants. More about my wife wanted to show off hurt hurt Matt skilled at doing you know make up it's. Called document now. I though for sure thought you were gonna say was to sexier to risk day our it was going to be like a princess. With some revealing outfit it's not that I. It's a terrifying. Cut studio. Are all glad. I dig it's awesome for us for social. I don't get a vote down this is the majority is as all women and you and your wife had decided that majority rules right. And then will work fine and you know my wife arms race and everything goes her corner but I say you know that's cool I will. I won't take. The verdict then just you know take the pictures this it doesn't go my way in and juniors are now hopefully look back and goes to my little weird. Steady rise no Holler. So we all thought they'd like Jen said that this is gonna be late Sam sixteen year old girl and your wife wanted to putter end is something. CBS or that their daughter wanted to Wear light. Some scandal comes somewhere. Sexy nurse costume or something you know I know as well girl but the question that is is inappropriate. To address a four year old. As penny wise the clown. For Halloween it's. My gosh can I ask you one last question. Garcia why it does it you're. What is your talk sink. Ours Harold is very opinionated about what she's going to be for Halloween now shall change it day to day to day to day today so. I might end up with ten or you know before the actual Halloween trick or treat but. She's very opinionated what is your daughter say. Well it's it's how it's being soldier which is like you're just going to be kernel which it's a really popular lounge is. Zero it's it's only a I was in May want to Richard did so popular and unlike what. No color color she's gonna be horrified. We aids symptoms which is not that Bible we're talking all white face paid the big red let them you know what is that like his left and it sort of think as. Perfect. I really well we. I need you to decide for Andy and his wife yes enjoying of Jerry only requirement is it your old and 40426309041. Is Andy over reacting. Or is he ice. We will take your calls and see did Jerry and deliver verdicts come. That's seven. And NHL all star. The Missouri has convene its pace of the Halloween costume. And he just told us his wife who's really good that make justice professionally once addressed their four year old. As penny wise and it's terrifying a four year old costumes. He thinks it's way too much she says I am making a big deal on an up and let me do best and that they have said they're gonna let leave the jury decide. I Janet has compression and any referring doubtless doing well there any school activities involved while your daughters dressed as many lives. Sadly there's this series the past two day word perfect Leo and is just source Oakley you know preschool so you know it's like take. Bring your kids show off their tops and just such a you know. If you can't that's there's all other kids to death I. Got filled their little Halloween parades all days some schools let out early they've settled foaming at the hole I want at this Marty. She's heard where the you know what I mean the I want you to lose this is so bad enough. I live in about excuse in my house and tell how many Democrats you can't see it and coming back in and vote and I we've got to our members. Jerry lined up nearly got Casey Chelsea Julia and amber who. Do you pray C which in my. I go to the world hasn't yet I'll let let let's say the DEA. Well OKC says one vote for mom. I don't know any twice name so I'm just scored in this and he lies in Indy. Kelsey and Douglas realm. It. Let them eat at home yes I look at the in the year. Yeah I hope it's unanimous two votes for penny wise. I'd Ginny and. I am so they clown and here I am one worried that like it might scare the other kids if it's really bad like scary make up some maybe make it make a marquee team the the other kids and I. Its honestly now let's tougher on these kids you're like yeah yeah I yeah. Kids are made three of the pain and your money you're losing so. Loan unfolds. And I. Amber and little learn. To act. Actually and now. I like your show they sure I am going to look like ordeal might get pretty. Bad I mean you Q. Like a shocker so why did you eat our our. That's true dad can be well Lou I don't know I don't think they want as a millionaire and I know. They do this I'm. That's a point. Julie and Marianne. You voting for pay as you voting for Randy. You're although inundated now also what can I thought of how we won't have children. Even if that's. Don't wish you won't be all had to vote this week she guys machine I didn't she wants to recon series and a popular crime. Well let it wool. I so Juli makes it to nose three yeses. And that Jana how do you got two kids who died in Haiti for this but I'm gonna go with India I I. I think there's going to be plenty years to have scary costumes and mom can show off his skills. When the daughter is in her teen years and a little bit older Bernanke for everything should be innocent in Sweden funds so I'm with Andy and I say now so now we are hung jury we now we're now we are tied and we haven't polled at the seven member of the jury know. It's amazing at this point you performance. Forewoman. A jury somebody or so much power rests and you know he's here I'm thinking. The video is gonna come out of this little four year. Walking around a stronger tree looking hi penny wise it and I'm my own self injury and see this video tape goes prior role and I'll analyze all of please okay. Riding that seriously. Video of this child not knowing what she's going to be made up and even. And the mom living on mirror and I think he's and that sounds kind I'm going yes. Do it all the way mom lands who had his theme of. And. Check it out yeah. It's such as I don't want swollen way to live. Andy Andy well thank you so much in advance for their pictures you're an Angus and as. Local talent now a disease that you're more you're around any size to combat aids rates. Let me tell me then. If you would like to be a part of it thank you and me. Teens say zoo on misinformation here I'd be a part of military just beat jets. I'm sorry to reach out to acceding country doubtless these very stunning 41 and alana dot com. All load all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.